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Found 20 results

  1. Hello My name Is Toxicantfire looking to experience MilSim organization Been playing Star Citizen for nearly a year
  2. PlanckJ3M4


    Hi, I'm here for making friends with same interest, and I'm also looking for an org that can protect my ship for trading. How to officially join you guys?
  3. My name is AstroAstanis and I have the aegis avenger Titan package. I would like to become more active in the Star Citizen community and am very interested in joining the Imperium.
  4. Hello fellow teammates! I've been playing SC since 3.0 but I've been watching the development since the beginning. I'm an avid fan of space and exploration and love all things that are challenging. The end-goal results of this game have been something I've been waiting for through my gaming history. I've been playing solo since 3.0 but have met a lot of great people through the game. I figured I'm done with my learning stage and testing things on my own so I'm ready to commit to an organization. I met SPCFS and a few others Wednesday night while I was testing a new computer. We had a good time; it was short but sweet and he even gave me a bottled water. I look forward to upcoming adventures and learning what's possible with this game with a team of loyal and trustworthy people. I’ve been impressed with the organization skills of this org and I can tell there is plenty of talent throughout. I believe in family 1st, work 2nd, and SC 3rd. If we all agree on that, I hope to show my worth. Let the adventures begin! Nuex (nukes)
  5. Hello fellow citizens, I recenlty (2 weeks ago) purchased star citizen after following the progress the game has made the last couple of years. This means I'm quite new at some of the game mechanics but I'm hoping to learn from all of you. Before playing SC, I have enjoyed playing EVE for about 3 years but the last year was very much on and off. I knew I wanted to get into SC at some point so I decided I had to stop delaying the inevatible. Currently I own a Aurora MR but I'm enjoying the game so I'll probably start adding some new ships over the course of the next couple of weeks/months. I'm sure we will get know each other better by playing together so feel free to get in touch via all channels (Discod, TS, in-game,...) Looking forward to a new adventure!
  6. Hello! I was a fan of the Wing Commander Series and I love what I'm seeing in Star Citizen. I purchased the Aurora MR package how the game is so far and I will be upgrading it to the Hornet at my first opportunity. I will be interested in the Combat Group. I am a PST Time zone player. HI!
  7. Hello everyone. My name is Todd aka Milo in game. I am a 43 father of two who loves to spend time w/ my family in real life and in game family as well. I only recently came across SC by watching some Twitch streams and heard about the free fly weekend and decided to give it a try. At first I was frustrated that this game ate up almost the whole 16GB of RAM I have on my rig but i powered thru it and actually began to love what this game has become since it' start. I then broke down and bought my first game package and a few other ships since that time. I have always been an avid Sci-Fi fan since my first showing of Star Wars as a kid. I have been lurking the forums for the past day or two and see this group has a structure already beginning to be ready for when this game goes live and would humbly request to be a part of your family if you will have me. I am leaning more towards mining or exploration. A little bout me and my hobbies. I am a Security and Collaboration engineer for a ISP that caters to community banks for almost 9 years. My hobbies include building new gaming rigs for my son and myself. Hiking and mountain biking and reading. Sorry for the long winded post about myself! Todd
  8. Hello I go by the call sign of Divinehammer and I am looking to join the Imperium. I am an older player at 39 and I am looking to start or join a unit of like minded individuals in the central NA timezone. In my day job I work in IT setting up systems/ projects and processes for developers. I am hoping to help out the Imperium on the operations side of the house with my love for creating process. I am also looking forward to being a combat but generally I just want to be part of a big org and help move it forward.
  9. Ashangel


    Hi there, new recruit here, I've just made my account here and now I'm doing the re-apply thing now but I thought I'd say hi while I'm here. How is everyone?
  10. Hello I have been playing the star citizen alpha for over a year now and have recently decided to join an organization to find people to game with in star citizen as well as to find crew members for my ship once the game fully launches. I am interested in the trade of goods and transportation and some light exploration.
  11. Greetings Alexis Order, My name is CPT_HellHound or just 'Hell' for short. I was the leader of the Iron Wolves for a very short time after our leader saw that the unit was going under due to the failed release of the FPS module last March. I was promoted to new Admin of the unit but most of its members left or became AFK in the group. Soon I knew that moving on was inevitable and I would need to join a new Unit. So, hear I am. I have sent a PM to @SnowOwl requesting to join your ranks and am looking forward the my interview if my request is approved. I am 26 and a member of the US Armed forces and cant wait to join my comrades on the future battlefield and front-lines. Online: Anytime of day, as I am able to play games at work. Games: ARMA 3, Insurgency, The Division Name: CPT_HellHound RSI Handle: HellHound21 Steam: ♠HellHound♠ Callsign: HellHound21 Interests: Squad Leader, Radio Operator, JTAC Main Ship(s): Carrack, Retalitaor Base (w/ Drop-ship and Living Mod), Constellation Aquila Motto: "Let your plans be as interpenetrate as the night; and when you strike, strike like a thunder-bolt!"
  12. Hi this is odinshield (aka:odin_shield), Just want to to say hi! and i am currently on Star Citizen basically everyday. I currently just got the new Sabre and am loving it. Would love to climb the ranks, if allowed. Just let me know what to do and i am there. P.S. to any MODS i am currently have a problems with the verification email system!!
  13. Hello Brand new recruit, fresh off the Exam and not even comfirmed. I'm new to the game compared to most but I still ended up somehow spending my way to High Admiral. The game has just sucked me in. My main focus is on exploration and information hording but I'm down for anything. (VFL stands for Vol For Life. Call me Vol, Vee, Dustin. I doesn't really matter)
  14. Hey Guys; Polymer here and have pledged at High Admiral, well for now. As it says I am a rather old EvE player looking forward to StarCitizen as this was the original vision of EvE online. I started playing EvE in 2004. I am a pretty hardcore player, I left eve (still have everything) with an alright amount of ships EX: 5 titans. 4 supercarriers, etc. I helped run one of the largest 0.0 corporations in EvE online "The Graduates" which is one of the oldest corporations as well. I also helped run three different alliances, as logistics manager and super capital FC. Looking forward to a new game as CCP destroyed what I liked to do. So far it looks to be a bit challenging to choose what exactly I would like to apply for, generally I was anything from FC to miner, so I am interested in just about everything. I play these games with my bro, and we are pretty hardcore about it. I generally stick with what organization I play with, I have been in TGRAD for over 6 years, and am extremely dedicated to making the group succeed. Whelp not sure what else to say, I enjoy first person shooters as well and was into Dust514 as well as the normal shooters for some time.
  15. Hello there , Im TheMau or just Mau im 33 and from Europe Germany. My Plans in Sc will be prolly to work as fighter pilot,or Merc and ofc exploring the little galaxy. My ship-list atm is just the Avenger though im really looking at the Sabre ! The only bigger ship i would go for would be te catterpillar as mobile base with docking ports. Im a. Pretty active player wich loves good teamwork. ps im a Hotas user ^^ Applied to u guys throgh the sc site aswell but havent gotten accepted yet.Im TheXMau on the sc Site so cya around the verse !
  16. Hello there, After a year of backing Star Citizen, I finally decided to get serious about joining an organization. SO here I am. I currently own an Aurora and a Freelancer. Since I am a huge fan of Roman history, and this organization and the PU is based loosely around that, I have decided to name my ships the "Liburna" and "Clabulare" respectively (meaning Light Patrol Ship and Transport Wagon). I am looking forward to working with everybody. Now for some noob questions: -what should i do to get started around here? -is there a signature generator for Imperium or should I make one up? -What is the level of acceptance for affiliations? Signing out, Krator
  17. Hi there, I'm Sleepynora. Just joined Imperium and look forward to a fruitful future with you guys. I have an Avenger and would like to explore and transport cargo, I have my eyes set on a Constellation. So it won't be long until that is in the Hanger as well. . Been mostly playing FPS games and have not played a space sim since Elite in the early 90s. I think I've watched every video about Star Citizen I have been able to find. I look forward to participating with you all. Thanks
  18. Hello, Thank you for allowing me to join the Imperium. I look forward to getting to know more of you as SC becomes more and more tangible. I pledged as a Rear Admiral and I'm most excited about flying around and exploring the vastness of space! I want to experience it all. - Knighthood
  19. Hello Everyone, New recruit here. I've been a Wing Commander fan for years. I'm hoping to have fun and play with some new people. We just had a baby girl (3 months old) so between work and the new addition to the family we're quite busy. Nonetheless I've been an avid gamer for years and looking forward to the release of this game . As for my gaming style. I'm hard working, team player, who tends to avoid drama whenever possible. I'm in it for the fun and pursue perfection. I've signed up as Rear Admiral. My current ships are: Origin 350r Racer RSI Constellation i will have to see how the game and community develop to figure out how I want to play this game . I'm excited to see both the scale and physics of the game unfold. I am an Eve Online player as well, and despite the beautifully rendered ships anyone who plays Eve will know that most of the time we stare at dots and everything other than the ships. I'm hoping for the exact opposite here . Sincerely, Envaris
  20. Hi guys, I'm a long time Chris Roberts fan, having played Freelancer for many years. Originally backed at Rear Admiral and was pretty stoked about getting one of those sweet Connies but when I saw the War Pack up today I couldn't help but promote myself to Space Marshall and bask in the glory of the Idris. I'm really excited to see how the dogfighting module comes through and the exploratory elements of the game. I played alot of TDZK and other text/browser based games that had those sorts of elements and found it to be super fun. Looking to establish a strong foothold early in the game and hunt Pirates like a madman. Back in real life I am a software engineer, I travel alot, love good food and great music. I will usually be playing on EST (GMT+10) from Sydney, Australia but I spend alot of time in SF, California on PST (GMT-7).
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