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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, buying non-LTI ships and game packages below melt depending on volume. Paying via Paypal.
  2. A recent Twitter discussion with a CIG employee is being talked about in the community and seems we might be losing the option to Un-melt our ships/packages, this doesn't necessarily we cannot put a ticket in and a million other options to try unmelting a ship but just be prepared and as you'll see below, if you do not have to, don't melt anything you'd regret losing. I personally think they'd give us a well amount of notice IF they did take away un-melts, but doesn't hurt to be safe. Original discussion - Concierge Forums Replaced with a clarification from CIG
  3. Hi, as many others I'm considering melting all my stuff to get the exploration mega pack. My current hangar looks like this; - Rear Admiral Package - Super Hornet LTI - Orion LTI Melting these ships and packages will land me at $815 and the Exploration Mega Pack is $895 I will loose the orion and the superhornet which is my biggest consern, but I dont know... I will collect more ships for the return, what do you consider the most "valuable" choice here? - Thanks
  4. Ceefuhs

    Unmelting Upgrades

    If I melt my LTI Sabre which was upgraded from an Archimedes, if I later choose to unmelt it would I be able to get the Sabre back or only the P-72 ? I would think I could get the Sabre but I have read what seem to be conflicting reports about it. Thanks, Cee
  5. Kvalitet

    Melting my Avenger

    Hey, I have had some thoughts about melting my Advanced Hunter Avenger for 75$ to buy the Connie instead. This is my only option if I would want a bigger ship. I am on the waiting list (I believe) for the Retaliator since I was not home when the sale were up. So should I melt my Avenger and buy the Connie, or what would be even better, if someone could help me get the Retaliator cus it's breaking my poor heart that I don't own one. *Cries a little*