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Found 22 results

  1. I just posted this interview in the Gamescom thread - however....... How CR responds to the first question is so PROFOUND (and Important) - it deserves its own topic of discussion ...... ---------------- Basically he says that larger ships (even from a Connie on up) - but even more-so for a Capital Ship....... will have geometric cost increases more similar to the real world (not as extreme - but they are thinking more towards that model and having it take an Org. wide effort to earn the larger ships). ------------------------ This means if you are interested in any larger ships......... you should melt smaller ships to get the larger ships - since in-game......... the Larger ships will be MUCH harder to get (we knew this to a degree but it was never described by CR as being this exponential in terms of earned cost in the PU). -------------------------------- Fortunately I have (and many in Imperium) have already taken the pledge strategy for giving preference to the larger ships........ but there are a number of smaller ships that have recently come on concept sale where people may want to pass on (and save their pledge for the larger ships). For instance you may want to melt your recent small ship pledges for when the Polaris comes out (likely at Citizencon). The Anniversary Sale will also (likely like in past years) give people the option to pledge for an Idris and a Javelin. --------------------------------------- NOTE - this can also mean that it could be more cost effective in the LONG RUN to keep individual large ships than have smaller ships mixed into bigger ship packages even though they technically save you $$$ if you were to pledge for those ships separately (since again the bigger ships will be so much harder to earn in the PU) +++++++++++++++++++++++++ Another factor to consider is Tony Z's latest comments on NPCs in the PU and large ship crews (you don't have to buy or maintain their contracts individually) = you can contract for a large group of NPCs all at once = like contracting an Idris crew of 75+ NPCs at a time (obviously you can still have your individual close NPCs and Players inter-mixed into the larger crew) ============================ What do you think?........ are you going to adjust your pledge based on this new cost metric CR is talking about for earning ships in the PU? I don't think this means you shouldn't have any small ships....... but in general you should probably pool most of your pledge around any larger ships you want
  2. So I bought a freelancer pledge years back, it comes with lifetime insurance, my freelancer, squad 42, a mixture of physical goodies and all that jazz. Could i actually upgrade my freelancer from that pledge into another freelancer variant or even another ship altogether without losing the insurance and my physical goodies?
  3. So I had a conversation with my wallet when the new Eclipse dropped..... Me~"hey wallet have you seen the new Eclipse?" Wallet~"yes Nathan, no you can't afford it." Me~"Fuck you don't tell me how to live my life!" ..... I showed my wallet who's boss!!! I'm now the proud owner of a brand spanking new Warbond Eclipse Also, awesome news! buying this ship just put me over Concierge so yaaayyyy !!! the struggle is real when you actually go... hmmm down payment on a house or completionist pack........
  4. Greetings, I have the following giftables I'd like to sell; -Retaliator bomber pledge pack -Retaliator base w/ LTI insurance -Front and rear cargo bays w/ LTI -Front and rear torpedo bays w/ 24 months insurance Looking for $500, obo. Will answer any and all reasonable questions.
  5. Hi there, i want to sell my Avenger game package and AuroraLN game package. AuroraLN - 40$ of PayPal Avenger - 70$ of PayPal Can a little to reduce the price, if you really want to buy. Pm me your offer Sold by Star_Hangar
  6. Hi folks, Have you seen that the CIG has unleashed a massive amount of Rewards! - 100M Reward - 2943 War Bond - 56M Reward - J-Span Cryo-Star Cooler - 55M Reward - Preacher Armement Inquisition XXII Gatling - 52M Reward - BB-12 Maneuvring Unit - 49M Reward - Xi'an Space Plant - 47M Reward - Engine Tuning Kit - 45M Reward - Hadesian Artifact - 42M Reward - Explorer-Class Mobiglas Rig Anyone has gotten other rewards from them? This was a very big surprise to see it! (Note I haven't read the Splitting of SC and SQ42 announcement note. EDIT: I just noticed they are already in there since February 05 ^_^'''''' Never really noticed it, /sorry if there has been a topic already about this somewhere here, since it is already like 4 days...
  7. I think I heard something official from CIG about implementing higher tier pledge packages, is this confirmed? Do you think we will see a 50 000$ Pledge Package in the store soon™? A 50 000$ Package might include 5 javelins and 10 Idris and an assortment of duplicates of everything else? Also a 1 million dollar Pledge Level would make sense to introduce for the really serious contributor to the cause. Suggestably the 1M$ pledge would include 100 Javelins and 100 Idris and 5 Panther Escort Carriers and your own landing location on a planet where you can store all your ships. More readily available to pledgers should also be a measly 100k$ Pledge Option with 1 Panther Escort Carrier and 10 Javelins and 20 idris and an assortment of everything else. What do you think?
  8. This is a good Pledge Package Comparison Chart (note we have seen these before but this one is more complete and more up-to-date) + notice the last line indicating total value. Nicely done chart Pledge Package Comparison Chart https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ojxR84DJlX9i7Zu0ZrYkWPhKQUYIcK5bx5Ia8fQgimY/edit#gid=466885552
  9. RSI COMMUNITY FORUMS ^^ Very Interesting Point - and important for people to understand their pledge. Based on the pace of development of ships and CIG's focus on producing the PU... it is likely that not all ships will be flyable before launch or prior to when they remove the option to CCU (or the new system). Customer Service may still be an option (but this would likely flood CS with tickets so they may just cut it off at some point). This is important especially since the Hull Concept Sale starts today (and the dilemma quoted above). Based on the progress of ships mentioned each week in ATV and RTV - I've produced this theory crafted list of which ships will likely (or unlikely - or never) be CCU'd prior to launch. Keep in mind that some ships (even the rarest ones like the Javelin) can be obtained with the larger packages (like the Completionist package). Doing a CCU is a good / easy / cheap way of getting FREE LTI while directly supporting RSI (and not paying up on the grey market) by CCUing Concept Sale ships to the ships you want CIG's rules for CCU's: Both Ships must be flyable in Arena Commander The Ship that you are CCUing to must be more $ than the ship CCUing from. Keep in mind the list below is theory crafted and not given to us by CIG (and subject to change) Ships that can never be CCU'd to (due to rarity or limited edition): Javelin Idris (M and P) 890 Jump Scythe Mustang Omega Ships that are the least likely (but still probable) CCU'd to prior to launch (due to size / complexity / not mentioned so far by CIG as needed for S42): Reclaimer Orion Hull E Hull D Carrack Banu MM Caterpillar Endeavor (can be obtained directly by upcoming Concept Sale) Genesis Star Liner (can be obtained directly by upcoming Concept Sale) Prowler (can be obtained directly by upcoming Concept Sale) Ships that are very likely CCU'd to prior to launch (mentioned so far by CIG as needed for S42 or mentioned as being in the first batch of mult-crew ships or single seaters still slated to be flight ready soon): Connies (including Phoenix if you CCU to Andromeda first then upgrade to Phoenix) Redeemer MISC Reliant (can be obtained directly by upcoming Concept Sale) Anvil Crucible (can be obtained directly by upcoming Concept Sale) Freelancers (including MIS if you CCU to a base Freelancer first then upgrade to MIS) Cutlass's (including Blue if you CCU to a base Cutlass first then upgrade to Blue) Avenger (and variants) Starfarer Retaliator Xi'An Khartu-AL Herald Vanguard Hull A-C Ships that already can be CCU'd to Aurora's Mustangs (except Omega) (including Delta if you CCU to a base Mustang first then upgrade to Delta) M50 300 Series Gladius Gladiator Hornets
  10. **** NOTE - we don't know enough about the PU to have any definitive conclusions on this topic - but I think it is important enough to Theory craft and for the topic to have its own thread for people to understand the ships they are pledging for and which ones they may consider melting ---- It was just brought up in the Xi'An Scout thread.... Below is my personal take on which ships will be the most rare - hardest to get - expensive (vs pledge price) - etc..... in the PU from the rarest to the most common and easiest ship to get (this should be a determining factor on if you should melt these ships vs other ships) ------- >>> (Not counting Military ships like the Bengal Carrier, F8 Lighting, Javelin, Panther, etc... which will only be available to players in S42 initially --- maybe much later in the PU) --- also based on the known variants to date (not upcoming ones like the Mustang Variants, Cutlass Variants, Avenger Variants, Starfarer Gemini, etc...) Vanduul Scythe Idris - M Banu MM Xi-An Scout Phoenix P72 - Archimedes Freelancer MIS Idris - P 890 Jump Orion Reclaimer Carrack Hull C Drake Herald Retaliator Gladiator Super Hornet M50 350R Aurora LX Aurora CL Caterpillar Starfarer Aquila Taurus Andromeda P52-Merlin Freelancer DUR Freelancer MAX Freelancer Hornet Tracker Hornet Ghost Hornet Gladius 315P 325A 300I Avenger Cutlass (easy to mass produce per manufacturer) Aurora MR Aurora LN Mustang Aurora ES
  11. Per the last ATV, they're giving us a token to change our Handle once. You can do so by visiting your RSI account setting, and you should be able to see the following.
  12. Attention Citizens, Breaking news! You heard earlier today that Richard Garriott’s Shroud of the Avatarwill feature an item designed by Chris Roberts useable in-game… and we’ve decided to return the favor! If you back both Star Citizen and Shroud of the Avatar at the $40 Adventurer level or higher, we’ll give your pilot in Star Citizen a powerful crossbow straight out of Richard’s new world… perfect for providing an extra-lethal punch during boarding actions. The Shroud of the Avatar Kickstarter campaign ends in just twelve hours, so make your pledge NOW! If you would like to pledge via Paypal you can do so here. Weapon Description: Iolo Industries Armor-Piercing Crossbow Some things never go out of style, and the Iolo Crossbow is proof: an elegant weapon that has proved itself capable of repelling boarders effectively time and again over the centuries. It stands well above laser sidearms in terms of armor penetration, the ideal weapon for anyone needing to blast through two inches of plasteel space armor. Designed and hanf-crafted by David Watson, these rare crossbows are prized by pilots for their reliability and their low level of required maintenance. This weapon is an exact replica of the one created for Richard “Lord British” Garriott’s Shroud of the Avatar so you can arm your character with it in both universes! Damage: 2 cm / bolt (+3 against armor) Reload: .5 seconds Effective Range: 500 meters UEE Restriction: RED
  13. Hi all, I am having trouble understanding the current ship pledge system. During kickstarter it was, pledge this amount to get just this ship (not including lower classed ships), correct? And now you can buy individual ships. I bought the bounty hunter pledge originally and upgraded my 300i to a hornet and was then a "Colonel". I have now bought a constellation and am now ranked "Rear Admiral". Does this mean I get the same rewards people who backed for Rear Admiral originally get(what kickstater states)? Seeing as I have pledged over the requirement for Rear Admiral. In my Hanger it seems I have just got the extra ships and the ugly "deluxe" hanger... Pledge $250 or more 1509 backers REAR ADMIRAL: Finished game for your PC with your top-of-the-line RSI Constellation spaceship ready to fly + 10,000 Galactic Credits + Exclusive access to the Alpha and Beta + Spaceship shaped USB stick with the game and all digital elements + CD of game soundtrack + Fold-up glossy full color map of the game universe + Set of 5 Ship blueprints + 3-inch physical model of your in-game ship + Hardcover copy of 'The Making of Star Citizen' including loads of behind the scenes images and info, prelim concept art, development stories + Silver Citizens Card
  14. Hi guys, I got some store credits (it's $ not UEC )hanging in my account. Should I buy ships now? Understanding that ships in store do not have Life Time Insurance currently, I don't know if I should wait or just get the ships I don't have before the game releases. Also is there selling events in the future? And after the game is released, will I able to purchase any ships with $? Thanks for reading. I know there are a lot of questions.
  15. I want to find out what our member's pledged! Take the strawpoll! http://strawpoll.me/665001
  16. Hello everyone. So I know the hanger module will be coming out soon and i want to get my pledge but i'm a little strapped for cash. So my question is what is the cheapest pledge that gives me access to the hanger module, alpha, beta and full release?
  17. http://www.robertsspaceindustries.com/the-pledge/ Heed the Emperors words. Knowledge is power, guard it well
  18. If you look on your Account page on RSI you have a new feature called "Tell your friends" ! Great prices if you can find more guys with money willingly to pledge 35$ Link for lazy ones: https://www.robertss...l-your-friends/ GET ME AND YOURSELF PRICES: https://www.robertsspaceindustries.com/star-citizen/?rid=30161 ENLIST NOW TO Squadron 42 / Star Citizen !
  19. Hmm...well this post on their Facebook page has me worried. They are saying if they don't hit the 2 Million in funding in 30 days then the game won't happen....get to pledging! https://www.facebook.com/RobertsSpaceIndustries/posts/439560329419328?notif_t=feed_comment_reply
  20. The Stretch Goals are Online! “We Have Liftoff!” Initial Goal $2+ million Pledged Community UpdatesStar Citizens will get to play in the multiplayer Alpha (12 months)Star Citizens will receive access to the Wing Commander/Squadron 42 campaign (18 months) “One Small Step For Man…” Stretch Goal 1 $3+ million Pledged Increased Community Updates!Star Citizens will get to play in the multiplayer Alpha (12 months)Star Citizens will receive access to the Wing Commander/Squadron 42 campaign (18 months) Rich StorylineMore Ships “… A Tall Ship and a Star to Steer Her By” Stretch Goal 2 $4+ million Pledged Increased Community Updates! Monthly Dev. Team WebcastsStar Citizens will get to play in the multiplayer Alpha (12 months)Creation of Professional Mod Tools provided free to playersStar Citizens will receive access to the Wing Commander/Squadron 42 campaign (18 months) Richer StorylineEven More ShipsMore Missions “Have Starship Will Travel…” Stretch Goal 3 $5+ million Pledged Increased Community Updates! Monthly Dev. Team WebcastsMonthly Town Hall Meeting with Chris RobertsStar Citizens will get to play in the multiplayer Alpha (12 months)Creation of Professional Mod Tools provided free to playersStar Citizens will receive access to the Wing Commander/Squadron 42 campaign (18 months) Deep StorylineOn-Line Ship MarketplaceMax MissionsStar Citizens will receive access to the Wing Commander/Star Citizen universe for on-line persistent play (30 months) Privateer-like gameplayMultiple Star Systems to Explore “To Infinity And Beyond…” Stretch Goal 4 $6+ million Pledged LOCKED
  21. Hi fellow citizens! I'm Lars and I pledged at the Early Adopter level. I'm most exited by the level of immersion that CR is going for and I look forward to exploring the universe and hopefully get at least one jump point named after me.
  22. What a long, strange trip it has been! I’m very pleased to announce that the Roberts Space Industries website is coming back online as originally intended. Thanks to the heroic efforts of our web team, you can now pledge as originally intended as well as access your account information and view the real time pledge counter. More changes are coming, too: we’re in the process of setting up the more robust forum you deserve; a search feature, PMs and everything else you have asked for will be available soon. Additional payment options and the ability to add to your existing pledges (against all odds, you demanded it!) will be online in the coming days. It’s not all going to be apologetic letters and ‘back to normal’ updates, either. Now that we’re not “all hands on deck” dealing with the site outage you will see the Comm-Link and other familiar sections return to life. Expect more polls, in-depth ship descriptions, news from the world of Star Citizen and more Q&A with Chris Roberts! Ask him about physics! (On second thought, maybe you shouldn’t, we’ll be here all day…) We’re also putting the finishing touches on the maps and the Galactapedia. And one last thing: your Golden Tickets WILL RETURN. We had to put them away while we fixed the site, but you’ll find them waiting for you in your accounts in the coming days. I’d like to thank you all, personally: you space pilots have proven yourselves to be the most thoughtful, helpful and incredibly patient group I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I feel terrible that the web issues have impacted such a great group. We’re going to do everything we can to justify your treatment of our endeavor. It’s going to be cool! Ben Lesnick Community Manager Cloud Imperium Games Click here to view the article
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