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Found 2 results

  1. OPERATION REVOLVING DOOR WHEN: Saturday, June 25th - UTC - 20:00 EST - 16:00 RALLY POINT: Everus Harbor - Hurston MISSION: Hurston Security has contracted us to perform anti Nine Tails operations on Hurston and its surrounding moons, they require us to meet the needs of any security station that requests support, and we are to investigate any security station that has gone silent. Further operational tasks may come forward as we have reports of a possible Nine Tails outpost inside the cave networks on Hurston. NOTES: - For ease of identification please wear the Morozov-SH armor variant Aftershock Terracotta (brown/orange)(Available @ HUR L1 Station). - Helmet choice is left down to each soldiers. NO PIRATE ARMOR please. - Both air and ground assets have been sighted by Hurston Security so be on the look out for ambushes by Nine Tails air assets - We have reports of Nine Tails being able to take control over the security station air-defence turrets - Be careful on approach, you may have to land outside at a distance of 1.6 KM if landing area is to hot. - Small Arms choice is left to soldiers discretion but fragmentation and explosive ordnance is prohibited - Re-arm and Re-supply is available during operation. It it is required you start the operation with at minimum 2 medi pens, combat knife and at least 5 magazines - Nearest weapon shop is HUR L1. It is also advised to bring combat rations -We have also been given permission by Hurston Security to strip and salvage, terminated Nine Tails members we come across. ROLE CALL: = Marine Infantry = Marine Driver = Marine Combat Pilot (Small Combat Craft, i.e Arrow, hurricane, etc.) = Marine Dropship Pilot (Dropship Type Craft, i.e cutlass, valkyrie, MSR, etc.) = Marine Corpsmen (Medic) = Marine Medical Ship Pilot (Cutlass Red/Carrack) = Camera Crew ALL SCB / IMPERIUM Members are welcome, Late Joiners Accepted Dedicated comm channel will be Discord - "SCB Gaming 1" Channel Please review Discord Event Announcement Please send in-game friend request to @[IMP] Psychopath or @[IMP] REIGN-11-87 for party invites
  2. Over the last few weeks, I've been examining my Aurora LN and Aegis Dynamics Avenger. I thought to myself, "Hmm, really my Hangar Needs a Shiny New Ship, maybe like 3 Shiny New Ships". So, I did the Unthinkable, I melted my ships to give me Approximately 105 UEC Store Credit. I was browsing the Store when 3 Different Ships Caught my Eye, the Freelancer +, Hornet F7+, and the Cutlass. I eliminated all the other ships and put my sights on these 3. First I thought "I'll just buy one pledge, that's enough from CR taking my money". So I Bought the Cutlass Pledge, Then I thought to myself " Hmmm..I might as well get another Ship, maybe a hornet for the DFM?" I said Yes, and $140 was taken out of my Credit Card. Before I closed that little Red X tab on the browser I said "What the hell, I'll buy another pledge" So I bought the Freelancer +. Then I just sat there Looking at my computer Screen, Evaulating what I had just done. I just dropped $400 on a Digital Game, that in no way will help me in Real Life. Then I remembered Chris Roberts saying "Pew Pew Pew Pew" and made me laugh, so I just said what the heck, its Chris Roberts Making this Game, he can take my money anytime. I have to say, Star Citizen is shaping out to be a Really Satisfying Game, and no one's even played it yet. Just from the Pictures and all the Talk. I really look forward to the DFM and future Iterations of the Modules (Planetside etc). I've left a couple of pics below for your enjoyment as I look around my new Hangar and try to figure out what each ship does. Enjoy *My First Time Seeing the Freelancer* *Orgasms in Joyness* *First Step Inside the ship* *Pressing Every Button on the Ship* *Dat 180 Degree view* "Just Pretend I'm Shooting at some Vanduul Scythes or something" It's just a really....big.....engine...... "Ever Done the Kessel Run in Under 12 Parsec"? That's what I thought. "You know that smell you get from a Brand new car, yep, smells like that exactly" "Hey! Hey! get out of here, this is a restricted UEE area, bloody kids think this is a playground." "Mommy Look at me I'm flying a ship" Yeh well one minute your flying a ship, the next you wake up in Central Med-bay with your Goddam Left hand turned into a frikkin machine man, a frikkin machine". PS. If you can't see the images here, I've also posted them on Imgur too for viewing pleasure. http://sam10101.imgur.com/
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