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  1. Hello, Citizens! And welcome to D0lph1N's Mini Mart! Terms & Conditions Buyer must be PayPal verified (if you plan to pay via PayPal) and RSI confirmed. Please leave a comment before PMing! Then send me PM containing ship name, your PayPal email and currency of invoice (USD or EUR). Ship will be sent as a gift to the payer's PayPal email. If you're buying it to gift someone else, simply forward the letter to his email. Don't click the link inside if you don't want to bind it to your account! Claimed gift (after purchase) will be bound to your account.
  2. Welcome to my personal hangar. I've been a huge Star Citizen fan since 2014 and it's a great honor to further contribute towards this incredible game's development by sharing with you the many original concept ships which are no longer available. I'm NOT cashing out whatsoever. If anything, you are grabbing these extra ships from my personal inventory. You are contributing to the games development right alongside with me. A win for both you and Star Citizen. I've been an Imperium and Star Citizen Base member since 2014. You'll see I have excellent feedback and Reputation here. I'
  3. Want to sell my Signed Rear Admiral package It's been upgraded to a Phoenix Details in screenshot Looking for Around 800$, that's including PayPal fees
  4. Feel free to give explanations in the comments. I haven't joined an org yet and I don't know which I'm best suited to join.
  5. I'm probably just better off waiting for one in game to buy or waiting for the Origin version rather than RSI but if anyone has one for a reasonable price and before anyone starts about the reasonable price debate please don't... It's an item that costs $15 made for a ship that has a crew quarters bathroom for the VIP client to use lol. If anyone feels like they're done with their phoenix /pledge and would want to get their money back or let theirs go for like around $50 PM me. It's okay it this takes months, the game's nowhere close to being done and I'll probably buy it in game
  6. SOLDIER OF FORTUNA PACK - LTI $415 USD (does not include PayPal fees) No profit... just trying to offload.
  7. Please watch this RTV before the meeting on Monday in TS at 6pm PST - if you can
  8. This rare limeted ship was purchased during the 2018 St. Patrick's Day sale -released in limited edition of only 250 pieces! And the developers will never again sell this ship with LTI. Included: - Space Ship Constellation Phoenix Emerald LTI - Lifetime Insurance for Ship (LTI) - Revel &York Hangar Already included in the kit with the ship (located inside the ship): Lynx rover and Kruger P-72 Archimedes Fighter. Price: $480 (this is final price, including PayPal fees). I have over 150 successful sales of ships Star Citizen on eBay (al
  9. So I already have the Aquila, Andromeda, and Taurus. All purposed for their specific roles. But I'm lacking one piece of the Constellation puzzle, I have no Phoenix. I'm just wondering, from you experts of Connieland if it's something I should go for. I'm not much into the luxury touring, or player transport part of the game, if I was then the 890 jump would grab my attention a lot faster. But for a much lower price the Phoenix isn't bad. So, in your opinion, should I finish this puzzle and get the Phoenix when it comes around again or with my lack of interest, which may change over time, shou
  10. Title: Selling my original Kick Starter - Rear Admiral LTI Signed Physical Package w/ Phoenix Upgrade What makes this special: This package is never going to be available again. I originally back 4 YEARS ago. It comes with all of the physical goods including a limited signed Silver Collectors Box. Also this package has the Phoenix Upgrade. The Phoenix luxury missile boat (just check the stats) that comes with a Kruger P-72 Archimedes snub fighter. If you purchase her, you are also purchasing the rights to her shipname, The Debutante. Why: I am getting married and I need the money (
  11. I have one unit of this from the 2014 sale, and intending to offload this baby for someone to take care of. Looking at 350USD, paypal verified myself and hoping you should be as well. This CCU upgrade is one of the few left in the open market, grab it while it lasts and before the PU beta starts.
  12. Hi All, Looking to purchase a Constellation Phoenix with LTI, ideally the full rear admiral package but would consider an upgraded one too. Reply here or PM me with prices Thanks
  13. Standalone Ships ORIGINAL CONCEPT SHIPS* (*) Concept ship with LTI unless stated otherwise. Anniversary Sale Ships $45 - LTI MPUV Cargo $75 - Hull A - 4 yr $45 - LTI YellowJacket $100 - Avenger - Warlock - 4 yr $50 - LTI MPUV Personnel $105 - Hull B - 4 yr $60 - LTI 85X
  14. Executive Order ship sales! LTI 890 Jumps and LTI Constellation Phoenix! Are you a former President, CEO, Kingpin, or maybe just a collector of fine things? Well you've stopped at the right place cause fine things are what we sell here. Welcome to Executive Order ship sales. We offer the finest in truly limited LTI and Non-LTI ships both with package options if you need. We also offer worthy trades for those with fine things to offer. As always all prices include fees, and I cannot accept RSI as payment due to recent scams involving RSI credit sales. _ Truly Limited
  15. Looking to buy a Phoenix upgrade. If you have a LTI Phoenix for sale also contact me. Thanks!
  16. TRxP149U3

    Complete Phoenix LTI

    *****Got what i needed, topic can be closed****
  17. Ship Prices are increasing as CIG warned a long time ago. The Starfarer went from $175 to $195 and now will be $300. Clearly other ships will follow and it is best to buy in the here and now and not wait till later. Race against tomorrow and buy your ships at the cheapest price possible today. *Standalone LTI ships * 5x LTI 890 Jump on sale at $940 a piece total. **This ship comes with a free Model II Arclight Sidearm and a free Star Citizen Starter Package!** 3x LTI Phoenix Constellations at $675 a piece total. **This ship comes with a free Star
  18. looking for $360 Selling Constellation Phoenix Physical Package. Probably the best price for it as now days the price for standalone Phoenix is $400 in the market. The image shows all the information about the package (http://imgur.com/kqUgMDC) If Want to purchase pm me with: -PayPal and RSI e-mail -RSI handle TERMS -PayPal fees included -Buyer must be PayPal verifed (and just for anyone wondering this is indeed rear admiral with non-LTI. my account does have rear admiral emblem option)
  19. misawa2me

    Want to Sell Ship Sale

    For Sale all LTI Rear Admiral w/Phoenix pkg: $350 Banu Merchantman Stand Alone: $225 Retaliator: $250 Weekend Warrior pkg: $175 Gladiator: $125
  20. Rear Admiral Game Package LTI - Phoenix Includes: Constellation Phoenix Revel & York Hangar Lifetime Insurance Deluxe Silver Collector's Box Spaceship-shaped USB Drive CD of Game Soundtrack Glossy Fold-up Star Map 5 Spaceship Blueprints 3 Inch Model of Spaceship Hardback Making-of Star Citizen Legacy Alpha Digital Star Citizen Manual Starting Money:10,000 UEC Squadron 42 Digital Download Star Citizen Digital Downloa
  21. CDR Shiff D

    Want to Sell Subscriber Flare

    WTS One of each of the Subscriber Flare items released thus far, 5$ SC Credit each. Available: UEE CALENDAR TAKUETSU MISC FREELANCER MIS 2944 STELLARSONIC JUKEBOX TAKUETSU RSI CONSTELLATION PHOENIX 2944 LOCKER FROM ANOTHER UNIVERSE TAKUETSU ORIGIN M50 MR. REFINEMENT’S CABINET OF RARE & EXQUISITE SPIRITS TAKUETSU MUSTANG DELTA MODEL TAKUETSU AEGIS GLADIUS *** Newest Please send a Private Message to me either on SCB or RSI with what you want. Any Flair can be bought for non subscribers. For those who have asked. I am able to buy you one of the snow globes, but it's a random det
  22. So what's the deal?? !!! Why wont they let us upgrade or CCU to the Phoenix but they rain LTI upgrades with everything else?
  23. Greetings I would sell a ORIGINAL backer account with giftable Freelancer Package LTI. Price is 375$ or 345€ it comes with many hangar decorations and all reward from Original backers. I have done extensive transactions so you can freely trust me. [Account pictures] LTI Packages and Ships - Freelancer LTI package [Giftable] Special contents - OB/VB and 15+ million rewards (all perks) - 33000 Uec e 290000 Rec Melted LTI Packages, Ships and upgrades - Anvil Carrack LTI - Constellation Phoenix Upgrade - Freelancer LTI - RSI Aurora LN LTI - Pathfinder LTI - MISC Freelancer LTI - Anvil Hornet L
  24. Primal

    Complete [WTS] Reclaimer

    Reclaimer LTI http://i.imgur.com/oaPMbfM.png $400 SOLD
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