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Found 3 results

  1. 'Sup Imperium and Guests, Since we're just about 2 weeks away from the anniversary sale, I thought I'd share some tips and tricks in case limited ships (i.e. Javelin, Idris, 890J, Phoenix) are sold in the same manner as last year. While there hasn't been any confirmation of these ships being sold in the coming weeks, there most certainly hasn't been any denial, nor has there been any word on a new method of selling off limited ships outside of the refresh contest most of us took part in last time. So, here is: Sir_Belial's Bulletproof Plan to Buy Bad-Ass Ships* Section 1: Prepare Check Your Browser Settings Most browsers have an auto-fill option for certain websites that you visit most often. By checking if your browser is able to save names, addresses, and contact info that will need to be inputted during the limited sale, you can save yourself potential heartache and stress when the race to buy a ship begins. By being able to click once in an empty field, and have every other section automatically filled, you will be almost minutes ahead of thousands of poor souls that did not take such precautions. During the sale, it will be required to chuckle at their misfortune as you move onto the payment options page. Clear Your Schedule For those that truly are willing to stay awake for each of the 6 hour batches of ships, make some space on your calendar. Your priority is going to be the time the first batch goes live, as it will be the one that takes the longest time to be sold. You'll have the chance to select your CCU option, fill in your info, and select your payment option before the worst can happen. However, should you miss the chance to finish checkout, you'll want to be ready when the next ship batch goes live. Many F5 warriors last year were disheveled when they discovered they weren't able to even input their info when the second or third batches were live. That is because those that had inputted their info during the first batch were able to remain on the payment page, and as a result, none of the remaining batches were live for more than 6 seconds. The early bird catches the worm, and deciding to wait for later batches WILL ensure that you get nothing during the rarer ship sales. Call Your Bank Trying to beat out thousands of strangers to get a chance of buying a beautiful, rare spaceship is stressful. It puts strain on your heart, and will definitely age you by a few decades when all is said and done. In order to help prevent this, you should contact your credit card company/bank to ensure that any perverse transactions on the sale week/weekend will be approved. You do NOT want to be staring at the finalization screen after grabbing your prize only to be notified of a failed transaction. It sucks, take my word for it. Do yourself a solid, and get that taken care of now. For those of you that are planning to melt some ships to try and bring down the cost, keep reading. I got some bad news bruh. Choose Your Payment Option Ahead of Time When the floodgates are opened, and thousands of backers mash their F5 keys on the ship page at once, you will realize that buying the ship you want is a race against countless opponents. Every second counts, as your ultimate goal is to finish all the payment steps during the release of the first batch of limited ships. Something that was discovered last year during the Javelin sale, though it isn't too well known, is that if you use PayPal, your ship will be reserved while you enter your payment information. That's right. While others will need to input their credit card info, or wait for verification from stripe or be redirected to amazon, your ship will be reserved as you are sent to the PayPal payment screen. As exciting as this is, it brings bad news as well. All those other payment options are a little defunct in this "first come, first serve" scenario. This includes store credits via melted ships. The amount of time it takes to register the change due to adding store credits to the cost will delay the transaction long enough to where all the ships in the batch will be gone. It's true. A little loading screen pops up, you scream a little, an error "stock is empty" screen replaces the first, and then you scream a lot. Personal experience, that's where this comes from. Take the safe, if more expensive route, and use PayPal to pay the full amount. The happiness you'll feel directly after will outweigh the coming stress of taking on a fourth mortgage on your home. Section 2: What Will Happen During the Limited Sale At this point, you're probably a few days away from the sale, so let's go over how things should go, in a perfect world, above-average world, and non-perfect-why-must-I-suffer world. So, first up, the Perfect World: You've taken every precaution mentioned above, and even then some. You've prepared to wake up half and hour before the launch of the first batch, you set up a notification system (https://visualping.io/) to inform you of changes on pages in-case it updates a little early, and your finger is hovering over the F5 key ready to begin battle. Several of your credit/debit cards are prepared for extremely large charges, just in case one doesn't cut it, and your PayPal account is logged in on another tab. Time passes, the ship page updates (though you've been pressing F5 for the 5 minutes prior), and you begin. You click Add to Cart, then Checkout Your Customer Info is already saved, as well as your billing info. Double check State/Province, sometimes it won't auto-fill. You select "PayPal" in payment method, agree to the ToS, then "Place order and Pay" The page redirects you to the PayPal authorization page, and you can take a breath of relief. Laugh at your fortune, as well as those that are reading the "out of stock" error code. You have won, and only a few others can join you for this celebration. You finish the authorization, return to the RSI page, and immediately go to "My Hangar". There she is, one of the rarest ships ever sold. All yours. Your precious. Laugh it up, Smeegle, you've done it. As a bonus step, parade the following certificate in any forums you frequent. It is guaranteed to be well received. (DL at bottom) Above-Average World: You did everything mentioned above in the Perfect World, but as soon as you hit "Place order and Pay", the worst happened. A RED error message popped up, informing you the ship was out of stock. Let the despair wash over you. Panic if you must, just do not close that page. Your challenge is about to begin, young samurai. Though it seems the impossible lies before you, checking out in under 6 seconds is not as daunting as it seems. There is a secret method, passed down to me as I now pass down to you, which almost assured success to those that used it. The Enter/Return Key, when held down, will close the error message and retry to place an order. This means that as long as you continuously hold down that key a minute or two prior to the second batch release, your order will be continuously pinged to the server until the millisecond that batch is opened. At that moment, your flash of error/loading screens will be replaced with a PayPal authorization page. If you must, continue this method for the other batches as well. As long as the place order and pay screen is not closed, you will be able take part in the batch sales. Bonus points for grabbing one of the last batches. Your heart will never pound so hard again, trust me. It'll be a rough 24 hours, though. Oh, and feel free to use the certificate above. As far as I'm concerned, you went through much more hell than mister perfect up there. Oh-God-Why-Are-You-Doing-This-To-Me World: Everything went as it should have, but for some reason you just couldn't get to that promised land of "Peigh Pell", though you wandered just as much as everyone else. That sucks, bro, it really does. I only have two choices for you: Accept your loss and move on. There will be the next sale and the PU for you to get your grubby little hands on a shiny ship, and while the waste of time does make you a little sad, you know you tried your best, even if the universe had it out for you. Keep your chin up, bud, for there still is hope. Last year several limited ships were actually available again after some transactions failed, and if you kept that page monitor plug-in installed, you just might catch one. Don't accept your loss and complain to everyone. Damn scripts and people that use them can't fight fair I can't believe CIG let this happen AGAIN they said it wouldn't happen like really how does a batch of 50 ships sell out in 5 SECONDS what the hell I've already sent like, 10 tickets to concierge demanding a token to spend thousands of dollars why won't they let me spend thousands of dollars who do they think they are to deny my thousands of dollars I just want to spend thousands of dollars geezus. Your knowledge of coding is impeccable, and you are sure to share your opinion with every thread on every website you can think of, especially the ones that have those stupid certificates on them, I mean what kind of conceited person would even display one of those. It doesn't matter the type of person you come off as, your PO'd. It may be true that nobody likes a sore loser, but damned if you're not gonna make everyone hate you; they'll feel the same sadness and disgust you did, and you'll make sure of it. Good luck, little buddy, and keep a few spare caps lock keys nearby. All in all, I hoped you enjoyed the read. I wish those that enter the gauntlet luck in their pursuits, now and when sale-time comes. I hope this helps (and I really hope that enter key thing still works with the new site layout, but we won't know until batch 01) If you have any additions, toss 'em out in the open; the goal of this was to help those that were unlucky last year have a fighting chance in a few weeks, so if there are any methods not touched, let's hear them. Also, spread the guide if you want, but everyone that reads it will be a potential enemy come the sale, even if we as Imperium share ships. This guide is really meant for those ships that will be released in extremely small quantities, like the Javelin was last year (50 per 6 hours). Though because there are so many more citizens that are eager to buy limited ships compared to the last anniversary sale, the methods described above might be some of the best options for potential buyers of any limited ship; Phoenix, 890J, Idris, and Javelin. I don't think we'll see a trailing-off of batch numbers as we saw when the Phoenix and 890J were first sold, when it took almost a week for the final batches to sell out, but that's just my two cents. *By using this guide successfully, you agree to engrave on a plaque to be placed inside the bridge of your new ships: "Thanks be to Sir_Belial, for he hath bestowed upon us the tools to claim our rightful property. May he grace this location and see our thanks as you do now." The addition of private quarters usable by myself, Sir_Belial, is also welcome. Fancy Schmancy Ship Owner.pdf
  2. Greetings Citizens, Please note: this update applies only to backers living in the European Union. If you are elsewhere in the world, there are no store changes to announce. Starting February 1st, 2015, Cloud Imperium Games will be launching a European publishing arm based in the United Kingdom, Roberts Space Industries International, Ltd. While Squadron 42 is being developed in Europe, the publishing side of the operation has always been located in the United States. The good news stemming from this change is that we will now be closer to our many European customers (and able to establish community and customer service operations in dedicated areas) and will be able to ride out some of the exchange rate fluctuations troubling multinational sales operations. The downside of this organizational change is that starting on February 1st, we will be required to charge VAT on all purchases (including digital goods) made through the Roberts Space Industries International website, similar to how we must charge sales tax on items sold in Texas and California. And as you may have read in the press, as of 2015 every seller has to charge the rate applicable in the country of the purchaser. This means that in the coming days, the effective rate for European backers will go up depending on the VAT rate of their home country. We know that European backers are familiar with VAT, and likely have already encountered these charges on goods purchased elsewhere online. We wish there were an alternative to charging the tax, but also believe that it is in our best interest to expand Star Citizen’s footprint to a part of the world that has proven to be truly passionate about space games! We are informing you today, with two weeks before the switch on Feb 1, in case you have been waiting to purchase a ship or package at the current rates. By popular request, we will make a selection of limited edition and wave two ships available again during the week of January 26, in case there’s a past favorite you missed out on and would like to pick up before the international publishing switches over to RSI. Please check this space on the 26th for a list of available ships. Updates Non-EU countries that are in Eurpoe, are not necessairly bound to VAT. Norway and Switzerland are confirmed exempt from this. New subscriptions will be charged VAT. Current subscriptions are exempt from VAT. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Limited ship sale has started already! Ships come with the 2 year anniversary insurance. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/14449-Limited-Ship-Sale Starfarer, Retaliator, Khartu, Merchantman, Caterpilar, Cutlass Blue, MIS, Gladiator, Delta, SH, M50, 350r, Aurora LX. Thanks to @JamesFV, @Viking and @TRON for the clarification on non-EU European countries and subscriptions. Check the link above on the 26th! My only suggestion here is for people to buy items/ships now and melt them for store credit. Unfortunately this of course means your items are account bound. Or work with someone you know and trust outside of the EU to do purchases for you. Below are the Paypal rates for different countries. Good luck everyone!
  3. If anyone wishes to sell / transfer (if its still possible), I'd buy a Scythe or possibly another ship I dont even know if its posisble, but cant hurt to ask? If I embarassed myself, hide this thread ASAP Take care all JMG
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