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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, just joined this today... I have been invested in Star Citizen since 2015 and I have loved the project so far! Wondering if this is a good place to buy/sell ships? Thanks for any advice!
  2. krakenbeers


    sup! krakenbeers here, just started playing two days ago. I really like it so far, but boy is it buggy. It took me 17 missions before I was able to finally complete one. ( #1 reason for failed missions: BUGS) I'm trying to upgrade my ships weapons from ballistic to energy but it's really hard to find a place that sells energy weapons. I wish there was a map showing locations of shops. I ran around Loreville (HURSTON: TEASA SPACEPORT) for an hour and couldn't find a shop that sold frickin laser weapons for my ship! I know it's still in development and I feel it's going to be an ongoing development but it would be nice to get it to a OFFICIAL RELEASE point where at least 90% is workable. Any advise for a noob? So far I was told to overclock coolers and thrusters, turn of COMSTAB, change ship weapons from ballistic to energy, get a good gun & stock up on ammo, med and O2 which I did already, do bunker clearing missions. Did I miss anything? Please give an old Wing Commander Veteran some guidance!!!! My ship(s) are basic entry level Aurora and Mustang. Thanks, and see you in the broken universe!
  3. Hello, I'm Leon! Pretty new to Star Citizen and in need of friends lol Ive tried asking in game but didn't get very good results.. Anyways, I found out about Orgs and after researching a little I found Imperium xD Im hoping to find out more about the Org and where I would fit in but be warned.. If I join, someone is definitely going to have to teach me the ins and outs of the verse. As of right now I cant even figure out how to pick up a delivery or trade the bio waist from my first mission O.o But im a long time gamer of both PC and Console so I promise ill catch on quick lol
  4. Madkruser


    Hey all, dropping a line here. Was introduced to you guys from a friend, and you guys seem decent enough. Looking forward to flying with y'all.
  5. Igin


    I'm a new pledger of a Mustang, and I'm eager to get into the Imperium. Expect plenty of noob posts wondering how to do things. Bye.
  6. Just dropping in to say hello. I was up late last night drooling over star citizen videos- game play footage, ship classes/commercials, alpha 2.0, etc. I can't believe how far it's come. I finally bought in at 45 bucks with the Aurora LN package and I'm downloading the game now. I figured a world like this would be more fun if I joined an orginization, and I had already been lurking here reading posts, so the choice was easy. If I'm not mistaken, I now just need to apply on imperiums page on RSI and provide my forum name, yes?
  7. New here and just bought an Avenger to kick start my career on SC. Anyone know where I can check my system requirements ? Think my system isnt gonna cut it, or maybe I can make the best of what I got ? Thanks Persiflex
  8. New to the site. My in game name is hunterdelta.
  9. Hey everyone. I'm new to Star Citizen but have caught the Roberts Fever from Green Avenger (I tried the doctors first but they said there isn't a cure so.. ) .. Anyways, I'm waiting on the game to develop more of the gathering/pirating/mining side before I become super addicted so I might not be around too much *yet* but I will definetly get into it when they start that. Thanks for having me and I'm so impressed with how massive and well managed this organization is. High five! p.s. Green needs a raise. buh bye.
  10. Not sure what help I'll be but if anyone is looking for a good ole' fashion game of Vaduul Swarm, HIT ME UP!
  11. Hi, got star citizen last weekend, and all i've been able to do is go to arena commander, and do the pilot training, drone sim and the matches. How do i get to the game portion where i can explore, and meet other people.
  12. JettFeh

    Noob Alert

    First off I have to say HUGE PROPS to all you early adopters. I am incredibly grateful, as without you I would have never heard about Star Citizen (That $35 million in crowd funding caught my attention). I have a few Combat Operation Ship questions I want to field (I would post this in the ship discussion forum, but they have it separated by ship and as a noob I don't know what is most appropriate for Combat Operations). First, I'll start off by stating that I have already pledged for the Aurora LX as I wasn't about to miss out on Alpha/Beta testing. I've read through a number of JumpPoints and forums and I'm still a little confused as to what is most appropriate for combat operations. The Origin Fighter, Hornets, Avenger, even the Cutlass all sound like appropriate choices, but what is most suitable? (I'm going to precede this with I am ignorant and in no way trying to offend anyone’s ship choices) These are just some of my initial impressions of the aforementioned ships and by all means please correct me if I'm wrong. The Origin fighters seem to be an entry level fighter. The Hornet is kind of the BMW fighter, but without the military version ball turret I can't say I'm overly impressed. I know the Avenger is aimed at bounty hunting, but would it work as a fighter? Same goes for the Cutlass as it sounds pretty vicious in a dogfight, but is being marketed as a Pirate ship. In addition it seems that since I'm so late to the game the limited editions are no longer an option. Are their plans for more limited edition variants available to late early adopters? I'm rambling now I know, but I feel like I missed out on a lot and hope to catch up quickly. I would greatly appreciate any of your comments. Thanks
  13. Greetings to all members of the mighty Imperium fleet! I'm Lut, 22, from Brazil, this is the first time I will play a space sim but I'm really excited to begin. I'm experienced with space strategy games but not sims. No, i don't have any idea how to pilot a spaceship but I guess thats why training programs exist. I can though, follow the money. I have great experience with trading using ingame money and real money in a vast gamma of games like Diablo lll, Path of Exile, Dota 2, Guild Wars 2, TES online and others. I am, too, an active investor in brazilian Stock Exchange and I'm always connected to its news, companies and clients. I hope my skills can be of good use to the coolest fleet of all! Thanks for reading and remember, FOLLOW THE MONEY. END OF TRANSMISSION.
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