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Found 3 results

  1. After asking who designed the 600i yesterday, this morning, I find a message in my Spectrum mailbox: The 600i design is my favorite ship design so far - even the interior is nice - and I ask who designed it - (by "Hobbit", I refer to Hobbes and "human designer" means as opposed to in-lore Origin designers) Also, CIG so far has freely, sometimes proudly disclosed who the designer(s) of a ship are, so how is this an offensive question? This response is perplexing and annoying me. Has anyone had any success appealing mod actions on the SC forum? I've talked to a few mods on CIG's forum in the Years past and most of them were real friendly and actually talk regularly with the community in threads. But this guy is either real dark or English isn't his first language? idk... : : Don't really care about the 48 hours, I just don't feel like even being on a forum, where asking a question gets you probated.
  2. Does anyone plan to do this eventually? I am very much interested in being part of a team for this. I don't care if it's babylon five, star trek, swords and space dragons, I just want in on the good stuff. I mean think of the possibilities with the cry engine! think of all the assets that are made that can be reused. And don't tell me it's all for making money, because if you're a real modder you do it for the converts man. Nothing more fun than a counterstrike cult from a halflife base.
  3. I recall that during the Hangar Module release there was a mod running around that would change your Hangar to a space platform and would unlock every single ship in the Hangar for you to check around. It was actually very neat to be able to stand close and compare all the ships side by side and play around in them. I remember putting quite a few hours on that alone... Now with DFM, at least while Multiplayer is not around... it seems relatively harmless to me to ask if anybody has any knowledge of a similar MOD in the works for the Free Flight mode in the DFM. For one, it would be fun to actually try out some of these ships (even though we have the files, we know most of them are not ready for prime time... or even alpha time) but it is something i'm curious about. Another possibility is unlocking all guns to be used in Vanduul swarm. This one might be a little more on the edge considering this is data that could be used in DFM... so i dunno about that one. All and all, it would be something fun to be able to access, but also something interesting to play with and analyze up close. Anybody has any interest or info on anything of this sort?
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