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Found 3 results

  1. Hello! Getting rid of my old Endeavor set. If interested please PM or feel free to contact me through Discord so I may respond faster: SwitchOnTwitch#4447 Bio dome - $150 Endeavor - 450 Fuel pod - $68 General Science - $68 Medical - $170 Service - $80 Supercollider - $170 Price Reference https://i.imgur.com/MTItWAh.png https://i.imgur.com/8rThJSD.png https://i.imgur.com/RKcrfxN.png
  2. hello base citizens, i am on the CP from first minute with argus eyes. In the latest episode of ATV 2.02 we see the changes made on the CP´s design. Imo some good and one not so good one. https://youtu.be/1pWIeT33C-g?t=1653 The good things are that some old information from Ben is beeing build in the latest design. The bad one is the command module beeing halfed down. It would be nice to find some supporters for both Topics here: 1. My module Ideas with some statements of Ben wich are made a while ago: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/288450/caterpillar-ideas-randy-vazquez-atv-2-02-space-combat-support-more-immobile-repair-support#latest 2. Idea of keeping the command module as big as it was intended or relocating the missing space: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/288325/caterpillar-command-pod-vs-module-accessibility-doors-idea-to-have-both#latest That it is ! Thanks in advance kind reg Kabs
  3. Since they announced that the game would not release with the ability for players to create new items, I have been pondering if not research and development what would I focus on. Being an engineer, the closest element of the game that resembles research and development, would be the over-clocking and configuration of the modules in the ship to find the best combinations for specific tasks. That being said, there are several elements that make up the science of fine tuning a space ship for a specific task: 1. Finding and collecting all the modules in the universe. 2. Experimenting with over-clocking of each module. 3. Experimenting with different combinations of modules to study the results on the over-all system and how to enhance the ship’s ability for a specific task. So, there are several areas that can be specialized in: 1. Acquisitions and Procurements – finding and collecting all the modules 2. Engineering Lab – Over-clocking modules 3. Mechanical Lab – Outfitting ships with modules and documenting the over-all system specifications In order to procure modules, besides finding them, we will need a way to generate revenue to allow the continued efforts of first collecting a sample of all known modules and then long term to maintain a stockpile of the modules that ultimately are used to the combinations that are perfected for each specific task for each specific ship that we support. In the beginning, we will all have to raise the initial capital to start this venture by doing missions and or mining. But after some specific designs have been finalized, there are three ways we can sustain our ventures: 1. Selling pre-configured ships that have been outfitted with the specific over-clocked modules to maximize the efficiency of a specific task. 2. Offer services to over-clock modules on existing ships to maximize the current ship’s efficiency for a specific task. 3. Offer services to train engineers how to over-clock modules and do system testing to identify the most efficient configuration for a specific task. (Granted this options may take away from future business by training players that could potentially become our competitors.) So my question is this: will there be enough demand for pre-built ships to sustain an R&D shop? Or will everyone be wanting to do their own over-clocking with whatever modules they happen to find?
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