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Found 6 results

  1. Good day all, I have been researching and trying to decide what exactly i wanted to use my C2 Hercules for. I am very interested in the capabilities that the ship provides and i want to be able to use it in the Logistics field. I was looking at either being hired to transport military vehicles, weapons and cargo. Depending on the prices of loads, escorts may be in involved with a % of the sales paid to the escorts or the escort company. Any advice on this?
  2. Hey you!! Yea, YOU!! Want to live it up in the better places of Midgard? Party with giants? Share a drink and remince glorious tales of riding space whales in our mead halls? Look no further! Aesir Industries has you covered... If you're lucky you might even get a glimps of the legendary unicorn who lives in Bifrost! Unicorns may or may not be real - if you have enough mead it doesn't make any difference We're a highly active community with members around the world and plenty to do, you're never alone. Always up for doing something, you'll never be bored. AESIND provides many services and offers several career paths : - Development Division : Exploration/Science/Research - Industry Division : Mining/Refining/Salvage/Manufacturing - Commerce Division : Business/Finance - Logistics Division : Transport/Refuel/Supply - Security Division : Fleet Security, Mobile Infantry - Intelligence Division : Info Management (storage.processing.transport), [Redacted], ... - Support Division : Medical, SAR, Repair ------------------ 1. English is our primary language but welcome anyone from around the world 2. We align ourselves with the laws of the UEE and do not allow piracy 3. We are both new player and veteran friendly 4. We have cookies (maybe) Feel free to direct any questions our way or come visit us on Discord - https://discord.gg/BjP8cEq If you'd like to join us, simply send in your application here - http://www.guilded.gg/#!AXDRnXZpEp?ref=1ArgxkZ4 RSI:- https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/AESIND
  3. If someone already have posted this before, thank you for your patience with me. I just bought the game Interstellar Transport Company and ready to take it for a spin. It released 16 Aug, 2017, Anyone here tried it yet? //Anhard
  4. The new star map is extremely impressive (kudos to Turbulent BTW), but it's perhaps a bit showy for planning and examining the fabric of the verse; not to mention unprintable. With that in mind, I transformed the 3D star map into 2D schematic maps. They aren't pretty, done in a spreadsheet, and details are omitted, but I believe some of us will be able to derive great use from them. 1. LMap - only shows large jump points 2. MMap - show large and medium jump points; double lines represent large tunnels and single lines represent medium ones In addition to maps, I also did some calculations. If I'm not mistaken, there are 130 jump tunnels visible on the map, of which 85% ie 110 are at least medium in size, and 73 of them are large tunnels. A comforting number considering that Freelancer cannot go through small jump points; a restriction that seriously limits the economic as well as offensive potential of small jump points, as evidenced by Vanduul's inability or unwillingness to punch through Nul. Which brings us to the figures on maps. We know in lore that the remoteness of Earth and the central location of Terra contributed to the gradual shift of power, but just how far is Earth from the rest of the Empire? If we only count the large tunnels, then the answer is close to two and a half jumps. Capital warships and enormous transports moving from/to Earth would need to travel 40% further than Terra. It's even worse when Vanduul is taken into account. Of the six systems that are ten jumps or more removed from Terra, only one is occupied by Vanduul. In the case of Earth, the ratio is 27:5. That ratio also means that nearly 40% of the systems linked up with large tunnel are at least ten jumps away from Earth. As a case in point, Orion, the furthest star of humanity, is 15 jumps away. Logistical difficulties may have contribute as much to UEEN's defeat as Vanduul has; moving bases from Magnus to Kilian, which is actually two jumps further from the frontline, certainly didn't help. The picture isn't any better even when we include the medium tunnels as well. Smaller transports are still traveling more than 40% further to/from Earth, compare to Terra. Seven systems are ten jumps or more away from Earth, compare to none for Terra. No wonder Terra is the new spot for trade and commerce. All things considered, the remoteness of Earth relative to the entire UEE is damaging UEE's war effort and condemning itself to economic decline. With that in mind, how would things change if a large jump link is discovered between, say, Sol and Vega? Such a link would have greatly benefit the movement of large vessels and supplies from the heartland of UEE to the Vanduul frontline, bringing all Vanduul-occupied systems within ten jumps of Earth by closing the large link circle. In fact, should such a link exists, the average jump from Earth to any large-tunnel-linked system would actually be 6% lower than from Terra; on the medium side, the gap is reduced to only 2% higher than Terra. Whether Earth is in the shape to utilise such advantage is another matter. Thank you for reading my wall of text to the end! * I acknowledge that everything including the map and jump link may change at any time. * I acknowledge that the travelling time between jump points hasn't been taken into consideration. * I acknowledge that in some cases a route with more jumps may take shorter time to transverse than one with less jumps.
  5. I think this was the only moster in a sci-fi film to scare the sh*t outta me. Just wanted to share! Feel free to post videos and pictures of your sci-fi nightmares as a kid. Trailer:
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