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Found 3 results

  1. I am looking for a copy of CSGO to purchase at less than the average price of $15.00. I know that is still very cheap but I am unsure whether or not I will like the game and want to minimize my risk by getting it as cheap as possible. If anyone is interested I can pay via PayPal, but you will need to help me through the process somewhat as I have never used PayPal with another person before. Thanks.
  2. The Star Citizen Base Marketplace is a separate subforum within the main Star Citizen Base forums. It is intended for people to use this subform to trade their Star Citizen items or other items. All Forum Rules apply to the Marketplace forums as well. In addition to the forum rules there is a separate set of rules specifically for the Marketplace. These are listed below. Marketplace Rules 1: In the instance that we are contacted about any member here being a “bad trader” or a “troll,” we reserve the right to turn any and all IP and personal information we have on that member over to any law enforcement authorities and/or any other group or individuals we desire. If you do not agree with this rule, do not trade on our boards. 2: Use the correct tag for your thread. WTS = Want to Sell, WTT = Want to Trade, WTB = Want to Buy 3: No misleading titles or item descriptions. 4: No Price or “interest” checks 5: You must post a price unless the item is purely For Trade. (trading for cash still means For Sale) Posts advertising external sites must include ships and prices. 6: No pirated software sales or trades. No sale of NFR or Academic software. OEM software must be sold/traded in accordance with the terms of that software, usually with a piece of hardware. 7: Selling or Trading of CD-KEY(s) without the original disks or digital software is strictly prohibited unless the software was originally sold by the publisher without physical media 8: No auction style posts. 9: No multi-level marketing schemes. (Pyramid Schemes) 10: No sales of coupons or any other freely distributed items such as free beta keys, discount codes, or anything else obtained free from a public source. etc. 11: No panhandling (Requests for money, paypal, or goods and services for free) 12: No trading money for money. (Borrowing money with higher payback) 13: No thread crapping or derailing. Any communications on the threads should be about expressing interest in either selling or purchasing ONLY. Posts debating the price, offering “options”, debating the value, asking about the origins, offering payment information, discussions of purchase, etc… are derailing of threads, will not be tolerated, and will be subject to aggressive moderation if necessary. Questions must be sent to sellers/buyers via PM. 14: No alcohol, tobacco, firearms, weapons of any kind or pornography (anything that can be classified “Adult Material”) are to be sold here….. nothing that is governed by the Federal Government as interstate trade. Likewise, no pharmaceuticals, legal or otherwise, can be sold here. 15: The buying, selling, trading or solicitation of services is prohibited. 16: Selling merchandise using Imperium or SCB's symbols or imagery without the express permission of the site owners who have copyright is prohibited. 17: Requesting a paypal transaction to be sent using “to friends and family” (which gives the buyer no protection) is not allowed. It violates PayPal's TOS. (formerly called “gift” payment in paypal) 18: No requests for personally identifying information that is unreasonable (i.e. requesting driver's license information, real address information, etc…) 19: No attempts to sell referral code uses. 20: Due to high incidences of fraud and abuse, no sales or attempts to swap virtual items from other games are allowed. (e.g. swaps or sales of in-game WoW gold, CS:GO weapons/skins, DOTA gear, etc…) 21: Once a transaction is complete make sure you leave feedback for the user. 22: Members who wish to post on our marketplace may be required to provide verification information to the site admins And compliance with these requests is mandatory. 23: SCB staff may close sale threads that have not been updated within 6 months of the most recent post on the sale thread. The above rules are made for the protection of all. Failure to comply with the rules will result in suspension of your privileges to post in this forum, or forfeiture of your forum membership according to the severity of the infraction. The moderators and administrators of this board reserve the right to modify, edit, move or delete any part or all of a post or thread for any reason stated above. Forum staff also reserves the right to ban any user, at any time, and for any reason. If you see something suspicious or have a concern, click the “Report” button on the post and explain why. Forum moderators will check it fairly quickly.
  3. SCB and Imperium members, Just like many Markets, SCB has had some issues related to scams, scammers, fencers, and all-around unseemly characters showing up on our forums and attempting to scam members or fence stolen products upon the entire Star Citizen Base (SCB) community. Because of SCB’s status as being both a Star Citizen-focused community AND the home of Imperium, we strive to make sure our community is as informed as possible when it comes to things related to the Grey Market. So, without further rambling, here is a quick and simple guide to the standard “dos” and “don’ts” and “understoods” of the Grey Market. (Spoilers show the "Why") 1. ALL TRANSACTIONS CONCERNING VIRTUAL GOODS ARE INHERENTLY HIGH RISK. 2. DON’T EVER PURCHASE FROM SOMEONE IF THE DEAL SEEMS “TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE”. (Unless it’s a “trusted” seller) 3. DON’T BUY FROM UNKNOWN SELLERS. 4. DO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE DELAYED PAYMENTS THROUGH PAYPAL. 5. DO MAKE SURE THAT THE BUYER IS VERIFIED AS A SELLER AND THROUGH PAYPAL. 6. IF YOU ARE SUSPICIOUS OF A TRANSACTION, CANCEL IT. 7. TAKE PRECAUTIONS THROUGH YOUR BANK. 8. USE COMMON SENSE. 9. THE SCB FORUM AND THE IMPERIUM FORUM ARE NOT THE SAME. 10. IF YOU SERIOUSLY DO NOT FEEL YOU SHOULD GET IT, DO NOT GET IT!!!! FINALLY, REMEMBER THAT ALL ONLINE MARKETPLACES-INCLUDING THIS ONE-ARE NOT LIABLE FOR YOUR PROBLEMS. That having been said, we are not there all the time, we are not able to police all the time. We are all volunteers. All people who are just trying to create a great community. SO IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SUSPICIOUS, CLICK THE “REPORT” BUTTON AND SAY WHY. WE WILL CHECK AND DETERMINE IF IT IS WORTHY OF NEEDING CHECKED. Thanks all, and happy sells/buys!
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