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Found 5 results

  1. krakenbeers


    sup! krakenbeers here, just started playing two days ago. I really like it so far, but boy is it buggy. It took me 17 missions before I was able to finally complete one. ( #1 reason for failed missions: BUGS) I'm trying to upgrade my ships weapons from ballistic to energy but it's really hard to find a place that sells energy weapons. I wish there was a map showing locations of shops. I ran around Loreville (HURSTON: TEASA SPACEPORT) for an hour and couldn't find a shop that sold frickin laser weapons for my ship! I know it's still in development and I feel it's going to be an ongoing development but it would be nice to get it to a OFFICIAL RELEASE point where at least 90% is workable. Any advise for a noob? So far I was told to overclock coolers and thrusters, turn of COMSTAB, change ship weapons from ballistic to energy, get a good gun & stock up on ammo, med and O2 which I did already, do bunker clearing missions. Did I miss anything? Please give an old Wing Commander Veteran some guidance!!!! My ship(s) are basic entry level Aurora and Mustang. Thanks, and see you in the broken universe!
  2. Hello everyone, new recruit here. I’m looking forward to the team work aspect of this game. I absolutely love multi crew and FPS gameplay. Also cargo running and escorting as well. Looking forward to playing with you guys! My fleet is as follows: starfarer gemini vanguard warden freelancer max and dur 325a sabre gladius arrow
  3. Good afternoon all! New guy here just sent in my application! Looking forward to getting on board with you all ( should you accept my humble application) and get to know as many of you as I can. I have been waiting for this game for quite awhile and I am thrilled for 3.0 which is shortly in towe.. we hope. Thanks to a kind soul on facebook i found you all! Looking forward to speaking with you all soon. Sincerely, Levophed aka the new guy
  4. Hey everyone my I'm Bungee624, Im new to Imperium, and hopefully when I'm able to finally get to apply I'll be a full member. So here's a few things about me. I'm 25 and am currently enlisted in the US Army lol, been following Star Citizen since last and came across Imperium on youtube and new I had to join. Unfortunatley because my career im not in an area where very very good internet at my side frequently. But I plan on flying a simple Hornet and possibly get a Freelancer and join the Military sor intelligence branches of Imperium, hopefully i have skills that will be useful to everyone, and that ill get to work with or talk to yo all soon.
  5. Holiday here, dropping a hello to what is hopefully going to be, my new home. ^.^ I'm a Rear Admiral, Super Hornet/Ghost Hortnet, been pledged for a year or two now. Just looking forward to launch and this game becoming my primary. I do have TS, and some background in EVE and a ton in BF4, hoping I can lend a hand in military and maybe when I get outfitted economic operations too! ^.^
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