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Found 8 results

  1. We are the 101st Legion Marines. A tight-knit band of former UEE military personnel, bounty hunters, and other like minded individuals. Our main goal is to provide security and any other combat orientated services to the people of Stanton, and her surrounding systems. For a price. Join today! We intend to provide our wide variety of services to the people of Stanton, Nyx, and Pyro. Our services mainly include a mobile task-force of top tier infantry, pilots, and medics. Mostly for escort, security and bounty hunting services, but the 101st Legion offers any service under the sun for the right price. We blur the lines of legality but mostly try to stay on the right side of the law. Our main priority is profit, we do not take sides, the highest bidder wins our elite services. The 101st Legion Marines were founded in 2946 following a disagreement of “methods” used by the UEE Navy. Our founders believed a heavier hand was needed in certain situations, and that we no longer needed our UEE overlords to command their dogs when to bite. Years later the legion is going strong, though small, we are mighty! Security and PMC work has been the main focus of our organization since it’s inception and this will never change, Recently a change in command has left us in a predicament, we believe it is time for us to open our doors to newcomers and expand our horizons. We need able bodies with rifles or in pilot seats, any and all are welcome! While PMC work is our core focus we also need Traders and Medical personnel to tend to the less violent aspects of our organization. If you’ve read this far, consider joining. We offer new player training and benefits as well as weekly events for all! Also, since we are a brand new org, promotion opportunities for active personnel will be available; for those for show commitment. WIP Discord: HERE https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/101MARINES
  2. Black Star Legion Realism Organization [ Black Star Legion's Mobiglass Portal ] [ Talk to a Recruiter on Discord] [ The Black Star Legion RSI Organization Page ] [ Seeking Early Volunteer Staff Applicants for Member Services ] ======================================================================= <You see a brief message appear on your mobiglass ....> Sector 26-D | Grid Coordinates: 1309N 2633E Desert Region | Elysium Present Day It didn’t take long for them to get famous after Operation Unilateral Force (OUF) hit the wires. Earth needed a major public relations success given the rise in Vanduul attacks against the frontier systems. The 78th Squadron for example became heroes for their strikes against Vanduul targets and the public consumed it, they said enlistments in the UEE Navy and Marines rose for months after the operations went public. What UEE Public Affairs didn’t report however was the loss of an entire task force in another sector. Our mission, blockade the Centauri Sector and deploy offensively out of the Elysium System - land Marines from 3rd MEU in a Direct Action mission against several confirmed Vanduul military logistical centers across the frontier's border, conduct an HTV recovery at a known interrogation facility, hit comm-nodes and logistical nodes to divert Vanduul assets away from the main UEE engagement zones. CTF70's bulk force mission, utilize the capital ships and Marine strike assets from Combined Task Force 70 to hold the jump point, act as a blocking element of the main UEE force that deployed from Ceran during the operations main assault. Lead by the UEES Imperia Tiberius, her escorts, fighters and strategic strike platforms the CTF was fully engaged with a light reserve element holding the Elysium System. High Command; snug and warm deep in the Idris and Centauri Systems said we could expect "light contact" due to the main UEE advance ... ... It was a damn nightmare. Sector High-Command and intel got it wrong, big time. After six days, and the remainder of CTF70 flooding back into Elysium hoping for cover and protection - well UEE High Command didn't even try to mount a rescue … How did they put it? “The sector was overrun with Vanduul and congested with civilian refugee’s, Sol considered the risk unacceptable to mount a rescue. Combined Task Force 70, nicknamed Black Star Legion is an acceptable loss.” … but some of us survived. The UEE betrayed us … they left us with no cover … they abandon us. My name is 1st Lieutenant Vall Ridder. Platoon Commander, 1st Platoon, Alpha Company 1/1, 3rd Marine Expeditionary Unit - Black Star Legion. Myself, along with Lieutenant Cowski, Sgt Redfern, SirPotato, Alli, Nicoma and a few of our surviving capital ship crew, fighter pilots, supply and logistics crews and fellow Marines are looking for those wanting to break from the UEE. Be it casual civilians seeking businesses, or military survivors and veterans wanting to honor those we volunteer to serve and protect here. We ask you to join the independent city-state of Imperia Tiberius; and become citizens of Black Star Legion. ======================================================================= 2018 RECRUITING FOCUS Hello, and on behalf of our small but growing membership, we want to thank you for checking out our thread and hopefully being interested in us. This month with the FPS most likely on the horizon. We are looking for Marines! Our organization is spending the 3.0 series of launches in 2018 centering around a Constellation and her crew, a few Navy fighters and some Marines to solidify a core group of members that will launch us into 2019. We are focusing on the following key activities in 2018: SOP and TTP development to be used by both military and civilian members in coordinated and combined operations Setting up civilian city services and backend systems that will grow in 2019 with expanded membership Building a small support staff and set of staff teams that will help us in some areas we've historically be weak in to improve our performance in building a solid and long lasting organization. Taking the traditions of over 15 years as a RP, PVP, PVE, Raid, Logistics, Crafting, and City oriented guild - molding them to write our permanent future in Star Citizen. While we will accept members, our main focus is bringing in those who enjoy being apart of support staff roles typically found in most MMORPG guilds. (Recruiting, Event Staff, Art & Propaganda, Logistics, Supply, Combat and other specialists.) Steps to Success: 1. Go to our General Recruiting Information and find out more details about us and our goals. 2. Get into Discord or TeamSpeak to talk to a Recruiter and we'll help you apply 3. Submit a Membership Application 4. Attend and complete our brief New Member Indoctrination course 5. Start joining regularly scheduled activities beginning in July 2018 ======================================================================= Hello, thank you for checking us out. We are a realism organization that offers a wide range of unique experiences to both casual seeking civilian members who want to grow businesses, or those who enjoy something more structured in our milsim realism task force. We are driven by a fair and unbiased system outlined in our Master Directives Document giving every member fair and unbiased opportunity. We center ourselves around a 24 sq km group of land plots where we will build a city. Imperia Tiberius is the independant city-state that offers every member a home, anchor and port of safety as they travel the stars. We offer you a story different then most, and an experience that is unique and unparalleled in this game. We are a Star Citizen experience where everything you gain is earned by your output and your membership in a Team. A home where you look to the Aviators, Capital Ship Crews, Marines and Crewmen to your left and right every day. A home where when you log in and go to the Rum Runner Cantina in our city, you meet your friends who are farmers, business owners, outpost directors, elected senators, bounty hunters, traders, haulers, explorers, scientist, Marine Aviators, Naval Aviators - and everywhere in between to figure out the events for the day over drinks and good food. We offer a long term home, where your character can be immersed in functional systems, not contrived RP and your 'next of kin' are welcomed as descendants of your original character. When we say a unique experience, it is because we truly are. We are not doing what 95% of the rest out there do. We're not some sci-fi channel knock off of Battlestar Blackwater. We are built around tried and true methods, a policy driven chain of command, we derive how we do business from SOP's and train like we fight. This experiences comes from years of MMORPG gameplay, experiences ranging from SWG and WOW to EVE and Dayz; some of us even have time in the famed 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (15th MEU) for ARMA III where "realism milsim" is at its absolute finest. We are lead by real life military veterans both active duty and DD-214 holders, as well as civlians who understand gaming and gamers. We are designed from the ground up to provide you one of the most fulfilling simulation experiences in the community - while not sacrificing fun, authenticity, attention to detail, team work, and good solid community gaming. Organization Design: The org is designed to support two basic types of game play. First being our Civilian members. The second being our realism Military component. Civilians: Low time requirements, Low overall structure, Self and group built and managed "businesses". Freedom to pursue wide activities supporting the organization, your goals, and friends with professional military protection. Combined Task Force 70 (CTF 70): Realism Milsim, slightly more time requirements, unit slotting based on the MOS you choose, professional level training. Structured Billeting (similar to raid slotting on roles), , "on-duty" / "off-duty" game time supporting the organization, your goals, and friends. Why do we do this? Why do we put in so much work and time in this organization? We wanted a very solid and scale-able infrastructure in place prior to recruiting to support growth at any level. Star Citizen is (going to be) a very complex game, each of us invests time, emotion, effort - hopes and dreams into our characters and each other. We want to give you, and this org the best we can and that each of us deserves from a game organization. You and the Team around you will enjoy being gamers, while having immersion opportunities rarely found elsewhere in the 'verse. You, and the Team around you will learn to be dependable, respectful, and respectable. You can do the same old same old with everyone else. Or you can achieve a higher level of professionalism, fun, and excellence as a civilian, military member, or periodically transfer freely between the two within Black Star Legion. We offer YOU the challenge of Black Star Legion
  3. There are rumours about why he's retiring, but this guy is probably in the same category as Chesty Puller for some Marines This article contains may of his famous quotes http://freebeacon.com/national-security/the-best-from-mad-dog-mattis/
  4. Trusted Protection. Dependable Professionals. Corporate Webpage RSI Organization Page History PALADIN is a leading interstellar security and transportation company with project experience in over 30 star systems. We have a galaxy wide client-base comprised of both government and corporate sectors. We are also a major security provider to the United Earth Empire government. From PALADIN headquarters in [REDACTED] we are able to reach clients throughout the galaxy, from the many UEE systems to the fringe systems in more dangerous, unsecure space. Our clients benefit from the extensive capabilities of our personnel, built up through careers in the UEE Navy and Marines. PALADIN was established as a UEE government security provider by UEE Navy veteran Jason “Paladin” Targus in 2944. This was the year PALADIN was awarded a primary contract with the UEE Navy to support military security operations in hostile systems by providing experienced pilots along with capable ships to protect government supply convoys and by providing assistance in protecting commercial shipping routes. The definition and requirements of security are ever changing. In recent years, we have grown a successful security service in support of the mining industry, focused on providing protection for gas and mineral extraction companies in the more dangerous fringe systems. PALADIN now provides a wide breadth of services to the government and commercial sectors, to include: protective services, cargo transport, exploration of uncharted systems, refueling operations, recovery operations, advisory support, and training. Across these areas we employ over [REDACTED] people at any one time and run a fleet of over [REDACTED] ships. Our Services In these times of galactic uncertainty and hostage alien threat, organizations are seeking a reliable partner to help mitigate risk, ensure business continuity and achieve organizational objectives. Governments, multi-planetary corporations and non-governmental organizations can rely on Paladin Government Services for our security services and robust mission support. From supply chain management and Personnel and asset recovery, Paladin Government Services delivers full-scale, contingency support services. Additionally, our integrated security solutions encompass the spectrum of safeguarding personnel, critical infrastructure and valuable assets. Security PALADIN is a trusted industry leader renowned for its Convoy Protective Services in high-threat environments across the galaxy. Our highly skilled Fleet Antipiracy Security Teams (FAST) are the industry standard in Close Protection and other Special Services. With decades of military experience, our security specialists undergo a rigorous pre-employment vetting process. With one of the best safety records in the industry, PALADIN’s employee’s are continually commended for their commitment to performance. Transport PALADIN provides Secure Transport and Delivery Services of commercial goods, valuables and other assets for government agencies, businesses, and individual clients. All of our transport operations are conducted using our specialized heavily armed and armored transports or in conjunction with armed escorts. Recovery In the event of a deep space incident it is imperative that every company has robust Emergency Response and Crisis Management procedures and policies in place. PALADIN’s personnel and asset Search, Rescue and Recovery (SRR) division provides that very important capability for the private sector, as well as in support of UEE military operations. TeamSpeak3: We have a dedicated TeamSpeak server for our members. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Come Join Us Paladin Government Services is a private military company currently seeking motivated and mature players, who enjoy working together as a team, and want to collaboratively work towards building a fun and successful Star Citizen organization and community. We need your help to make it happen! There will be numerous opportunities to specialize in a variety of areas, all contributing to the success and mutual benefit of all. There is room for casual and hardcore gamers alike; roleplay is okay as well but not mandatory. Want to experience multi-crew flight but don’t have the right ship? Never fear we have anything from the Freelancer to the Idris frigate for you to try out! Who We Are We are adult gamers with careers and families who understand that real life always come first. We don't require you to put in a set amount of hours per week, we don’t have mandatory log-on times, and we don't force you to participate in group activities, we just provide the environment to make it better and are here to cater to your needs. Our ultimate goal is to provide a fun, relaxing, and drama-free environment for all of our members. To join is very simple- we don't require anything from you except the desire to have fun. What We Offer ★ Respect - to all members. ★ Strength - we value quality over quantity, we never spam for recruits. ★ Structure - we have an organized corporate structure and rank system with opportunities for promotion and bonuses. ★ Productivity - earning serious credits in the Verse! ★ Teamwork - numerous multi-crew ships to play on and multiple guild allies. Our Goal Simply to create a fun and rewarding gaming experience for our members. Paladin Government Services is built upon a foundation of fun, trust and respect, while embracing creative and innovative ideas from our members. Members are encouraged to try playing in any amount of roles they wish within our three main Divisions (Security, Transport, Recovery), as well as developing teamwork in between them. Our Services SECURITY ★ Convoy Escort ★ Ground Security (FPS) ★ Mining Security ★ Antipiracy TRANSPORT ★ Passenger Transit ★ Cargo Transport RECOVERY ★ Survey & Route Planning (Exploration) ★ Emergency Refueling ★ Search, Rescue & Recovery (SRR) Disclaimer We do not endorse nor participate in piracy or criminal activity. Join today! Apply Now ------------------------------------------------------------------- UEE Business News Wire: PALADIN Awarded Contract for Security Post Kareah
  5. WE are an organization basing our Major goal of starting our own empire free of UEE Control On the outer Rim of UEE controlled space for Now and eventually controlling an undiscovered system as our final home base. I am looking for like minded people who want to role play and experience the freedom to play the game as they see fit, but with a group of people that want to be part of a legacy and in game lore as a final accomplishment. It will take many of us to achieve this but it only take a handful to get us started. I have already created the Org. on rsi website and taken the time to create a webpage and a Facebook page. Check us out at DITHS.weebly.com , facebook.com/diths and pm me if interested. I check Daily. A little about me. I am a recently retired (early retirement due to injuries) Army vet(also served one term in the Navy) that games hardcore while taking on a Masters in Cyber Security. I look to bring my military knowledge and skills along with the skills of my like minded friends from what we learned there into Star Citizens. I served as EOD in the United States Navy and switched to an AD(aviation Machinists mate) half way in, during my 9 years in the Army I served as a 91H or All purpose track Mechanic and was award for many things I did and accomplished in service. Most of the knowledge of what I learned and used in actual combat can be applied here and we can effectively win battle on both ground and space with training and practice. The true question is "Do you want to be part of something great? or do you want to look back and say I had the chance to join them!
  6. I am wondering what everyone thinks about a unit dedicated to the first person shooter aspects of Star Citizen. There are going to be lawless planets where the whole planet is basically a free fire zone, in addition to the space station combat CR has shown us. Boarding action is going to be necessary if we're ever going to be able to seize larger vessels (such as Vandul ships). It wouldn't hurt to have a group dedicated to fighting that type of combat, as it's a skillset that you're not likely to be training in of you are part of a fighter wing. Attempts to seize a ship would still use every available person (if you're flying a multi crew ship, you ought to be part of the attack once the enemy vessel is disabled), but having a core of experienced shooters at the heart of the assault force would go a long way towards making boarding less of an improvised affair. What are everyone else's thoughts? I haven't seen much discussion of this topic.
  7. Episode 1 I feel the rain on my face. Thick, heavy drops of water. I smell the desolation when the rain hits the ground and splashes back up, each drop trying to drown me as it lands on my face. Fortunately for me every drop is just as lonely as I am. I shrug my shoulders and continue onwards to the market. I never cared much for the rain, but it is cold outside. Not freezing cold, but the kind of cold that you just can’t dress against. I look at my reflection in the baker’s window as I walk by. I am not too happy with what I see. A little boy with a jacket one size too small and boots two sizes too large, an empty belly and a head full of dreams. A real upstanding citizen. It is not easy to make a living on the outer planets, especially for a kid like me. My parents decided to kick the bucket a bit too early and here I am on my own. Living on whatever I can find, which usually means an empty stomach for days. I shake my fist at the sky when suddenly a bright flash followed by a loud bang knocks me of my feet. As I am laying face down in the mud I am wondering if I just got hit by lightning. The overwhelming sound of the sirens now playing their symphony make me realise it is even worse than that. I get up and use the sleeve of my jacket to wipe the mud of my face and start running towards the nearest shelter. The rain has never felt so heavy as I watch the horrid spectacle when I peek around the corner. An explosion has destroyed the water treatment plant, there are fires all around and wounded people in the street. I watch as one of the workers crawls out of the rubble. I know him. His name is Dave and he slipps me food from the cafeteria from time to time. As I cross the street to help him I notice a group of people I’ve never seen before heading for the building. When I want to shout a greeting a rather large man with a nasty scar, starting from his left ear and going all the way down his neck, points his hand at Dave. The man has a wicked smile on his face as a loud bang comes from his hand. I hear someone scream and look around to see who it is, when I realize the odd sound came from me. The four men are looking in my direction. “Get him”, one of them shouts. I gather my courage and tell my legs to move. Like a newborn gazelle I take a few steps, then I start running, running for my life. Left, another left, then right. I jump in a doorstep to catch my breath. Are they still on me? I carefully stick my head out, just enough to peek inside the alley. Two bullets hit the wall, stone splinters fly around me. “You idiot, I want him alive you hear. Young meat fetches a good price on the slave market.” So they plan to sell me. Their greed will most certainly guarantee my survival. I take another peek around the corner. The man that shot at me is brawling with the one that wants to sell me. I jump out of my cover and make a run for it. “He is running boss!” the smallest in the group says. “Whra”, the big man with the scar cries out. He takes out his gun and shoots the man he was fighting with. “Never liked him anyways”, he growls. “What you waiting for, go catch the little rat.” I am on the outskirts of town, my vision is reduced by the exhaustion of running without interruption. The taste of blood is in the back of my throat. While I am catching my breath I look around to get my bearings. Behind me lies the muddy road into town, in front of me the road goes on towards the treeline, where after a sharp turn in enters the forest. When I hear the sound of laughter coming down the road I make a dash for the forest. Although strange creatures live in these woods, I should be safe there, safer than I would be on the open road. As I make my way between the trees a strong smell unknown to me fills my nose. A low vibration troubles the tall trees around me. An animal crosses my path. It has long ears and strong hind legs. It looks kinda like an earth rabbit, but this creature has two long, sharp fangs. Its green eyes stare at me as if it can’t decide what to do with me. I pick up a rock and hurl it at the horrific creature. It misses and the rabbit growls at me, but then a metallic sound in the distance distracts both of us. I look back at the creature but the last I see of it is its tail as it disappears in the bush. Curious about the sound I decide to move towards it. There it is again. “Cling, pffff.” Now that the noise gets louder the smell and vibration gets stronger. I clear my way through the undergrowth and it becomes apparent what is going on. A spaceship has landed in a clearing just large enough to fit it in. As I move towards the edge of the clearing the reflection of the sun in the hull of the ship has a blinding effect on me. The now always present vibration has a soothing comfort to it. A sudden roar of the engines snaps me out of the hypnotising lure of the machine. The metallic noise comes from a loading platform, where a couple of pirates are busy stacking barrels and crates, ready to be loaded onto the ship. “Their ill gotten gains no doubt”, I grunt to myself. One of the pirates is talking on his communicator and looks distraught. “The last team will be back in 30 minutes. Get this cargo on board before they return.” “Aye”, the others reply. “What about prisoners? I could sure use a new wife, the old one doesn’t have much life in her anymore, whahaha”, he laughs with a despicable expression. “Sorry, no prisoners this time. The captain wants to send a message to all the other villages in this system. Resistance will be met with a slow and painful death. Besides, where do you need a new wife for? Like you know what to do with the old one, hahaha. Now quit your lounging and get back to work!” Everyone I know is dead. A feeling of despair falls over me like a shadow. No, I can't give up now. I can’t give in to this feeling. I must go on. All that matters now is that I am still breathing, I am still alive. I just need to figure out how to stay that way. I can’t return to the village, without water and food I can’t survive there. Neither can I reach one of the other villages, they are just too far away to get there on my own. Even if I manage to survive the freezing nights, one of the many creatures that stalk these woods will probably get to me. Then thats how it is, I need to get on that ship, it’s the only chance I have. The idea sounds crazy at first, but the mesmerizing humm of the ship’s engines convince me it is the only viable action to take. The sound of something big moving on the other side of the clearing has the pirates attention. A large beast moves out of the shadows into the clearing. Amid the chaos that follows my instinct takes over. I run towards the loading platform and take cover behind a large crate. Screams of a pirate being ripped apart by the beast sends chills down my spine. I use my last inch of strength to lift the lid and crawl inside, hoping that no one has noticed me. One more scream and a few gunshots and it goes silent. My eyes close as the weariness of today catches up to me.
  8. The 1st Royal Aerospace Squadron is recruiting Website: http://1ras.enjin.com Timezone: USA mostly Commo: TS3 Focus: Casual Play, some RP, and Moderate Competitive play. Fun Description: The 1st Royal Aerospace Squadron is an Independant Squadron from the UEE Marines. In Which is Give the freedom to maneuver where ever is needed of them. We have Ships dedicated to exploration, and Patroling the boarders, as well as the lawless areas of Space. we accept request for assistance from Civilians who might need help or protection from Pirates or just any hostiles, We are not a unit that Engages in Smuggling nor Piracy, we are a Loyal Unit of the UEE. To apply: Visit your local UEE recruiter on planet or visit 1ras.enjin.com
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