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Found 19 results

  1. Crimson Wolves is a Mandalorian Organization built around Pvp Combat, and later on, the conquering of systems Discord: https://discord.gg/j2Xn7WBxcg Org: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/CRMW Ladies and gentlemen, gather 'round! Today, I stand before you as a representative of the revered Mandalorian Order, an ancient and honorable tradition passed down through generations. We are here to extend an invitation, a call to those with the heart of a warrior, the spirit of adventure, and the unyielding desire to uphold justice throughout the galaxy. In these turbulent times, when chaos threatens to consume the very fabric of our existence, the Mandalorian Order stands tall as a beacon of hope, strength, and unwavering loyalty. Our path is not an easy one, but for those who seek purpose, honor, and the chance to make a lasting difference, there is no greater calling. To become a Mandalorian is to embrace a way of life steeped in rich tradition, resilience, and skill. We are renowned for our unparalleled combat prowess, honed through rigorous training and relentless dedication. From mastering the art of marksmanship to wielding the legendary Beskar armor, we epitomize the true essence of warriors. But being a Mandalorian is not just about combat. We are more than just soldiers. We are protectors, guardians of justice, and defenders of the weak. Our code of conduct is rooted in respect, integrity, and the belief that every sentient being deserves a chance at redemption. We value the bonds of family, loyalty, and honor above all else. Joining our ranks means embarking on a path that will challenge you physically, mentally, and emotionally. You will face trials that will test your limits, pushing you beyond what you thought possible. But in the crucible of adversity, you will emerge stronger, more resilient, and ready to face any challenge that comes your way. As Mandalorians, we traverse the galaxy, working tirelessly to restore balance and bring order to a chaotic universe. We fight not for personal gain or glory but for the greater good. We stand firm against tyranny, oppression, and the darkness that threatens to engulf us all. So, if you seek purpose, if you yearn for adventure and the chance to shape the destiny of the galaxy, then heed our call. The Mandalorian Order welcomes those who are willing to embrace our traditions, uphold our values, and dedicate themselves to the noble cause we strive to achieve. Take the first step on this extraordinary journey and become part of a legacy that stretches back through the ages. Join the Mandalorian Order and become an agent of change, a guardian of peace, and a champion of justice. Together, we will forge a future where honor, strength, and righteousness prevail. May the Force guide you in your decision, and may you find your true path among the Mandalorians!
  2. THE GALACTIC ORDER [0RDER] (RP)(EXPLORATION)(COMBAT)(INDUSTRY) Troopers, Engineers, Medics, & Scientists Join the ranks of TGO and secure the verse for the Future WE want! https://www.thegalacticorder.info/ https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/0RDER https://discord.gg/thegalacticorder
  3. Join Deathlock today! Death at your door? Lock him out with Deathlock. We're only a few days old and dominated the most active org charts without even trying at our start. Join us and gain: -A fun medical themed experience without the red tape of most medical orgs -A fully balanced experience of naval combat, ground combat, and industrial operations. We do it all. -A Star Citizen group that is themed around COMMUNITY above all else. We don't just grind the same things over and over on SC, we play other games, host out-of-game events as well as in-game, do giveaways and generally strive to provide equal parts socialization and gameplay experiences. -A stable starting point for new players -A knowledgeable player base to provide a challenge for veteran players Instead of reading through more pointless text just check out these links: Our org page: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/DPSMEDICAL Our discord invite link: https://discord.gg/ACcA9A2
  4. We are the 101st Legion Marines. A tight-knit band of former UEE military personnel, bounty hunters, and other like minded individuals. Our main goal is to provide security and any other combat orientated services to the people of Stanton, and her surrounding systems. For a price. Join today! We intend to provide our wide variety of services to the people of Stanton, Nyx, and Pyro. Our services mainly include a mobile task-force of top tier infantry, pilots, and medics. Mostly for escort, security and bounty hunting services, but the 101st Legion offers any service under the sun for the right price. We blur the lines of legality but mostly try to stay on the right side of the law. Our main priority is profit, we do not take sides, the highest bidder wins our elite services. The 101st Legion Marines were founded in 2946 following a disagreement of “methods” used by the UEE Navy. Our founders believed a heavier hand was needed in certain situations, and that we no longer needed our UEE overlords to command their dogs when to bite. Years later the legion is going strong, though small, we are mighty! Security and PMC work has been the main focus of our organization since it’s inception and this will never change, Recently a change in command has left us in a predicament, we believe it is time for us to open our doors to newcomers and expand our horizons. We need able bodies with rifles or in pilot seats, any and all are welcome! While PMC work is our core focus we also need Traders and Medical personnel to tend to the less violent aspects of our organization. If you’ve read this far, consider joining. We offer new player training and benefits as well as weekly events for all! Also, since we are a brand new org, promotion opportunities for active personnel will be available; for those for show commitment. WIP Discord: HERE https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/101MARINES
  5. Original Sin: Milsim PMC Group Discord: https://discord.gg/FNyun4by2H Official Organization Website: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/ORSN What is Original Sin (ORSN)? Original Sin is a NEW lawful Milsim group that was created for those who seek to experience the full potential of Star Citizen and more. We operate on EST time zone but will always work with members. The founders have knowledge of running organizations and experience with many aspects that are found in a Milsim group. With that being said, we conduct ourselves a certain way, and hold ourselves to an even higher standard. We are not a hardcore Milsim group that puts the game before everything. We understand and expect real life to take priority when situations arise, as it should. At the end of the day, this is a game and the main purpose of it, is to create a getaway from everyday life and provide fun times with even better memories. Why join us? Joining the ranks of ORSN will allow you to experience the one thing many people have forgotten, teamwork. Our members never work alone as there is always someone to pick you up when you fall. Whatever you prefer to do in the VERSE, you’ll be sure to find others who enjoy it as well. You can expect to earn your rank to feel that accomplishment of your hard work. Earning awards for your outstanding performance during operations, contract work, or taking the time to help someone. We offer numerous opportunities to enhance your gameplay to the fullest. Original Sin is a living organism and is always adapting to what is needed.
  6. We are known as the Undead Soldiers were a PMC organization that takes missions from other guilds or people who request our services to help them with another group or a base they cant conquer we offer - training - Promotions - A discord for coms - Meme channel - NSFW channel - And fire teams you can be assigned to how you are trained is how your going into this world example spec ops usually carry a knife a suppressed auto rifle and laser pointer. Their work is to kill HVT[High value Targets] and military espionage. Another example is infantry. You will be assigned a fire team of 5 you being one of the 5 unless you have a set of friends than you guys can be your own fire team with your fire team name. If you don't have a fire team name you will be called fire team No and a number If your want to be apart of this apply here I check daily https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/UNDEADSOVI or DM on discord General D sykes#1774
  7. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/CHEMDOGS Chem Dogs Gaming community has been around for a few years now, we started as a star citizen group and have expanded to a large gaming community. We are looking to expand our roster for our organization in star citizen. If you like having fun and joking around while flying around the verse come check us out. We have a boosted discord that is active every day. A history: We’re founded by US Army CBRN soldiers known as slang wise Chem Dogs hence where our name comes from. Our logo was made by a community member, and we take pride in who we are and where we come from. A core group of military veterans from various countries and friends made along the way, our community boasts many members but we stay a tight knit group focused on having fun and uplifting each other. We mostly do bounty hunting and mercenary work, however we have members that also enjoy transporting and mining. We're always in need of more ground soldiers, turret gunners and pilots! Our reddit post: If this interests you check out our discord: Chem Dogs Community discord
  8. Strength, Training, Courage: -These are all accolades of our Navy and Marine forces in the Shoresiders Guild. We actively participate in anti-terror activities, and do our best to ensure there is a little less smell of shit in staton. We operate on a large fleet, among many smaller fleets, we have the firepower to wipe out a small fleet on our own. We just need the manpower. Will you answer the call? The Shoresiders Guild looks for those seeking PMC work. Missions, Not just Contracts: -The Shoresiders Guild does more than "contracts". Sure, each of our Missions is based off a contract, but there is more to each contract in our missions. Your actions matter. When we do missions, if mission objectives are failed, then there is a different outcome than a success. Mind you the contract can still succeed, but our mission objective can still fail as well. Successful missions are met with smoother easier runs. Failed missions are met with a longer harder journey to go through, with more bumps than smooth road. A Guild, not an Org: -We are a guild because there is a closer connection inside of a guild. We don't identify as an organization, too corporate. The Shoresiders Guild is lead by two leaders who have the experience and the skills to ensure you learn more and feel successful This is not some member count kinda organization, this is a guild of closely nit units that stand together so we don't fall apart Strong Ranking Hierarchy The Shoresiders guild has a structure and a hierarchy to our ranks, but that doesn't make one person objectively better than the next We made this so each person can view their accomplishments grow over time! We use the ranks to ensure the smoothest gameplay during missions or when just having fun! #crashhurstondynamicseconomy A True Difference: -We want to crash the economy of Hurston Dynamics. Ourselves and a few other organizations are going to be working together over the course of the game's development to see how we can go about successfully crashing this economy. We will blockade trade ports, oversell useless cargo, strip mine Hurston and sell its valuables to Crusader, as Hurston Dynamics enslaves their employees, and we have to stop this life of monarchy from continuing! The UEE does nothing about it, so we will. We will have a fleet to blockade the ports large enough to scare off any bounty hunter, and leadership unmatched. By crashing the economy of Hurston, we can open up ways to evacuate civilians, or fuel the revolution to take Hurston away from the Corporate enslaver's hands and back into the people's. The Plan is simple: -Blockade all major Hurston trade ports until the economy of the planet is left to nothing, but also strip mine the planet down below to force its only valuable resources to be such a commodity that other planets would kill to get a shipment from our fleets. Our marines will control all major ground positions and continue to force Hurston security forces away at every interval, keeping the bunkers safe from hostile contact at all chances. The security station that is used to log criminals will be the control station of the operation on the ground, and the work to assault Lorville will be in action, however sending marines into a direct assault of the city would be absolute suicide. We will utilize Nova tanks from a long distance to send artillery to the city and force the security forces to react in force. The execution must be right: -Our soldiers must adhere to the motto of everyone out, no one in. If any slip through the blockade they will support the economy of hurston and contribute to the suffering of the workers. Join the fun! Website: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/SHORESIDER Discord: https://discord.gg/SeCyEKZJRk
  9. OUR MISSION: Provide Security to those who need it. UEE Contracts and Private Contracts Navigational Charting and Scouting Salvaging Operations and Rescue Ops Confined Spaces/ Cave Rescue Medical Operations and Teams on Standby Mining and Trading Opportunities First in. Last out. BALANCED PROFITS Sharing is caring but activity is key. All contracts / missions, discoveries, mining or trades are split equally among those involved directly in the operation itself. Usually split at a ratio of 70% between those involved and 30% to APX to help pay for membership benefits listed below. Any collected items outside the range of acceptability are yours to keep no matter the profit. (Loot). MEMBERSHIP AND BENEFITS APX isn't about numbers. We believe in quality over quantity. When applying to be apart of APX you will be held to a higher standard then most organization's out there and with that comes a whole range of benefits. Member benefits are below and not limited too: Weekly Wage Advanced Equipment and Ships Free Repairs, Re-fueling and rearming paid for by APX Contract Opportunities Mining and Trade Opportunities Ship Request System – Cant afford a ship? We will cover it. To enquire about hiring our services, or joining our Org, please contact your local APX officer via this com-link http://discord.gg/3w7V2RY https://apxorg.com/ https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/APXSTAR Member of the Allied Security Council https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/ALLYSEC
  10. We are the XIIIth Expeditionary Corps https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/XIIIC The XIIIth is a Private Military Company of 120 members. Belgians, French and Swiss ... so far. We are opening a new Branch to welcome English-speaking members from all countries. The goal is to make a step in the international community, raise our membership, and have 24/24 presence on the game. We need you to become future members and leaders of the XIIIth Expeditionary Corps. Please visit our website for full information about the XIIIth: https://13eme.fr/ What can the XIIIth offer you? A strong structure: If you have not done it yet, simply visit our website to find out. Teamplay - We try to create an Esprit de corps between our members by different means, to be more efficients in combat and have a more enjoyable experience in the multiplayer part of the game. Daily activities - which range from Instructions to training through scripted missions on the PU. Instructions - We will train you to quickly reach the XIII standards. Trainings - We practice what the instructions teach us. Competition - We are present in the leaderboards, just check it. Efficiency - We are looking to reach maximum efficiency, our job requires it. Ships - We have all the ships we need already. Social interactions - We are a Belgian, French, Swiss organisation but we aim to be international. You will meet members from different countries, it will be a personal enrichment for you and for us. We will welcome you on a EN Discord. From there, you will be the pioneers of the opening of the new English branch. You will help us to create and evolve the space dedicated to our new English-speaking members and may be the opportunity to take a leadership position according to your abilities. We want to build it WITH you. Feel free to contact us or react in this thread, or our DISCORD server
  11. AFTERSHOCK - United we stand, whatever it takes. Endeavoring to further humanity’s heroic venture into the stars, Aftershock aims to facilitate and further legal activities throughout the dark expanse of the cosmos, be it exploration, reconnaissance, medical, security or more. History: Per aspera ad astra. Through hardship to the stars. Further to the 2948 Intergalactic Aerospace Expo and the evidence of ever more capable and militarized spacecraft, it became clear that a common effort to uphold the UEE’s charters will be required. Thus, Aftershock was formed. With the common purpose of ensuring and promoting legality among the stars, the members of Aftershock remain steadfast in their duties. Activities: Section A – Combat As primarily a peacekeeping unit, Aftershock’s combat wing possesses the express purpose of securing hostile space and neutralizing hot zones. To this effect, any combat assignment can focus on, but is not limited to: Protecting new pilots while they learn the ropes, Defending neutral areas of space from attackers, Disabling monitoring devices planted by criminals, Clearing a base/station/area of hostile occupation, Escorting vulnerable ships, i.e cargo haulers, fuel transports etc. and Collection of bounties placed on hostiles by other pilots or the UEE’s Advocacy. Other, more advanced combative efforts require and are as such completed under larger plans. Section B – Exploration Aiming to further humanity’s journey across the cosmos, Aftershock’s exploration wing is tasked with investigating the dark expanse and plotting routes across it. An assignment for this wing can include: Discovering/maintaining jump points between systems, Finding habitable or otherwise suitable worlds for clients, General reconnaissance; recording hostile activity in other systems, Searching for astronomical phenomena, such as nebulae and black holes and Preemptive reconnaissance pending military action by Aftershock or its allies. Tasks that fall under the minor transport category should also be handled by the exploration wing. Section C – Medical Assuring that engagements are fair and survivable for both sides, Aftershock’s medical wing serves as a bulwark against the loss of life and limb, striving to protect and serve the wounded. Assignments to this wing can encompass: Detecting and testing the required services per engagement, Negotiating a safe treaty ensuring those who cannot fight can be treated, Performing medevac and/or search and rescue duties, Rapid transport to more advanced facilities should patients require it and Assisting other medical workers from other organisations. It should be noted that members of Aftershock’s medical wing should be experienced in other fields, especially combat and exploration. Section D – Industrial For those in pursuit of a profit-focused career, Aftershock’s industrial wing facilitates the gain of resources supporting other aspects of the organisation. Assignments may focus on: Mining for raw materials or profit, Haulage of goods across systems, Mass passenger transport between worlds/systems, Fabrication of materials for ship repair/general maintenance and Freelancing work throughout the entire organisation, supporting other wings. Other tasks that do not fit the mission profile of the aforementioned wings may be undertaken by this wing. Additionally, we also intend to offer; A mature environment for those passionate about Star Citizen, A tactical and authentic experience throughout all org operations, Partnership in the ShipShare program, facilitating local transport and ship trials, A (number-based) organization bank for possible capital-grade purchases in the future, A competitive area where members can hone their skills (recorded Star Marine and Arena Commander games, likely with inter-wing squad-based teams) and A general aim to have fun across the vastness of space! Requirements: Teamwork (it makes the dream work, after all), A mature and rational attitude to gameplay (remember, it is only a game), A willingness to be involved in org activities (though temporary inactivity is fine, just tell us) and The use of Discord until VOIP/FOIP is fully implemented. Things to note: We currently only operate in Europe and play around 16:00 UTC onwards; any regions are wanted and accepted, however. We welcome elements of roleplay, especially for tactical reasons, but this is not required. Any ages are welcome as long as they comply with the maturity outlined above. English is our primary language so we must insist upon it; though squads in other languages are welcome provided some level of understanding. Interested? If so, apply here. Please let us know you came via this post. Questions? Ask in our Discord server. Otherwise, continue to enjoy fighting, exploring, hauling or racing across the galaxy, citizen!
  12. The Lynx Of Umbra is hiring soldiers and are looking for leaders and citizens. We are security base with bounty hunting as our secondary. We really don't have much rules but listen to your superiors. If you are interested we need a srg at arms, Recruitment officer, First hand Secretary/treasurer (keeping track on the organisations credits) squad leaders, special force soldiers and others, (also need lower ranks). So if you are interested in becoming a Lynx Of Umbra member please send your applications and what you would like to do in the organization to: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/TLOU
  13. Trusted Protection. Dependable Professionals. Corporate Webpage RSI Organization Page History PALADIN is a leading interstellar security and transportation company with project experience in over 30 star systems. We have a galaxy wide client-base comprised of both government and corporate sectors. We are also a major security provider to the United Earth Empire government. From PALADIN headquarters in [REDACTED] we are able to reach clients throughout the galaxy, from the many UEE systems to the fringe systems in more dangerous, unsecure space. Our clients benefit from the extensive capabilities of our personnel, built up through careers in the UEE Navy and Marines. PALADIN was established as a UEE government security provider by UEE Navy veteran Jason “Paladin” Targus in 2944. This was the year PALADIN was awarded a primary contract with the UEE Navy to support military security operations in hostile systems by providing experienced pilots along with capable ships to protect government supply convoys and by providing assistance in protecting commercial shipping routes. The definition and requirements of security are ever changing. In recent years, we have grown a successful security service in support of the mining industry, focused on providing protection for gas and mineral extraction companies in the more dangerous fringe systems. PALADIN now provides a wide breadth of services to the government and commercial sectors, to include: protective services, cargo transport, exploration of uncharted systems, refueling operations, recovery operations, advisory support, and training. Across these areas we employ over [REDACTED] people at any one time and run a fleet of over [REDACTED] ships. Our Services In these times of galactic uncertainty and hostage alien threat, organizations are seeking a reliable partner to help mitigate risk, ensure business continuity and achieve organizational objectives. Governments, multi-planetary corporations and non-governmental organizations can rely on Paladin Government Services for our security services and robust mission support. From supply chain management and Personnel and asset recovery, Paladin Government Services delivers full-scale, contingency support services. Additionally, our integrated security solutions encompass the spectrum of safeguarding personnel, critical infrastructure and valuable assets. Security PALADIN is a trusted industry leader renowned for its Convoy Protective Services in high-threat environments across the galaxy. Our highly skilled Fleet Antipiracy Security Teams (FAST) are the industry standard in Close Protection and other Special Services. With decades of military experience, our security specialists undergo a rigorous pre-employment vetting process. With one of the best safety records in the industry, PALADIN’s employee’s are continually commended for their commitment to performance. Transport PALADIN provides Secure Transport and Delivery Services of commercial goods, valuables and other assets for government agencies, businesses, and individual clients. All of our transport operations are conducted using our specialized heavily armed and armored transports or in conjunction with armed escorts. Recovery In the event of a deep space incident it is imperative that every company has robust Emergency Response and Crisis Management procedures and policies in place. PALADIN’s personnel and asset Search, Rescue and Recovery (SRR) division provides that very important capability for the private sector, as well as in support of UEE military operations. TeamSpeak3: We have a dedicated TeamSpeak server for our members. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Come Join Us Paladin Government Services is a private military company currently seeking motivated and mature players, who enjoy working together as a team, and want to collaboratively work towards building a fun and successful Star Citizen organization and community. We need your help to make it happen! There will be numerous opportunities to specialize in a variety of areas, all contributing to the success and mutual benefit of all. There is room for casual and hardcore gamers alike; roleplay is okay as well but not mandatory. Want to experience multi-crew flight but don’t have the right ship? Never fear we have anything from the Freelancer to the Idris frigate for you to try out! Who We Are We are adult gamers with careers and families who understand that real life always come first. We don't require you to put in a set amount of hours per week, we don’t have mandatory log-on times, and we don't force you to participate in group activities, we just provide the environment to make it better and are here to cater to your needs. Our ultimate goal is to provide a fun, relaxing, and drama-free environment for all of our members. To join is very simple- we don't require anything from you except the desire to have fun. What We Offer ★ Respect - to all members. ★ Strength - we value quality over quantity, we never spam for recruits. ★ Structure - we have an organized corporate structure and rank system with opportunities for promotion and bonuses. ★ Productivity - earning serious credits in the Verse! ★ Teamwork - numerous multi-crew ships to play on and multiple guild allies. Our Goal Simply to create a fun and rewarding gaming experience for our members. Paladin Government Services is built upon a foundation of fun, trust and respect, while embracing creative and innovative ideas from our members. Members are encouraged to try playing in any amount of roles they wish within our three main Divisions (Security, Transport, Recovery), as well as developing teamwork in between them. Our Services SECURITY ★ Convoy Escort ★ Ground Security (FPS) ★ Mining Security ★ Antipiracy TRANSPORT ★ Passenger Transit ★ Cargo Transport RECOVERY ★ Survey & Route Planning (Exploration) ★ Emergency Refueling ★ Search, Rescue & Recovery (SRR) Disclaimer We do not endorse nor participate in piracy or criminal activity. Join today! Apply Now ------------------------------------------------------------------- UEE Business News Wire: PALADIN Awarded Contract for Security Post Kareah
  14. The Four Aces Outfit is a multi-gaming group recruiting players demonstrating mutual respect, team skill and the ability to have fun. Members play under the banner tag [4ACE] and take pride in the philosophy of success through equal parts fun and competitive gaming. The outfit focuses on utilizing military tactics and movement techniques with real-time adaptive leadership to overcome obstacles. Our official outfit motto is “Communicate. Participate. Advance.” The training motto is “Organization. Discipline. Efficiency of Force.” and the recruiting motto is “Teamplay and No Douchebaggery.” The Four Aces Outfit is a great option because it is not a hardcore gaming outfit with mandatory trainings and events. Realistic guidelines are maintained providing members access to organized teamwork without stressing real life priorities. Enjoyable gameplay is a priority however, quality is not sacrificed as strategy and cohesion are always incorporated into each operation. The recruiting motto listed above sounds simple, but the rampant amount of online trolls proves otherwise. More recently, Four Aces has gone through a re-structuring to become a 501c3 non-profit organization that conducts fundraisers and collects donations to be distributed towards other non-profit organizations. Four aces also has an environment which we describe as safe and anti-cyber-bullying. This structure facillitates the development of professional skills (managerial and leadership) in adults and young adults. Other developmental endeavors include software program education, multimedia development, written/communication skills, and time management. Find us on the RSI forums at https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/4ACE Find us online at: www.the4acesoutfit.com If interested, please visit the website or message me.
  15. Our goal in Star Citizen is to be the premium organization for freelance security in the known systems and beyond. Escort missions, resource protection, anti-piracy, bounty hunting, and so on. We will exercise tactical superiority in both space and ground missions. Our primary concern is completing our contracts in an efficient and professional manner. We're looking for friends, first and foremost. We don't need numbers, we need individuals dedicated to improving their skills, and also to forging long-term friendships with our community. Our group began in 2011 with Star Wars: The Old Republic, we moved to Guild Wars 2, and are now enjoying GTA Online until the release of Star Citizen is here. 18+, TeamSpeak required, English required, and we play during peak American timezones. We stream and record footage, while swearing is alright, racist / homophobic garbage = ban. ABOUT US: www.clanvv.com/aboutus JOIN: www.clanvv.com/recruitment
  16. Eclipsed Armed Solutions is a PMC currently looking for skilled military contractors and exceptional combat pilots. If you are looking for a combat-centric line of work, whether you're directly involved or not, look no further. Eclipsed wants you. We aim to provide superior services to our clientele. Whether it be guarding a mining convoy, obtaining cargo from an enemy ship, or thinning your rival's ranks, you can count on Eclipsed to complete the objective swiftly and effectively. If you are an organization, Eclipsed wants you to get what you want. How? By helping, that’s how. Feel free to contact any officials of Eclipsed Armed Solutions to get an account set up with us. We appreciate your business, and depreciate your enemy’s business. Unless they pay more. If you are a contractor, be prepared to taste the sweet thrill of glorious combat, feel the soothing sting of bullets, and hear the beautiful 'ping' of a successful monetary deposit into your account. If you are a pilot, be prepared to fly into and clear hot LZ's, execute scouting operations, perform troop runs, engage in electronic warfare, and participate in infantry combat missions. Applicants start out as contractors, holding basic time-based contracts with Eclipsed. As contractors complete and renew their contracts, they have the opportunity to rise in rank, perhaps even reaching the coveted R5 rank, Tactician, to help steer the battle from both HQ and on the front lines. Show even more prowess, and you could find yourself landing a COO spot at Eclipsed Armed Solutions, with direct say in the direction of the organization. Soon to come: Eclipsed Utilities Division Please follow this link to our official RSI webpage where you can apply, and read a little bit more about Eclipsed and what we do. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them here or send me a direct message. I'm always quick to respond. If you aspire to greatness, aspire to Eclipsed Armed Solutions. Cullenftw, CEO, Eclipsed Armed Solutions, LLC
  17. HEllFIRE INCORPORATED We are one of the Galaxy's most dependable private military corporations. We will take on virtually any challenge if the price is right. We seek to provide the best private military services in the Galaxy. History Founded- March 27 th, 2759 Hellfire Incorporated was founded on the 27 th of March in the year 2759 by Col. G. Robin Ivandale. Since then, it has risen to become one of the most influential and most effective PMCs in the history of the Empire; battling countless numbers of Vanduul raiders, turning in the deadliest criminals, and escorting convoys through the deadliest stretcher of space known to the UEE. 2760’s-80’s Hellfire Heydays Between 2762 and 2789, the Hellfire Four had a period of unprecedented growth and changed their name to Hellfire Inc. Many aspiring fighter pilots, thrill seekers, and tired mercenaries looking for a change joined Hellfire Inc. It was during this time that Hellfire Inc. was considered the best PMC service in the Empire. One of Hellfire Inc.’s specialties was covert operations. This period of time was known as Hellfire Inc.’s heyday. 2790’s-2810’s The Hellfire Reprieve After the end of the Xi’An cold war many of Hellfire Inc.’s UEE contracts ended; the UEE decided not to renew these contracts. This time period was somewhat of a depression for Hellfire Inc. and has been jokingly named “The Hellfire Reprieve.” During this time period many skilled pilots left the corporation, but ultimately Hellfire Inc. would persevere and overcome this era’s troubles. In 2800, when the Ark was built, Hellfire Inc. was hired out as private security during construction. 2820’s-Present In the early 32^nd^ century Hellfire was one of the most popular PMC’s hired to protect against the Vanduul whose raids grew more and more frequent. This was the end of Hellfire Inc.’s brief period of stagnation as more and more pilots joined in order to keep up with demand. By 2944 Hellfire Inc. was ready to take on any challenge. Mission Statement Hellfire Incorporated aims to bring the best professional, legal military services in the United Earth Empire. We are looking to be seen as one of the most dependable choices for any form of paid combat missions to any legitimate customers. We accept all forms of missions ranging from small scale cargo escort services to large scale salvage operations. Why Us? We will take on almost any mission at reasonable prices. Anything from cargo transporting to bounty hunting. Our customer-oriented approach and effective strategies make us one of the best choices among PMCs of our size. There is nothing that Hellfire Inc. cannot do for you. Command Structure General Battalion Command Officer Company Command Officer Platoon Command Officer Squad Lead Fire Team/Squadron Lead Member List Angnord Ajeck2760 Recruitment Go to our org page at www.robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/HFINC and simply fill out an application or private message Ajek2760. Why join? Apart from being debatably one of the best military contractors in the Galaxy, we also offer a friendly, casual community for potential members and many profitable opportunities. How are we as a whole going to make a profit? After a mission, the proceeds will be split up between those who participate in the missions and a small percentage will go to funding Hellfire Inc.'s arsenal (Large ships like cruisers and frigates, logistics ships, and fighters for those who need them). Not the casual type? We can accommodate you to. Hellfire Inc. is split up into squadrons of four. We will make sure that we place you in a squadron that will provide the gameplay and atmosphere you want.
  18. Eden Private Security [EDENPS] - Organizations - Roberts Space Industries No need to restate the manifesto here but I basically want a place for a bunch of odds and ends can gather and really form something that is well known and respected for their actions.We'll be here to help people train and get better together but also have fun and crack stupid jokes. We're not exclusive but want you to list us as your main org and be ready at a moments notice if we need you. We won't really be role playing other than calling each other by ranks like sergeant and admiral and such. A cool thing is everyone will be assigned to squadrons (Alpha, Beta, Charlie, Delta, Echo, and Ghost) which will help us remain organized and make us a force to be reckoned with. Regardless if you join or not I hope to see you in the 'verse!
  19. Check out our website at executivejustice.org and our RSI Organization page here: http://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/EJC ORDER AMIDST UNIVERSAL CHAOS Operation Pitchfork: Master Bacon Makers Javelin and Idris crew positions available! Who we are Executive Justice is both a Planetside 2 outfit and a former Eve Online corporation. Our organization leadership is currently comprised primarily of military Veterans but we want to expand our ranks to include people from all walks of life. We have members from every time zone in the US and are willing to expand internationally. Prospective members must be 18+ and speak fluent English. Allies ACES 9th Security Industries Mission We are heavily based on piracy prevention operations financially supported by business, exploration and industry. We have a strong focus on teamwork. Most of our members have been gaming together for many years so developing strong unit cohesion. Upon launch we intend to allocate our resources toward seeking out and reactivating capital ships hidden throughout the universe. These acquired vessels can be used to gain a distinct advantage against our competition allowing us to become a dominant piracy prevention force. How we play Play on your own time. As was previously mentioned, we are largely veteran based. Though many of our members are very dedicated and put a lot of time into the organization, a few of us are still active duty military or have demanding full time jobs and school schedules. Because of this they are only able to play on occasion. We know what it's like to have a busy life or tight work schedule. As long as you are willing to help contribute to the corporation when teammates are in need of support, your presence is more than welcome. This is a game, not your job and we respect that. We keep it light and keep it fun, but we still maintain superiority and win our battles. Our Idris-P and Retaliator Heavy Bombardment Groups will always be backed by escort fighters and Constellation support. </a> What we fly Click here to see our persistent Ship List Spreadsheet Where we operate We operate primarily in Low and Null Security space, but we will have a place for Hi-Sec players as well. Want more information? You can always respond to this thread, contact us on our forums at http://executivejustice.org/forums/index.php, PM me, email me at cjbuege@me.com or find us on our TeamSpeak at executivejustice.typefrag.com:8845. The password is justice
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