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Found 3 results

  1. Title: Selling my original Kick Starter - Rear Admiral LTI Signed Physical Package w/ Phoenix Upgrade What makes this special: This package is never going to be available again. I originally back 4 YEARS ago. It comes with all of the physical goods including a limited signed Silver Collectors Box. Also this package has the Phoenix Upgrade. The Phoenix luxury missile boat (just check the stats) that comes with a Kruger P-72 Archimedes snub fighter. If you purchase her, you are also purchasing the rights to her shipname, The Debutante. Why: I am getting married and I need the money (weddings are expensive as hell!). Also I have an additional physical package (but don't tell my fiance that ). Price: $675 - This is right in the middle of the $650 to $700 reddit says these signed packages typically go for. However, if you are a longstanding active member of Imperium, I will lower the price. We can discuss this over PM. Thanks! -AB
  2. So I'm trying to sell my Alpha Access Constellation Andromeda Physical Game Package along with the ship skins that I bought for it. I'm only interested in selling this to verified PayPal users. The prices are as follows: Constellation Andromeda Package - $275 USD Skins: $15 for all three or $5 each PM is preferred. Thanks for looking!
  3. I've realised that as much as I love star citizen ships I want to start the game with just a few small ships so I'm looking to sell my Constellation Aquila and a regular Cutlass Red. The Constellation is a old constellation physical package with the Aquila upgrade. With Alpha & Beta access and several physical goods that will be shipped at an unknown date. As far as I can see the physical packages aren't for sale by CIG anymore so hard to know what thats worth, however there might be VAT and other taxes on the physical goods so thats probably going to reduce the value. Basing on the digital package Connie's that are for sale for 325$ without the physical and alpha access i think 299$ sounds fare. (Not a great discount but you do get alpha access and lots of physical stuff) The Cutlass Red is completely regular, like the ones you can buy in the store right now. As such I think a 30% discount sounds reasonable so rather than buy one from CIG for 120$ you can buy mine for 84$.
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