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Found 17 results

  1. Hello, I'm interested in Jump Point Vol 1 & 2 hardcover preferably not open but will look at anything. As for rare skins I'm interested in AMD Omega or anything else that may be brought up.
  2. I'm moving and need to lighten the amount of stuff to transport. For this reason, I am selling my copy of Jump Point Vol.2 It's a normal, hardcover copy of Jump Point Volume 2 which I purchased when they first came available. The book was leafed through once, and has been in a glass cabinet since arriving. I have had to put it glad warp as I just sold the cabinet. I don't have the original packing but I can shipping it to with all the polystyrene you need. Shot me a PM and we can begin talking.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm looking to acquire a Star Citizen's Jump Point volume 1 if someone would like to part with his/hers: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/13623-Jump-Point-Volume-One-Pre-Orders-Open Ideally, I'd prefer to get the hardcover version, which I'm not sure if all of them came signed by CR or not. I'd like to hear your offers, which can include a trade for ships/packages. Thank you all.
  4. Hey there, I'm looking for a fellow ship captain with his/ her eyes set on exploring the PU when it launches. I own a Mustang Beta and Vanguard( my preferred flyer), so I'll be able to fly right alongside in active combat support. Don't want any filthy Vanduul cutting up any unlucky explorers, so I'll be doing my part (star ship troopers reference) to fight them off. Only requirement, positive attitude! If you have a larger ship and are interested that would be swell, due to possibly being able to refuel and rearm my more fighter based craft. It'll be a partnership, you and me dancing across the void. To friends, Doc
  5. I thought this might be of interest to people who may want to know how CIG is making travelling through Jump Point a skilled based experience from PAX South Town hall. https://youtu.be/-Q4WAl6uBw0
  6. Going through the various Reddit Feeds, this is the best video that I could find of the amazing reveal of what first time Jump Point Navigation will be like, and it looks AWESOME!
  7. Jump Point Now Available! Attention development subscribers: the November 2014 issue of Jump Point is now available in your subscription area. This month’s Jump Point features the development of the orbital platform! That, plus a visit to the Nyx System, the history of the Gold Horizon corporation, the making of the FPS demo and an exclusive Star Citizen serial! Grab your copy today. Interested in becoming a development subscriber? You can learn more here. ++++ Copied some of the images to our reference threads: &&& These two images below - Enjoy
  8. Jedesis

    Want to Buy Jump Point Books

    Wondering if anyone could buy and send me the hardbound Jump Point Edition? I'll pay $5 more for your service. I hear the hardback edition sells for $20? (when it's in stock.) So I'll pay $25 for it, payment will be done through PayPal and/or middleman. Thanks.
  9. Anyone getting this? Do you all think it will be worth having? Its $80 USD Jump Point Volume 1: all 650 pages of the first 13 issues of Jump Point, bound together in one book. Each printed page has two original Jump Point pages (8.5” x 7”), resulting in a jumbo, 8.5” x 14”, 330-page archive on the first year of Star Citizen. As a special thank you, we have listed in the book the monikers of every subscriber during our first year of publication. Books will start shipping by End of April 2014. Price includes shipping costs.
  10. We haven’t forgotten our subscribers – the next issue of Jump Point is now available in your accounts! This month you’ll learn about the making of the ORIGIN 300i, visit the Terra system and meet the team behind the RSI Prime website launch. Development subscribers receive monthly full-color magazines and a variety of other features. Click here for more information on the subscription program!
  11. Greetings Citizens, It’s once again time to share an article created for an earlier Jump Point. This piece on the Orion System first appeared in Issue 4. Jump Point is released exclusively todevelopment subscribers every month. Articles on the game universe itself are shared with the community with a delay, but the behind-the-scenes interviews and original fiction aren’t available anywhere else! History The Orion System was first charted by a long-range UEE destroyer squadron in 2650. Low on fuel, the squadron made the transit to Orion in the hopes of collecting spaceborne hydrogen off the shoals of the system’s gas giant, Orion VII. The unit ended up spending three weeks insystem and producing in-depth star maps of the region. The system was found to contain a single habitable planet (Orion III, named Armitage by the explorers), few exploitable natural resources, and no additional strategic jump points. Locating nothing out of the ordinary, the UEE gave little thought to the system for the next two decades. Following the upheavals of the 2660s, a strong colonial movement surged through the human homeworlds as politicians began to extol the virtues of once again “reaching out for the galaxy.” Despite lacking a strong selling point, Orion was chosen for one of the dozen-odd colony programs established during that period. Ostensibly a corporate project, the UEE-backed “Project FarStar” aimed to build the most distant human colony ever established; a record for the history books rather than any sort of practical settlement. Within five years, Armitage was a bustling, if unnecessary colony. However, colonists discovered a profitable lode of precious metals (chiefly gold and platinum) in the system’s asteroid belt and began to exploit that with some success. Modular farm construction began in earnest with the goal of someday providing food for nearby systems as FarStar expanded coreward. This all ended on August 9, 2681, when mankind’s greatest menace made their entrance: a heavily armed Vanduul raiding party struck the main post on Armitage and slaughtered the colonists there to the last man (one citizen, a farmer, remains unaccounted for). The UEE was truly taken by surprise: there had been absolutely no indication of an aggressor species in the region, and intelligence from spy networks among the Banu and the Xi’an had failed to mention the Vanduul raids those races had recently suffered. Violence on Armitage was on a scale unprecedented in recent history and it immediately captured the attention of humanity’s home worlds. The UEE deployed research assets to the region to study the threat, ultimately determining that the Vanduul considered Armitage to be a “feeding world.” Vanduul warrior hordes seem to travel nomadically, occasionally revisiting past areas that they have identified as reservoirs of natural resources. As such, though they considered Armitage ‘their’ world, they had only set foot on it once in the previous century. They were either nonplused at finding a working human settlement on territory they used for supply … or they were overjoyed at finding a new species of prey. Vanduul attacks continued with some frequency: in six months, outposts throughout the Orion system had been raided fifteen times and casualties among the colonists were unsustainable. Although in public, politicians were out for blood and promised an eradication of the Vanduul threat, the truth was that deploying sufficient naval units to Orion would have been a logistical nightmare. The system was too far away to extend the existing supply chain and the reward was symbolic in nature. In two years, as the public furor subsided, Armitage was officially abandoned as a human colony world. The image of UEE fighters escorting a lengthy chain of transport ships away from the system remains ingrained in many memories. Today Orion III consists of bleak, windswept plains pockmarked with the after-affects of Vanduul antimatter bombardment weaponry: blast craters and radioactive zones. Ironically, the ferocity of their attacks completely eliminated the new-gnu herds they once hunted on the planet … which, in turn, reduced the frequency of subsequent Vanduul visits to the system. A few abandoned farm modules still stand and the skeletons of several human cities still exist in the form of wreckage overtaken by natural vegetation. Occasional Vanduul settlement sites can also be found, although there is little of interest beyond the curiosity implicit in standing where one of mankind’s deadliest enemies once cooked dinner. Why visit Orion? The simplest answer is that there is absolutely no practical reason to visit the Orion system or land on Armitage itself. The planet is home to a small settlement of humans. Living underground, they are the descendants of colonists who refused to leave when the UEE vacated. A hardy people, they are extremely insular and self-sufficient; they have little regard for the Empire and almost no interest in trading. It is possible to sell basic substance items, but without a great deal of markup. Luxury goods are worthless here and nothing is available for sale. Deposits of gold and platinum can still be located in the asteroid belt, but prospecting them is time consuming and transporting goods so far from the core worlds is a daunting logistical task. Vanduul hordes do make transit on occasion to pick up food from Armitage and ore from the asteroids, and a pilot foolhardy enough to want to test his mettle against them could reasonably do so here. As the ecosphere on Armitages dies, Vanduul forays are becoming increasingly uncommon. The best tip for those seeking to engage the Vanduul here is that you should attack when they arrive in the system rather than as they are leaving; Vanduul only visit feeder worlds when they are low on supplies and are of reduced combat efficiency. But even a starving Vanduul is the greatest challenge a fighter pilot can face, and remember that the UEE will not pay bounties for kills scored in a red restricted system such as Orion. Often forgotten is the fact that Orion is also the abandoned doorstep to the galaxy beyond known space. Astrophysicists predict that there are at least two unexplored jump points in the system and they believe that these in turn snake core-ward to regions now abandoned as human expansion has waned. As it is impossible to qualify the unknown, there is no way to promise that lucrative jump points or interesting galactic features lie beyond Orion … but if they’re anywhere, it is certainly one of the best places to start. With the proviso, that is, that a jump point on the far side of the Orion System is just as likely to lead you to more Vanduul forces as it is to unearth untold treasures.
  12. Great News for any constellation lovers a nice new update new picks and info check it out now in the Jump point 6 for subscribers :-)
  13. Greetings Citizens, There’s new content in the Engineering section today! As promised, we’re releasing the ‘Work in Progress’ content created for previous issues of Jump Point for everyone. Today you’ll learn the story behind the creation of the Anvil Aerospace Hornet fighter and the UEE pilot design. Check out out here. Jump Point Today is also the last Friday of the month, which means that subscribers receive an all new issue of Jump Point! Issue 4 is our Vanduul issue: you’ll hear from Chris Olivia about creating the look of the race and Jim Martin about the Scythe fighter. Dave Haddock’s Jump Point-exclusive serial wraps up and you’ll also visit Armitage in the Orion System. Find it now in your subscriber area. Here’s the newest Vanduul image for everyone: Cloud Imperium Site We’re also proud to announce that the Cloud Imperium Games corporate site, cloudimperiumgames.com, is now live! There you’ll find information about CIG and content like job listings which don’t quite fit in the Roberts Space Industries area. We’ll be back with more news and information from the Star Citizen team on Monday. We hope you all have a great weekend and, if you celebrate it, a happy Easter! holiday!
  14. Greeting Citizens, It’s the last Friday of the month and we’re happy to announce that the latest issue of Jump Point is now available to subscribers! Check your subscriber area to access a PDF copy of issue #3. You’ll learn all about the development of the Hornet, visit the Cathcart System, meet Chief Technology Officer Jason Spangler and get even more exclusive fiction from Star Citizen writer David Haddock. And as we have promised, some of the older content Jump Point allowed us to put together is being made available to the general public. The massive Bengal carrier article from the January issue is now available through the RSI site’s Engineeringarea. This extensive piece is just a small sample of the kind of things we put together each and every month using the subscription fees… so sign up if you’re interested in supporting more of this kind of material! New Website Update At the tail-end of the campaign, we had outlined a plan to wall off the website to only allow backers access to some of the deeper features. Unfortunately, we had to delay it in order to allow the thousands of Kickstarter backers time to link their accounts. Kickstarter integration happened a lot slower than we had anticipated, and thus the site remains in the same configuration since the campaign, leaving many of you to wonder what’s going on with the Galactapedia, Engineering, and other such sections? The answer to this is that, in short, we’re tearing everything down and reworking the entire site from scratch. We went into the project without the necessary funding to build a truly dedicated website, and did not expect the sheer amount of interest Star Citizen ultimately garnered, causing our host to overload whenever we experienced a spike in traffic. The current website is, to aptly describe, basically being held together by duct tape, spit, and glue. It’s quite a kludgy system as it is built on WordPress, which we have been modifying over-time. While WordPress is a decent platform for blogs and smaller sites due to its popularity and ease of installation / maintenance… it’s ultimately not designed to support what we need it to do. At the moment, we continually find ourselves furiously fighting our way around its inherent limitations and poorly designed architecture in order to implement our ever-growing needs and requirements, and that is simply unacceptable. The choice was, continue down that path or replace it with something entirely new and custom built to our specifications. Given that choice, the answer was clear. Star Citizen is going to be a world class game and so likewise it deserves a world class website. We now have the funds and the knowledge to build what the community truly deserves: a clean, scalable, robust, and visually stunning site that not only does proper justice in representing the Star Citizen vision, but also elevates the standard in end-user interaction on the web by bringing innovative concepts and techniques in user-experience design to the front. We’ve partnered with Turbulent, an excellent large-scale web development team in Montreal to develop a new, much more elegant back-end architecture that can easily flex to accommodate our comprehensive requirements. Every process is going to be redesigned to work the way it should in order for the site to seamlessly intertwine with Star Citizen exactly the way we envision, rather than hacking our way around a pre-packaged solution. For starters: on the front-end, The layout will no longer hide past Comm-Links and Spectrum Dispatches while preserving other older updates. There will be an actual e-commerce core with a proper shopping cart system. We’re also integrating social features in ways that better support: more dynamic polls, Reddit-style upvoting for comments and a host of other interactive features that will help us better learn what you want to see in Star Citizen. We’re currently working to integrate IRC and make the RSI forums more customizable. We’re building a better experience for everyone, our dedicated fans, as well as the CIG staff currently tasked with maintaining the current website. Our user interface designer, Zane Bien, who you met on today’s Wingman’s Hangar, is designing a snappier, more attractive UI that’s going to transition from the website into the upcoming Hangar Module and then to the finished game. In short, what you see in the coming months at Roberts Space Industries is going to be the vanguard of what you’re going to see in Star Citizen itself. We promise you it’s not going to launch until it’s up to Chris Roberts’ exacting standards… and until it’s something the Star Citizen community deserves. The tradeoff is that it’s going to take a little more time. We’re currently shooting to launch the new website towards the end of May… given that it’s up to standards by that point. Many of you are eager to spend your Kickstarter credits, access services like the Galactapedia, and reconfigure your pledges. We know it’s a bit of a long time, but we feel that the new site is going to be more than worth the wait! Website Previews Zane’s Interface Demo Interactive UI demo coming soon! Stay tuned!
  15. Still no new concept art or ship stats. Shouldn't the Aurora have been released months ago?
  16. We’re pleased to announce that the second issue of Jump Point is now available for all subscribers! This issue contains new fiction, an in-depth article about the creation of the Bengal carrier and a profile of the Kellog system! This issue is meaty, weighing in at over 40 pages! Jump Point is only possible due to the contributions of our subscribers. And while a lot of art is generated during the design process it takes an entire team of people to publish each month in the magazine and on the website. So huge thanks to our subscribers for making it possible to share our behind the scenes process with everyone! Over the course of each month we will release a good portion of the content in previous Jump Points to all of our backers. This is similar to the model used by other print magazines such as Edge. News and art may break in Jump Point, but everyone will get a chance to see all making of, universe fiction and any game mechanic reveals down the road. And subscribers, you get an early jump (and exclusive fiction) for helping fund the media team! Check out the preview below! Subscribers can read the rest in the subscriber area now! Not subscribed? Head over towww.robertsspaceindustries.com to get a subscription!
  17. Gifting The big news today is that a much-requested feature is now available, just in time for Christmas: you can now gift copies of Star Citizen to other people! You may gift existing tiers and add-ons to any e-mail address via Your Account page. A special gift e-mail will be sent to the person you select for the gift. Users do not need to have an RSI account: those that do not will be prompted to create one. If you purchased a multi-pack, it can now be split into individual copies of the game which can each be gifted in turn. If you’re searching for the perfect last minute gift, a copy of Star Citizen is the way to go! And remember that insurance belongs to the ship if thats what you are gifting, so those that registered before 11/26 can purchase packages with lifetime insurance for their friends! Friends will then be able to upgrade, add-on and purchase new ships to add to their collection with all the same benefits. There is currently a bug that is not conferring the original pricing status to new users that have received a gift from an original backer if they wish to purchase additional pledge tiers or add-ons. This will be fixed shortly after the holidays. Jump Point & Subscriptions We’re pleased to announce that the very first issue of the subscriber-only newsletter, Jump Point, is now available! We’ve decided to give everyone access to this first release, so everyone can see the kind of extra in-depth content that we can deliver thanks to the generous backing of our “Development Subscribers”. Future editions will be available only to those paying the subscription fee, but the content that was enabled by the subscription program will filter down to the rest of the community over time, so everyone should say a big thank you to our subscribers. There will be a pool of interesting people contributing to Jump Point with David Ladyman being Editor in Chief. Sandi Gardiner will be spearheading the video segments and as the subscriber number grows the more in-depth video we can have. One of our exciting ‘Tech Hotspot’ video segments for next month will be Chris demo-ing Oculus Rift. Interested in becoming an Imperator or Centurion subscriber? The recurring subscription fee system is available now. You’ll be able to subscribe using PayPal US or credit card but unfortunately PayPal Europe does not support subscriptions. Never fear, we are adding the ability to subscribe using Amazon soon! Current subscribers: since the original process was a one-time payment you’ll need to visit the link to start your recurring subscription. Wingman’s Hangar Also, we wanted to introduce everyone to our new weekly webcast show, where everyone will get a sneak peak into the development of the game, and get a chance to meet some of the folks that are working on making Star Citizen come to life. Starting in January, Wingman’s Hangar will be broadcast every Friday at 11am CST. Here is a small sample of what went on during today’s inaugural webcast. http://vimeo.com/56128152
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