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Found 440 results

  1. Hello folks, I've been away from Star Citizen and the community for a while. It helps with the wait. The last time I was around they were just preparing to release Star Marine. What the hell has happened since then? There's so much news, but I don't see all that much in terms of progress. Care to enlighten me? How are we looking for that 2018 timeline they talked about before?
  2. Up front, I'm not going to pretend to be certain about any facts I present, any references or claims are only what I have heard from another person, and if my memory serves correct, so please revise anything incorrect. I heard, and I think many (especially early) backers will agree that Star Citizen was promised to be entirely independent of your real wallet, that the money you make outside of the game is entirely inconsequential to your gameplay and progression in the universe. A lot of people complained and are complaining that being able to buy ships for real money is pay-to-win, but I think it's necessary to fund the game, and is altogether not a huge factor. I mean, you can really fly one ship at a time, so having them is hardly something that would affect you, and most backers would only have a few at most at release. Then I saw this: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/extras?product_id=41 In case the link doesn't work, or whatever may happen, essentially one can purchase UEC with real money, and even if the page is taken down, it has been said that it is planned for this to be a part of future income. I have seen a few youtube channels (BoredGamer, among them) saying this. In a lot of cases, the argument is that you can only buy a limited amount of UEC in a given length of time, and that this was 'for the people that don't have the time to grind in game'... Well, for the first point, the simple fact that you can purchase in-game currency (and therefore progression) sort of destroys the allure and pride of owning UEC. For the second point, everyone knows that's just an excuse to sell it, but taking it as a legitimate argument, I'll say that if you're short on time, buying progression in a game so that you can play it a little when you can is not fun at all, and it ruins the game for everyone else at the same time. You can't buy another queen in a chess match because you didn't have the time to think through a move and expect people to take the game seriously. Basically, we need to fix this problem early, before it becomes anything. The backers who backed the game in hopes of a true universe, where players make their own stories, actions have consequences, and hard work is rewarded, and any money you own in this universe doesn't carry over to the next-those backers I expect will be and are disappointed in this turn and will respond and ensure their investment is still in what they thought it was. Edit: I used p2w out of a lack of a better word.. I suppose in this case, its more pay-for-an-advantage, even though it's small, it still means they are letting a person's wallet affect in-game. For me, I think it's really less of a worry about some players having that advantage, and more that you can't look at someone without wondering if they got stuff spawned in for them.
  3. Three of my weekly podcasts I watch have suddenly interviewed CIG employees this week, where some of them have gone years without an interview. Is this a sign? Redacted interviewed Matt Sherman discusses ship design including docking collars, cutlass black rework, etc. Bad News Barron interviewed Disco Lando and a bunch of people jumped in answering questions including Aaron Roberts who went on to say 3.0 schedule is very soon, orbital mechanics, atmospheric damage, and Player custom made housing will be in game eventually. (remember Aaron is the more down to earth one.) And finally our own SCB round table where they asked Sean Noonan about why some bodybags have boobs, why Star Citizen has a marketing team over 1 million strong, explosive barrels, and seriously they really got into some good details on Star Marine and its maps.
  4. http://wccftech.com/star-citizen-exclusive-interview-erin-roberts/ WCCF Tech interviewed Erin Roberts and the amount of juicy information in there coming from a top man is fantastic. I'm still making my way through it, rather than wait for a TLDR, you probably would enjoy just reading this one. My favorite quotes/article spoilers: This. Engineer love!
  5. Couple of cool things this Ben's Day - 3m - Confirmed Anvil Huriccane is the next Concept Ship 14:40m - No answer from Ben yet but @GRIZZ gets his question asked about the Reclaimer being able to land 18:30m - Haven't heard about Hangar updates from awhile but the Modular Hangar rooms are still on the table - like a personal living quarters, map room, etc...
  6. Astronomers have recently reasoned that the deep space radio bursts that have been occurring since 2007, have come from a dwarf galaxy 3 billion light years away, outside the Milkyway. It'll be interesting to see what articles follow this one. If alien life does exist, what can we expect to come in the future? http://www.theverge.com/2017/1/4/14158048/deep-space-fast-radio-wave-burst-frb-121101
  7. Former Imperial News Network editors and contributors created a new brand and website over the past weeks. Today their new website was revealed. This will house all the star citizen news, transcripts, fiction and more. Check them out at https://relay.sc/ Also, join them throughout the day on their livestream at http://twitch.tv/relay_sc with all sorts of guests and giveaways
  8. http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2016/11/spacex-plans-worldwide-satellite-internet-with-low-latency-gigabit-speed/
  9. NSFW Contains Violence / Warfare
  10. Around the Verse 3.11: DE

    Some great shots showing the planetary tech. Of particular interest at 19:03 you can see that he's moving the star. Check out the planet in the distance and how it reacts to the system's moving light source. Also, they show Earth in 2946 with all the ice melted. I put together as good a side by side as I could using a NatGeo picture. Someone with Google Earth could add the sea level layer and create a nearly perfect shot for comparison.
  11. Awesome to see the details and design of the Polaris (in the first part)
  12. Yes I am still around - just busy with work (for those that maybe wondering ) Here is a 2 part CR interview I didn't see posted :
  13. Hello fellow pilots and citizens This chat is available here: Endeavoir and carrack release date? see 12'50 polaris? see 27'40 ... take care!
  14. EU Wants To Treat Internet Like Music Content? (Sept. 20, 2016) CAUTION: If you become interested in examining this issue, prepare for a LOT of policy draft scanning to get past the mumble jumble included in this information link. DISCLAIMER: I am all for copyright protection, so I am kind of torn by what is being attempted in the EU regarding 'content across borders'. Anyone in the EU up to date on the state of this Draft that was leaked? http://statewatch.org/news/2016/aug/eu-com-copyright-draft.pdf (note: if this link becomes broken contact me for a saved draft - DRUM) It seems they are trying to prevent a Race To The Bottom for copyright fees, or cross border assimilation via Internet and//or satellite, which hurts the content makers revenue. You have to get past page 70 before any real information is available, since the first half of the draft is busy painting a rosy landscape for the implementation of this draft. Since they cannot control most of the satellite and Internet transmissions, what this would eventually entail is if You Were In Possession of some data feed from a source other than one regulated by this EU COM mandate, then you would be subjected to fines, etc. The draft claims to expand viewers options, but what I read in this is that it increases the revenue of the content makers. This appears to me to just be an expansion of what the music industry did to collect more monies from people who were 'stealing' their music. While the protections for researches and scientific papers would benefit, this goes way beyond that in scope. So now youtube, spotify, deezer and other uncontrolled content could also be properly monetized by the providers They state that the cost for consumers would only Slightly Increase by this act (cough, right). Unless, like mentioned above, you got the data from somewhere not regulated, in which case you would be afoul of the law. If you think they will only go for the deep pockets of providers, you were not paying attention when the music industry cracked down. There is another take on this from the Consumer Technology Association. They kind of glossed over the protections provided for research and other papers, but they did hit on an unintended consequence of this draft. https://www.cta.tech/News/Blog/Articles/2016/September/Europeans-Shoot-Themselves-in-the-Foot-Again.aspx How do you (in the EU) feel this will affect you? Is there any local push for//against this in your locale? More curious than concerned, although, depending on what occurs over there, it may morph into something that would affect us Across The Pond.... Let me know. - DRUM out
  15. Send your questions to Batgirl for Bensday to starcitizenaa@gmail.com -This Saturday is the Wing Commander 2 livestream, its usually the end all play through chuck full of special guests from the original dev team, Chris Roberts tends to pop in, plus ship raffles. -Herald: You will see courier missions before data hacking. Ben is outlining a brochure now for the Herald regarding this. -Idris is still the largest landable ship -Refueling from starfarer is not too far away, can't say if it will make 3.0. -Squadron 42 framerates will not be server limited. (Similar to the hangar - Grizz) -Shock absorbers in landing gears? "That's the kind of incremental improvement you should see." - Ben -There will eventually become more rules for flight paths going to and from landing pads. -Nothing to note on getting private npc's for extra packages, they will re-look at the wording of the 2013 post. -Vault update this week will be new F7A shots. -The 2013 Veterans day hornet upgrade kit - will make it look like the Mk2 one in Squadron 42. -F8 lightning will show up in universe, it wont be Sq42 exclusive. Its role in Squadron has changed, it might become flyable in the universe (not quite a full blown sale though). -Hurricane has concept art, its sticking with Anvil, its role is still secret. -In the extended 300i trailer the fly over the Concordia. (That crashed bengal in the water?) -They just kicked off the re-look on the cutlass. -325a bed might retract differently.
  16. Weekly news l video

    My cringe count so far: 14 ill be doing more like this but just covering the main parts in more detail but wanted to still post it cause I put work into it.
  17. See Twitch Link....http://www.twitch.tv/cigcommunity- Per usual reminding people that it is airing at 7am PST for those that want to get their questions in (to see it live) - and I'll add the INN summary notes and video later on (after it airs) . Reverse the 'Verse: Episode 2.04
  18. 2.5.0 Publish to Live! WLeverett.CIGWLeverett_CIG Posted: 8:11PM Howdy everyone and happy Thursday! We're pushing 2.5.0 to Live today!! We’ll be updating this thread as the day progresses with more information about the patch. - Patch Notes: Coming Soon! - Known Issues: Coming Soon! Official 2.5.0 feedback thread: Coming Soon! As always, if you find a bug or encounter an issue, please take the time to visit the Issue Council at:https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/issue-council/star-citizen-alpha. Thanks everyone and see you in the 'Verse! - Will "Soulcrusher" Leverett
  19. Published on Aug 25, 2016 This week, join our Frankfurt Studio where we find out what's new in Star Citizen, take a look at an awesome recap of GamesCom, then experience what it took to create the spectacular GamesCom Demo in two special behind the scenes featurettes. 03:22 - Behind The Scenes: Quest Giver 07:08 - Behind The Scenes: Navigation Mesh 17:33 - Community Update with Tyler Witkin Around the 'Verse: Episode 3.04 - INN Transcript
  20. Quote from someone on Reddit
  21. 01:22 - Studio Update 08:32 - MVP with Tyler Witkin 09:18 - Behind the Scenes: NPC 19:13 - Ship Shape: Hornet F7A
  22. As @Nova-Prime pointed out earlier on the Polaris thread....
  23. See Twitch Link....http://www.twitch.tv/cigcommunity- Per usual reminding people that it is airing at 11am PST for those that want to get their questions in (to see it live) - and I'll add the INN summary notes and video later on (after it airs) . Reverse the 'Verse: Episode 2.02 - INN Summary