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Found 11 results

  1. Eleidess

    Feedback Wanted Fly in SC with our mouse

    Hello, I come back to you following my thread that I did six month ago, and I have a lot of news! To sump up quickly, I’m in the company that has created the Lexip mouse, a mouse with two integrated joysticks for 3D profesionals. After my last thread, I talked with my team and the project of created a gaming mouse started. We have improved our first mouse thanks to our beta testing team who allowed us to create the perfect gaming mouse: 200 to 8200 DPI, braided cables, programmable buttons… Today, in order to bring this project to a successful conclusion, we launch our Kickstarter campaign! I wanted to share this information with you in preview because it’s thanks to you, members of this forum that this project is born. I can answer all of your questions, this mouse is my baby! ;) Thank you for everything!
  2. Eleidess

    Feedback Wanted How would you configure my mouse ?

    Hello everyone I published here some time ago (https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/topic/21771-optimal-navigation-with-a-3d-mouse/) and thanks to you I gathered all the information I wanted in order to prepare my gaming mouse project Now, I only miss one thing to perfect my presentation : the configurations of the mouse. So I need you again please ! Here is the list of the buttons and X, Y, Z axis : - Left and right clics - 2 side buttons - Joystick button (you press the joy) - Analog joystick 360° : config on 4 directions - Analog tilt 360° : config on 4 directions - Translation up, down, left, right - Scroll wheel up, down - Scroll wheel button - Lexip button (under the scroll wheel) - Scroll wheel sensitivity - Mouse sensitivity - DPI (01 to 5040) You can set up all these buttons with the Control Panel. You can do what you want (keyboard keys, shortcuts, macros…). How would you configure the mouse ? I can't wait to exchange with you.
  3. Hello everyone, I work in a company which has created a 3D mouse designed for graphic designers and 3D designers. I found this video and I think using our mouse with video games would be great, I would like to know your opinion on the subject. Our mouse is called "Lexip 3D", it has a joystick and a tilt allowing movements in 3 dimensions on 6 axes. Companies like Dassault Systems have had the opportunity to work with. Today, the mouse always targets professionals but I would like to present some mouse’s configurations on video games to my superiors to propose the development of a Lexip gaming mouse. I had the opportunity to do some tests on your game: You can set the tilt, the joystick, the buttons as well as the classic keys of the mouse. As regular players, what do you think of our mouse? Would it be interesting for Star Citizen (or other space games)? Do you have any configuration ideas? Thanks for your time !
  4. What will you use for controlling the game? Keyboard and Mouse or a Joystick? It's been so long since I've used a Joystick for gaming that I'm going to have to order a new one. Any suggestions on a good one? I've seen a lot of cheap ones but nothing great yet unless I want to spend over $500 on these ebay joysticks
  5. In preparation for the Imperium Game Day / Night on Saturday, I was planning to build a list of key bindings for new and returning pilots. (Things have changed for you KB + Mouse users!) Fortunately, someone has already done the work for me. I'm going to copy the list here, but full credit goes to SCFocus.com. (http://scfocus.org/star-citizen-2-5-key-bindings-commands-controls/) I'm going to cut key bindings I don't consider to be all that important for the sake of brevity and change the formatting to make the list easier to navigate, but the full list can be viewed by following the link. Here is a printable list as well: http://www.xenocorp.net/H_bardCorner/StarCitizen/SC2_5_KeyboardMappings.pdf For those who don't know or haven't heard yet, the Imperium Game Night is this Saturday the 22nd and runs from 1500 to 0300 UTC. We now run an Imperium Game Night monthly! Key Bindings for 2.5 On Foot Commands MobiGlas – F1 (can also be accessed while flying) Cycle Camera (1st person / 3rd person) – F4 Cyce Camera Free Look mode (*New): Z Contacts – F11 Chat – F12 Chat Cursor – RIGHT ALT + / Weapons: 1, 2, 3 Holster Weapon – V *HOLD* Heal With Medpen – H Suicide – RIGHT ALT + BACKSPACE Turn on Suit Light – T Exit Seat / Bed / Turret: HOLD F Jump – SPACEBAR Crouch – CTRL Prone – CTRL *HOLD* Sprint – SHIFT *HOLD* Hold Breath (While aiming) – SHIFT *HOLD* Reload: R In Flight Commands: Throttle Up: W Throttle Down: S Throttle Max Min Toggle: Backspace Decoupled Mode Toggle: C Strafe Left: A Strafe Right: D Roll Left: Q Roll Right: E Flight Mode (Precision, SCM, Cruise): V Quantum Travel Mode: B Cycle Countermeasures: G Launch Countermeasures: G *HOLD* Hud Mode: F3 Ship Self Destruct: RIGHT ALT + BACKSPACE Exit Pilot Seat (Also Exit Bed in Ship): HOLD F (Keyboard) Exit Pilot Seat (Also Exit Bed in Ship): RIGHT ALT + F Exit Seat / Turret: CTRL + F Eject: RIGHT ALT + L (Double Press L) Landing Mode: N Automated Landing: Hold N (must be above a landing pad, and the pad must be green on your HUD) Look Behind / Camera View Mode: LEFT ALT + Z Freelook Toggle: Z Freelook: Z *HOLD* Cycle Mouse Aim Mode: RIGHT SHIFT Pin Target: P Cooler Rate Increase/Decrease *New – Left Alt + Numpad 7/8 Power Plant throttle *New – Left Alt + Numpad 4/5(double tap for max and min) While in EVA: Boost: SHIFT Strafe Up: SPACEBAR Strafe Down: CTRL Roll Left: Q Roll Right: E Strafe Left: A Strafe Right: D Yaw Left: LEFT ALT + A Yaw Right: RIGHT ALT + D Freelook: Z Brake: X
  6. Looks very interesting for those who don't want a joystick
  7. I like it. Having the light feedback sensation for Star Marine every time I fire my weapon or get shot/blown up sounds awesome!
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the future: https://youtu.be/NXgmlDuTz7w
  9. found this tidbit in this article --> http://www.killerguides.net/blog/mmorpg/summary-of-major-mmorpgs-and-rpgs-in-gamescom-2015-a-progressive-report Unveiled were new SC peripherals made by Saitek, that will come in different colors and designs to fit the different ship brands. To allow people to aim more easily, joysticks and throttles will have trackballs on them. Beginner joystick and throttle will cost $149. Players will be able to design a station with your keyboard and one peripheral on each side, as the stick and throttle are detachable from each other. Based off of the Saitek X-65, the high-end HOTAS setup will come with an OLED screen display. Also part of the SC product line are headsets and mics.
  10. NOTE: So as to not distract from the purpose of the Printable Blank thread I decided to birth a new one. I have a sense this will generate pro and con responses and I did not want to dilute the other thread in this manner. My fault. because I sidetracked and said -> Will be interesting to see how these (FPS Keys) function in a HOTAS Mode 2 or 3. I really hate the idea of having to shove the HOTAS aside because I am now on foot ← and it got a response from @Prosev... Here is one problem with Arena Commander. If all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail. Focus narrows until all you see are combat angles. This will not change until the multi-player and non-combat features of our test bed are implemented. I will grant you that the Verse will be a harsh place, but unless you are actively looking for a showdown, a majority of the time you will not be killing someone. There are plenty of buttons and swivels on a HOTAS, allowing you to maneuver about without necessarily putting it to the side. In fact, if you have done it enough that motor memory allows you to get twitchy, then even a sudden firefight should not necessarily make you want to reach for the mouse. I would think that FPS and moving around in a ship will use the same keybinds and even while flying it will be problematic to drop the HOTAS to examine MobiGlas and menu functions. I for one am willing to give it a try with the mouse parked. Now all we need is for CIG to release a Grabby Hands test bed and see if this is practical. - DRUM out
  11. Hey Everyone. Just Thought I'd break the Ice and Start a Post on "Other Items" lol. I have two Items to part with. I have recently been given a Logitech G510 Gaming keyboard and a G600 MMO mouse from a PC enthusiast family friend. Both are Still brand new and with Packaging/Warranty/Rules/Guidebooks. (They have been laying around for 1 week since I recieved them) Both are selling Separate, Though, if you really want both of them together, I'm sure we can come to some sort of Civilized agreement I prefer Paypal. Actually, I'd only take paypal, Fast, Secure and Theft Free. If you would like, A MiddleMan Is allowed (though i've no clue how that works, Preferably one of Fleet Command or HR Members) Prices: Varies Between Countries, Please Check if you are interested in your currency to the Australian Dollar. Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard: $70 Logitech G600 MMO Mouse $65 As I said Before, Both can be bought together with some sort of Deal, Please PM if interested in both or only one. General Comments/Questions below. (Dont forget I'm also paying for Free Posting and Tracking, if that works) Plz keep it Civilized guys. Cheers!
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