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Found 12 results

  1. Well, this year's Citizen Con provided a LOT of information to us. And one particular item that stood out to me was the permanent persistence. Chris Roberts talked about not wiping the accounts after one of the upcoming releases. That leads to.... Is it time to come out of hibernation? Time to earn that sweet, sweet UEC? Time to start performing Org tasks? I am excited for the near future!
  2. Black Wing Federation The Black Wing Federation recognizes the value in another’s honor. It is for this value that we provide proxy services to those that would wish to retain their honor from activities they may deem unsavory. Our Objective Our goal is to provide a contracting service to other organizations and groups. Providing total anonymity to all clients. Whether you need to fill personnel gaps for whatever you wish to accomplish, or you need a task completed, but do not want your name or org attached, we are here to fill that gap. Requirements Feasible Participation – What you put in, we return 110%. Respect for your kin and the contracts made. Team player – We must work together to complete contracts. Maturity What The Black Wing Federation Provides Dedication - We’re aiming on bringing good people to this group. We treat you with respect and will have your back 100%, and we expect the same in return. Foresight - We are seizing a unique business model that can provide prosperity and comradery. Community - We are a new org, but as we grow, so will our family, where you can make new stories, share experiences, and ejoy your moments in, and out of the verse. If you have any questions, feel free to join us at https://discord.gg/ymWUrbq Apply at our Website at https://www.blackwingfederation.com And check out our Org page at https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/BWFED
  3. Does anyone know, how much my WoT account? 23 TIER X 18 TIER VII 12 TIER VI 61 PREMIUM TANK AND T55A/OBJ260/M60 95 TOTAL TANKS IN GARAGE 6,574 BOND 490 GOLD 95,000 CREDIT AND 3.100 FREE EXP 415 PERSONAL RESERVE 1615 WN8 52,32% W,R 39.082 BATTLES
  4. What does everyone do to make so much money that they can buy cool ships?
  5. Hey guys, this browser plugin automatically finds and applies coupons when you are making purchases online. It will help save a good bit if you make a lot of online purchases. I doubt it will get you a discount on Star Citizen items though https://www.joinhoney.com/ref/zppkmb
  6. Lets suppose you buy or find the winning lottery ticket in. US it's the powerball and get up 600,000,000. in canada its lotto max 60,000,000. I think in EU its EruoMillions (correct me if im wrong and what does it get to on average?) ..... I pretty sure we would all buy the Completionist pack but what else would you do with you new found wealth SC related (pc upgrade, donation) i would host a giant Imperium convention with open bar lol
  7. Me and Jon (and an anonymous source that rhymes with rechfood) were discussing the financial situation of CIG. As Chris Roberts stated anyone with knowledge of the industry can deduce the cost of the game. We came to the conclusion that there's nothing to worry about. Heres the break down. Running costs Price of commercial real estate in Santa Monica ($615 x the published size of their office 2900 sqr feet) / 12 months of the year = $148625 Without getting too much into detail (you can go look it up yourself for the other locations) we came to the conclusion that the rent for all studios is between 500k and 700k a month. average salary at cig is ~82k a year * 261 employees / 12 months a year = 1.783 million a month for employee costs. infrastructure is complicated and between computers internet and cloud servers food and various other costs we estimate the to be around 100k- 150k a month for the company leaving the company expense at ~2.5mil at the low end and ~2.8 at the high end which works out to 30 mil a year. Now accounting for start up costs and various other fees we estimate the total expenditure to be between 70 mil and 83 mil. leaving them with a cash reserve of 20 mil - 8 mil Now for the income, the none sale months in the past year have brought in ~ 900k the sale months bring in ~ 3 mil what this all means if CIG stopped bringing in money today then they would last between 8-3 months If they continue to bring in revenue and the 100mil is quote "fully funded" like roberts has said they have enough capital to operate for 7-12 months if they stop taking in capital at 100 mil. so basically your games going to come out. stop worrying.
  8. The Star Citizen economy is a supply and demand model. Events in the universe will have a variety of effects on the economy, but almost all game events will affect the economy in some way. It should be relatively hard for a player to make a significant impact on the economy. Players will be able to own various “nodes”, which are basically factories, refineries, storefronts, and other such things. This allows players a bit more control over their local economies. The NPC population is designed to keep the player effects on the economy in check. The ratio of NPCs to players should be about 9 to 1. Resource allocation will be the moving factor behind which way the economy goes. If you allocate much needed resources to a certain region, it will prosper. If it fails to get those resources, that region will struggle.Players will probably be able to most affect the economy by promoting the allocation of resources in particular ways (Or by the prevention of resource allocation). Probably the best way to do this would not be to try to draw in freelance workers to a particular region, but to draw large resource gathering operations to a particular region and promote development there. The development of those regions is influenced by resource allocation and is also the main way players can greatly affect the economy. If you develop a certain planet in the right way, it could not only become a hub for resource gatherers, but for producers, and even distributors of goods. The more successful it becomes, the more people will want to capitalize off of that success. An influx of business will increase the value of its economy and pretty soon those initial refineries and production nodes will be booming with business. However, no single player could achieve success of this scale on their own, in fact, with the NPCs composing 90% of the economy, it will be very difficult to achieve success like this even with a large group of players. This would probably be more of a long term goal for a large organization and would take significant time and effort. Also, the more successful a region is, the more criminal interest it should develop. Pirates will probably begin to poach transports closer and closer to the planets and security will have to be developed or the piracy and criminal activity will increase and the planets risk losing the success they achieved. So in essence, player control of the economy can be boiled down to one thing: NODES. You can draw players to your region using them and you can alter motivations for coming to your region. The nodes are the economic “seats of power” in the universe. I plan on sitting in a few of them Anyway, I think I should end on an informational note, so here’s a quote that exemplifies my point: “When you play the game of nodes, you win or you die.”
  9. im just curious to see how much people on this forum have spent individually i have spent $375.00 so far. As of 2015 it's up to $1555 lol CIG sells Internet candy what can I say
  10. Hey guys, I noticed that a lot of us here on SCB use g2a.com when looking for cheap steam games. I recently realized that g2a has a system called Goldmine, where friends can link each others' accounts and earn a percentage of what they each spend on games. If you are interested, check out the links listed below. I figured, if we are all using the site, we might as well save some more money doing so. Another cool fact is that even if the people who click your link don't register on the site, any purchases they make as a guest will count towards your rewards. Here is my link: https://www.g2a.com/r/jon1812 To start using Goldmine on your own account, follow this link: https://www.g2a.com/goldmine I know a couple people have expressed interest and I think if we could get a bunch of people linked together we could get some pretty nice savings.
  11. Greetings to all members of the mighty Imperium fleet! I'm Lut, 22, from Brazil, this is the first time I will play a space sim but I'm really excited to begin. I'm experienced with space strategy games but not sims. No, i don't have any idea how to pilot a spaceship but I guess thats why training programs exist. I can though, follow the money. I have great experience with trading using ingame money and real money in a vast gamma of games like Diablo lll, Path of Exile, Dota 2, Guild Wars 2, TES online and others. I am, too, an active investor in brazilian Stock Exchange and I'm always connected to its news, companies and clients. I hope my skills can be of good use to the coolest fleet of all! Thanks for reading and remember, FOLLOW THE MONEY. END OF TRANSMISSION.
  12. Hi All, I just joined and I would love to be involved in a trading or mining operation/industry. How would I exactly get involved in one, and be recognized later on with the tag as a Trade and Industry person, not just a member? Thanks!
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