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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Citizens! Although I am newer to the star citizen universe trust me I have watched every video there is to watch about this game. I am a huge fan of star citizen, and am eagerly awaiting the full game release regardless how long it will take. Anyways moving on to the actual point of my topic. So i'm just throwing this out there, and I don't want this to turn into anything like Gundam or any mecha anime I have ever seen, but I would absolutely love to see mecha's implemented into star citizen! Now I know what you are thinking, this guy is just another rambler on the forums but hear me out on this. Here is how I think they should go about it if they were to do this: 1. Mecha's in space! A mecha in space sounds stupid right, it basically just does the same thing as a fighter right? WRONG! you make mecha's use their own weapons that can be bought and customized just like real guns, so that way you can have a variety, and they should of course have missile silos somewhere on them, so that they can be effective against fighting larger ships. Now maneuverability, I think a mecha should be able to out maneuver a fighter, but however fighters should have more shields than a mecha, so that way it can more or less be evened out in the end, you may be able to outmaneuver a fighter, but if their shields can hold long enough for them to get a few good missile hits on you, then it would be just as deadly to you as you are to it. Basically think of a mecha as an extension of the player while floating in space, you can move easier than a ship can, and more precisely which then gives you the ability to outmaneuver(however you would need to be a lot faster than a player is) a fighter, but not outgun. 2.Mecha's On Ground! Now I know what you are thinking, well why not just make a more maneuverable spaceship? well I will tell you why! Having a mecha isn't just meant for space combat, but also ground combat as well. Entering the atmosphere and going into a ground battle from space travel is hard enough with only having something like your drake dragonfly isn't my idea of a good time if you are going against an enemy base, using a mecha though to take down their outer turrets so that you can get in close, then switch to foot to head inside the base is my idea of a good time! Finally for the ground combat aspect, I know it would be unfair to infantry ti have to fight something like that, however like I said before they aren't well shielded so that way you can be able to take them down even if you are an infantry unit, using basically an RPG to do a good amount of damage to the ship, or of course the drake dragonfly, and the troop transport whose name I currently forget would also be able to do damage to it. So this way it isn't making anything unbalanced. 3. The Game has been delayed enough! Yes I know the game has been constantly pushed back more and more, and if this was something that was going to take up half a year of development I would say forget it, but I would absolutely love to be able to have a mecha in star citizen. Being able to add a new element to battle for those who can't decide between marine or fighter pilot like me, then this is the perfect fit for you. Anyways please let me know your feedback on this, and I would love to hear both positive and negative just tell me what you are thinking!
  2. With the Titan Suit arriving on the roadmap (Q4 2019) I wanted to collect everything we know to date on it. Not much is known other than they had to go back and redesign the Idris hallways to allow a Titian Suit to walk its corridors.
  3. For any fans of the Mechwarrior franchise, you might want to take a look at this latest mod... https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2016/11/02/mechwarrior-living-legends-new-version-released/
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