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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, So I have a lifetime expansion pass that i bought back in august 2015. It was offered (130£) for the last time and for a very short period of time. I've just changed the email address with a new one especially created for the purpose. You will be able to download the game and launcher from the frontier store with the account information Steam keys for Elite Dangerous and Elite Dangerous:Horizon have already been claimed and used on my steam account, but they worth nothing without the Frontier account, as stated on the frontier website on the "Partner keys" page But really you get no benefits from having the games on steam (If i knew i wouldn't have used them), you still have to go through the ED launcher, and login to play. So if you want the games on steam, you could just "add a non steam game", it will be exactly the same. I will ask for Steam to delete the keys from my account anyway, I don't know if it will make them reusable though. Since I don't have a reputation here, I invite you to send me a message on ebay if you want to check on me, I have a good rep there. I will answer you to let you know it is me from starcitizenbase.com. My display name on ebay is stardustrevolution (http://www.ebay.com/usr/stardustrevolution). I have paid 200$(130£ @ 1£=1.56$ on 08/15/2015) for it, so i'd be happy if I could get something like 180$ 150$. I only own a Cobra MK III fully equiped that worth about 1 million credits, and 278 000 credits in cash. I have a verified paypal account. You will of course be able to create a new player if you want to start a new game.
  2. This Package includes the Avenger - Ship and Aeroview Hangar and Arena Commander Pass and other items below. I will sell all these items listed for $50. ALSO CONTAINS Starting Money: 2,000 UEC 6 Month Insurance Digital Game Soundtrack Star Citizen Digital Download Squadron 42 Digital Download Digital Star Citizen Manual Beta Access Digital Star Map Picture:
  3. That's it. I would like to trade this code for 2 Steam gifts of Dungeon Defenders II Early Access. But wait... if you get that here (the only cheap games/game keys website I trust) you will pay less than the value of this AMD code (at least the value of it in this forums). Check my for rep on trade and selling stuff in other websites. Contents of the AMD code:
  4. Hi, I'm selling this code I've got from AMD for 19.50€ or $24 Paypal (If you pay the fees then I'll do it for 18€ or $22). The code has this on it: I don't have any sales completed in this forum and my account was created a while ago, but I have feedback and successful sales here. Only latest sale got feedback in the right place of that website where you can leave feedback (http://www.epicnpc.com/itrader_detail.php?ir=506374&u=264597). The others before were posted directly in the threads where I anounced the intent to sell because I asked for feedback and maybe they didn't know there was a right place for that, and they feedbacked directly in the threads. I have one successful trade in here too.