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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Which laptop could be better? With better cpu or gpu I mean, Lenovo legion 5, intel core i7-12XX, rtx 3050 ti TGP 95W, 16GB RAM or lenovo legion 5, intel core i5-11400H, rtx 3060 TGP 130W, 16GB RAM
  2. I currently own a MacBook Air but for the last couple of months I've debated on getting a tablet to compliment all my technology. But I'm still on the fence about whether I need or would use the tablet over my Mac. Anybody who has both a tablet and laptop tell me how much they use both on a regular basis and / or it's worth having both?
  3. I am looking to get a new laptop to replace my desktop machine and think I have an MSI model that will do it. But, it needs some modifications to pull it off. I found several companies that claim to do it and narrowed it down to 2. Has anyone had any experiences with either Computer Upgrade King or Xotic PC? I have no problem making the changes myself but would like to avoid wasting money on components I plan to replace or voiding the warranty. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  4. Not sure if anyone here was interested in knowing or even cared to know that the ASUS G752 series is pretty beastly and the top-end model is running Star Citizen very well in its current state. If anyone was like me and felt that a gaming laptop would prove more convenient, but didn't know how it would handle Star Citizen, well here's your answer. I got the G752VY-DH78K model and ran the Universe ranging between 24-40 FPS on Max settings. Now I know that's not the greatest FPS range ever, but that's excellent for Max settings. I'll list the specs and details here: ASUS G752VY-DH78K Intel Core i7 6820HK / 2.7Ghz (turbo up to 3.6) 64GB DDR4 SDRAM / 2133MHz nVidia GeForce GTX 980M / 8GB GDDR5 17.3" Full HD IPS LED display with nVidia G-Sync 2x 256GB SSD + 1TB 7200RPM HDD Those are the basic specs for the Laptop. There are more in the series, but this is the highest-end one. Full specs below: http://www.cnet.com/products/asus-rog-g752vy-dh78k-17-3-core-i7-6820hk-windows-10-home-64-bit-edition-64-gb-ram-512-gb-ssd-plus-1-tb-hdd/specs/ Like I said, game ran on this thing at about 24-40 FPS (fluctuating depending on the area I was in and what was going on) on the highest graphics option running at 1900x1080. Again, I'm not sure if anyone actually cared to know, but here's that info for you guys. If anyone was still looking for something portable to run the game though, we have our weapon here now.
  5. convert it to a chromebook for free neverware.com
  6. Hey guys! I wanted to start this topic to help anyone looking for a compatible laptop (that doesn't break the bank) for Star Citizen. After months of research I found the Lenovo y510p. Depending on the model it comes with an i5 or i7, GeForce 750m or 755m, and is able to use a second GPU by way of the "UltraBay" for SLi. I did a quick (no audio) benchmark in Star Citizen with the i7, 755m version. I only had the one card in it when I did this. When I get the add-on card I'll do another benchmark, and when DFM drops expect another video or 10 . I posted pictures of it in the "Post your rig" topic, but figured that it wouldn't be a bad idea to start a new topic for laptops that can play. In my research there wasn't much information, so I kind of took a leap in the dark on this, but it works amazingly well! Cheers everyone! Ohh, and here's the YouTube link. Edit 1: I've got a new video up for 720p on low settings. These are the settings I find most playable. There will be another video coming soon with 720 and 1080 in their various graphics qualities. I just wanted to get something more polished up for now. Cheers! Edit 2: Link for the SSD fix and partition configurations can be found here. The SSD is not mounted from the factory, so you can't actually install anything on it until you do this. Cheers!
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