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Found 3 results

  1. VoA

    Freelancer MAX

    We have a thread for the base Freelancer.... one for the MIS and one of the DUR.... but not for the MAX - and since the revamped version is now out - thought I'd create a thread. ++++++++++++ Wanted to address an important point many not be aware of......... many look at the Constellation Taurus with its Smuggling Hold......... greater upgrade (to other Connie components)...... more cargo capacity ........ (+ I still think it is under-priced)....... and wonder why you would ever pick a Freelancer MAX over a Taurus. My personal take is I would still choose the Taurus......... however....... there are some important things that people may not realize about Freelancers. Ben Lesnick (CIG) awhile ago on an RTV mentioned that Freelancers not only have Xi'An tech for their thrusters but also this Xi'An Tech does shield the entire ship (not just the cargo hold) from some casual scans (doesn't block scans but lessens their accuracy). &&&&&&&& The Freelancer is the largest Ship (though CR goes back and forth on this - but so far this is still current info) --------- to be able to go through a Small Jump point (whereas a Taurus is too big to go through Small Jump Points) Fit 2x Cyclones in a MAX, but need more headroom for Ursa
  2. The M50 seem to fit inside the MAX's hold. Do you think CIG would allow to load small ships in the hold just like any ordinary cargo? I'd take it as far as to enable a small ship to land and takeoff from the hold in space just like the Connie and Merlin. I can already fit my Graycat in there
  3. Hey guys, middle manning a trade! Must sell ASAP so priced to sell! LTI - Freelancer MAX Package 270$ SOLD Verified Paypal only and the buyer covers any fees. Cheers! -Starting Money: 5,000 UEC -Lifetime Insurance -Digital Game Soundtrack -Digital Star Map -Digital Engineering Manual -Beta Access -Alpha Access -Squadron 42 Digital Download -Star Citizen Digital Download -Freelancer MAX upgrade
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