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Found 6 results

  1. Please find hereunder the location to the Snake Pit racetrack, this is the first racetrack found by the community and validated by the CIG's devs. The validation leads to the setup of dedicated infrastructure to support the race. To find the place go to Clio, moon of Microtech in Stanton. From there, jump on Rayari McGrath Research Outpost. The racetrack is located 10.5km from the outpost, on a heading 293° from the outpost BACK TO INDEX
  2. Please find here under instructions to find the eastern lack race track at New Babbage First get to Microtech, then jump to New Babbage. From there, land at the common ground entrance and get your racing vehicule. The race track is located East to the metro loop and consist in a simple turn around the 3 small Islands. BACK TO INDEX
  3. First go to Calliope, the moon of Crusader in Stanton System. Then jump to OM-2 (South Pole) From there, aim toward heading 16° with an inclination of 28° The exact location of the site is not easily find with visual clue. Go directly up to the ground and use the coordinates for final directions. The coordinates are the following : OM-1 : 575.7 km OM-2 : 178.9 km OM-4 : 326.7 km OM-5 : 397.3 km The site is close to a small hill on its East. BACK TO INDEX
  4. To find the river (and possibly the satchman), go to Microtech, in Stanton system. From there jump to New Babbage : point toward 210° and try to gain altitude Stay at high altitude, you should fly above snowy landscape. You are looking for a green area like this : The distance should be around 440 Km from New Babbage. BACK TO INDEX
  5. Please find here under instructions to find the following easter eggs at New Babbage. Please note that as of 3.17 tears of fire paint seems to not be available anymore. First get to Microtech, then jump to New Babbage. At any point if you want to check the distance to New Babbage, engage the quantum drive and point toward New Babbage. Your Heading is displayed on top of your Heads Up Display. The entrance to the cave hosting the campfire is located beneath the tram line going under Aspire Grande. To enter there you need a small ship (pisces, hornet, ...). follow the tram line toward the tower aspire grande. At some point we will see that the tram line take some elevation on a viaduc, sneak in under the viaduc following the direction of the tram line, you will see the trench leading the cave. The Lakeside chair is found on a small island of the lake : In doubt, when you are at the location pointing to Aspire grande you should get a heading 146° and 10km distance to New Babbage : Close to this location you can find a hidden entrance to the commons : For the mountain view, you need to get to the Aspire grande tower and looks at heading 35°. The spot you are looking for is next to the observatory I mean really close : In doubt, look back at Aspire Grande, at the exact location you should have a heading 215° and a 17.9km to New Babbage. BACK TO INDEX
  6. Star Citizen - Touring MicroTech ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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