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Found 4 results

  1. Title says it all, I'm looking to join the Imperium in Star Citizen.
  2. Hello and well met. Looking forward to joining the verse. I will probably be around these parts quite a bit. I tend to be a forum junkie. I played Ultima Online from 99 up until a few years ago with intermittent forays back into the game here and there. Plsayed on Legends Shards under the handle of Omnicron. PvP and wealth accumulation was my goal there. I also played WoW to some extent, EvE and Star Wars Old Republic. For the last few years ive been mainly playing console FPS. Mainly on PS4 under my gamer tag The_Hot_Sauce. I was always consumed with PvP and wealth accumulation. That has always been my goal. To be the best and most wealthy. As it will be here. I intend to get the hang of the game, learn it in and out and become something of a PvP herald. In the months coming I intend to hone my skills, start an organization and accumulate wealth and kills. Thats the current plan anyways. I look forward to meeting everyone in the verse, good and bad.... CT The_Hot_Sauce
  3. Just dropping in to say hello. I was up late last night drooling over star citizen videos- game play footage, ship classes/commercials, alpha 2.0, etc. I can't believe how far it's come. I finally bought in at 45 bucks with the Aurora LN package and I'm downloading the game now. I figured a world like this would be more fun if I joined an orginization, and I had already been lurking here reading posts, so the choice was easy. If I'm not mistaken, I now just need to apply on imperiums page on RSI and provide my forum name, yes?
  4. Hello all! I am a newly pledged member of Star Citizen, I just bought a Hornet Ghost and an Avenger. I plan on being primarily a scout/ infiltration fighter pilot. The Avenger is for general use, exploration, escorting, ect. I have been and will be training in Arena Commander here and there while waiting for releases. I am most interested in using the ghost for scouting, recon, infiltration, low-detection hit squads or other "uner the radar" roles with a larger group as that is how I see it being most useful. Also flying with a fleet, dogfighting, and being able to jump on larger ships when needed and man a turret or other controls. I got the Avenger to be used more generally for when I need a smaller ship for things my Ghost can't do. Currently part of a smaller Org. specializing in secured transportation. Seeing as IMP is not exclusive currently, I am interested in offering my services to assist the Imperium. At the very least it is nice to meet you all and say hello o7
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