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Found 6 results

  1. Hi! I've been wanting to check out the new update, but as mentioned in the title, something under the hood has changed and it might actually melt my cpu. Is there a known fix? I've already done some research on it but I thought it might be worthwhile to ask here as well. Thanks in andvance!
  2. Greetings Fellow Star Citizens, Dreamers, Lovers Of Space, and Gamers. Today is my birthday and I am super excited! There's so much to look forward to in life and experience. As I was wrapping up playing in the PTU server for the night with a fellow Imperium member, I ran across a youtube video about an Eve Online War. I said screw it and watched it because I was taking a break. And I have to say honestly it scared the shit out of me. It was video regarding a war between Imperium and an alliance of players. The question that popped immediately into my head was (is this the Imperium I am in or in any way related to?). There was a lot of drama involved and some players even threatening each others lives (in real life). This so called "war" that was in an online game (let me remind you not real life) had turned so hostile and toxic that people had to get permanently banned from the game as well as having developers step in. This was all due to an entire organization was basically led by one guy who could be pretty much called a psychopath (mittiah or something)?. I am not trying to get you guys to read into this too much but I am really concerned about the future of Imperium, Star Citizen, other Organizations, and the community growing as a whole. I want Star Citizen to be a fun and inviting place, besides organizations such as Imperium. To keep our happy thoughts of space and exploring it inside pure. I hope to god that Star Citizen does not turn into EVE Online 2.0. Between the shitty ship models and the extremely toxic community, I am worried that this will somehow seep into Star Citizen when it launches. With people going to citizen con not to have a good time and enjoy the game but create petty rivalries and hate for no reason. Even though I am a young man, I have already experienced what immature. emotinally undeveloped adults are. It has to be one of the scariest things Ive ever run into (the first time being my step-father). My fear also lies into these kind of people not only showing up in the Star Citizen Community, Citizen Con, In-game, etc. But also perhaps being in Imperium? Let me be very clear I do not believe any current members resemble the toxic EVE Online community. However I fear they may end up in our organization and others that we are alliance to as Star Citizen gets more developed/closer to its release. Perhaps I am overthinking/overreacting. But I have to say, deep within my heart and soul I would be devastated if any of this kind of hate/anger/petty bullshit entered into our beloved Star Citizen Game. Whether it is between organizations or the community. I hope the developers of star citizen make sure there is no way other players can manipulate our organization, other organizations, the game, or people's ships/properties in any sort of way. I also hope that no player in our organization abuses their rights of command or manipulates our organization that would bring harm to it, our players, the game, or the community in any way. In reality this is just food for thought. But after watching that crappy video it really hit home and made me worry about what will Imperium become, what is the future of star citizen, and what will be the community? I guess it is what we make it? Please respond and let me know what you guys think because it would mean a lot to me if we could have a serious talk about this. Its legit keeping me up. Incase anyone is curious regarding the videos I watched that gave me worry, here are the following 2 links:
  3. Last week I updated the boards to IP.Board 4.3.x just like any other update. It was one of their larger updates that required theme and plugin updates as well. I didn't check Tapatalk as it normally just seems to work and I don't use the app. Then this morning I see that Tapatalk has some issues so I Google "Tapatalk" to go grab the new version. This is were it gets interesting... Googling "Tapatalk" doesn't return their website?? It shows some ads, Wiki, their Facebook and social, then some stories. Nothing really negative on the first page that I see, but why wouldn't their site show up? Then at the bottom I see the notification about the DMCA takedown notice. I'm guessing that has to do with this... So I click the link to view the complaint here: https://www.lumendatabase.org/notices/17036863. I'm thinking it's a single complaint, then as the page loads and my scrollbar loads I notice this is huge...scroll....scroll.....scroll....383 copyright claims appearing to be forums from what little I can tell. So makes me think why are so many communities filling complaints against Tapatalk? On to page 2 of Google Search results and then I start to find some dirt. IP.Board Forums - People having issues since 4.3 updgrade due to new API from IP.Board - some people showing unsatisfied for many reasons. Tapatalk Wiki - What happened here everything is gone? Facebook & Twitter - Both cleaned off and none or almost no activity? Online petition about privacy and database - dunno if legit or just internet crying. Old post but even early on identifies issues and claims to income Tapatalk earns which I'll prove below. I stopped there, but appears there is a lot to read on the topic and most seems negative in general. Now I never login to the Tapatalk website unless to download a software update. But at this point I clicked around my entire account. Ah I found a spot where they pay you based on earning from ads they server within Tapatalk. I knew they did this, but never saw anything from it really so didn't pay any attention. So looking at the numbers here....wow they pay .13 cents for their ads have 900k impressions for July alone through SCB Tapatalk??? I don't expect anything and why I keep it ad free, but no control over this in Tapatalk. So what did they earn on the 900k? I bet a ton more than .13, should we be supporting this? In addition to all of this some say they scrape the data, steal the data, index and show as their own data etc....I'm not sure what's true or false so that's the whole point of getting this discussion going to see if others know more. Keep in mind I've only spent maybe 45 minutes on all of this so if any of you have more insight please let me know or set me straight 😋. The discussion is open to decide if we'll keep or trash Tapatalk on the SCB boards. Thanks all!
  4. I have a 2 monitor setup and sometimes when gaming/doing stuff on my main/primary monitor the 2nd monitor to my side would go into a sort of "sleep" mode where it just goes black and wont ever come back on. Windows that are on that screen are still there and can be interacted with. The screen still comes up in display settings and is being picked up but its just all black The only way to solve the problem is to turn the monitor off (which sends all my open windows to the main monitor) and then turn it back on, it will then go back to normal and act normally for a while then randomly go black again. There is no way to make the issue occur, sometimes after hours of gaming it doesn't come up once, sometimes 30 - 40 mins in it happens. Having something playing on the 2nd screen seems to make it happen less or flat out stops the issue from occurring/reoccurring, but that could just be luck as it has gone black while YouTube for example is playing. As far as im aware nothing from the software side "should" be effecting it as nothing has really been installed that is new/hasn't been on the system before and also caused the issue, though an update to some app might be doing it. If anyone has any tips ideas please share
  5. Thread Intro Hello everybody! Of late, there seems to be a lot of talk about Star Citizen's development; specifically, about how it continues to, or fails to, meet the promises set out in its original campaign. Strong conversations have taken place in a few threads, most notably this one about an article written by Derek Smart and this one about a response Ben Lesnick posted on the RSI forums (an excellent read, BTW) in response to said surge of cynicism. Since this seems to be a popular point of contention, I thought it apt to begin a dedicated thread on this subject, if for no other reason then to air the dirty laundry we've gathered. Disclaimer: I would be remiss if I didn't remind everyone that this is a mature and open-minded forum. I say this to encourage discussion - for that's why we're all here - but to also prompt open-minded and non-derogatory posts. It seems that this is a heated issue which has elicited diametrically opposed views. Heads up: that's great! We only learn from new and different ideas. So please contribute civilly and try to understand others' views, and as some old person (or I) said, "It befits a wise man to dispute a person's ideas, but not the person themselves." That said! Guess I should be the one to kick this off. Personal Response Understanding that we're backers of a vision, it's important that we remain skeptical of development, if only to communicate feedback to a developer who actively demands it. Star Citizen has adopted one of - if not the - most open development approaches in gaming yet, and as such, we can actively help and guide the game experience's development by commenting and interacting with the devs. And it's been successful to this point! We've seen a plethora of new and improved content - some of which has directly come from the backing community (e.g. the Redeemer) - and we've seen technical blockers consistently surpassed. So, why are many backers complaining about SC's infeasibility, uncommunicativeness, and other general shittiness? Honestly, this seems like anxiety- and impatience-fueled panicking over points that have been addressed time and time again. I mean, surely we can all agree that at this stage, a complaint to the FTC isn't warranted! While, yes, CIG did postpone the initial release, that's understandable. Their initial vision became eclipsed by the amount of funding they received, and they saw an opportunity to take the lemons and make lemonade. And they did. So, yes, it could be said that the current vision for Star Citizen has been feature-creeped galore, it's understandable. And, of more import, it's been communicated every step of the way. Every other delay since has dealt with modules, which have been defined more-or-less as showcases for Star Citizen's current stage of development. CIG's on record saying that these delays in little or no way impact overall development, and only mean more polished and developed content upon their release. On top of that, no evidence has been given that any technical issues have stopped development in its tracks. If anything, with an extremely talented and specialized team, CIG has come up clever and admirable solutions to problems critics pointed to as deal breakers. For instance, the economy (universe) simulator is tailored by economists to simulate the trends of the PU instead of to simulate each NPC, a solution that mirrors accuracy without breaking every supercomputer ever. As far as I can see, that leaves people saying that CIG needs to release content to keep backers' trust. Besides being a load of bull - it's their game to develop, not ours, we've already tossed our cash at them - they've decided to do just that. In fact, they've always done that. Just look at the amazing number of videos released weekly, the weekly live Q&A showing intellectual development, the interactions in the RSI forums w/devs, the concept art and mechanics descriptions released, the continual releases of lore, the monthly updates, and now the weekly updates on the FPS module. If anything, CIG is throwing content at us like it's worthless, and it's anything but. For those saying it's not enough, please understand that we're talking about a game in development. Hold on and you'll get the whole thing. Oh, and turnover. That's normal. Look at a variety of other intellectual property development. It's normal. People have lives. Moving on now. All of this feels like unnecessary drama catalyzed by people upset about the FPS delay. CIG has given no sign of being anything but an honest company with a vision, a plan, and a promise that they've been working towards tirelessly. It feels dishonest and harsh to adopt an antagonistic stance when employees post again and again that they've seen it, to hold on, it's coming, if we could just stop the negativity we'll see it. Please, give me feedback if you feel otherwise. So I'll sit tight. And question, as is important, but I'll do so respectfully and optimistically. Because while criticism and skepticism is important, I honestly believe that CIG and company remains honest and honourable (they've given no sign otherwise), and they'd let us know if this all comes crumbling down. Otherwise, I remain sure that Star Citizen is coming, and it'll be a helluva experience. Here's to sharing it with you all. TL;DR: Nope. This once, don't be lazy and read the wall of text. I'd hate me too, but seriously, if you want to participate, it's better to dive in. Cheers!
  6. So I have a bit of an interesting issue. Let me just preface this with a disclaimer: I know that the hangar module is in a pre-alpha stage, which means that I know the performance is sub par and that it is not optimized for any particular card. Ok, now that the disclaimer is out of the way, I'd like to give you guys my system specs just so that you know: i7 3770k @ 4.5 ghz Antec Kuhler 920 CPU cooling Asus Sabertooth z77 2x MSI 7970 3gb/OC @ 1100 Mhz clock/1600 Mhz memory (aftermarket cooling) 2x 128 gb Samsung SSDs in Raid 0 (<<--I run the hangar module on these raided SSDs) 500 gb WD Blue HD Windows 8.1 Pro Catalyst 14.2 drivers (Beta) (I am running eyefinity) Alright, so I've been playing around in the business hangar module with my freelancer and 315p. I use MSI afterburner to monitor my card usage, memory/core clocks, core temp, and VRM temps. What I have noticed is that whatever I do, the hangar module WILL NOT use crossfire and that I'm getting horrible performance (15 to 17 fps MAX) with 2 7970 (AMD's last gen flagship card). My top card is always at full clocks while my second card is always on idle clocks (as though I am NOT in a 3D application). Thus, my first thought is that crossfire is not on. So I checked the Catalyst control center and Xfire is on and then I proceeded to try to force AFR friendly crossfire in the control center. When I booted up Star Citizen, both my cards will boot up to max clock speeds but then my second card will clock back down to idle clocks. Next, I used some of the CryEngine 3 console commands to try to force crossfire on. I used this command: r_MultGPU 1 to set the game to to search for another card to use in crossfire. However, this did not work either! I tried restarting the module as well as making a user.cfg file with that command and neither worked. So I took to the internet to try to find an answer, thinking that other people might have had my problem. Unfortunately, I could not find anyone who had the same problem and on top of that, I found people who were using crossfire in the hangar module when I clearly could not. Here is an example that really angered me because this guy is running his 7970s in crossfire and eyefinity just like me and he is getting significantly better performance than me. JUST to make it clear I disabled my eyefinity while running the hangar module because of performance issues (all the above issues were seen at 1920 x 1080 resolution). Here is the link of the guy who was using crossfire effectively: http://www.tweaktown.com/tweakipedia/28/star-citizen-benchmarked-at-7860x1440-with-radeon-hd-7970s-in-cf/index.html Thus, I am frustrated because that guy ran his 7970 CF at a higher res than me in the deluxe hangar (which i can only assume is more demanding than the business hangar) while I am running at a lower res with the same chip and having issue with fps and I can't even get CF to work. Clearly, this does not seem like simply the module not being optimized. I also know it is not a cooling issue because my main card never peaks over 53 degree celsius in this module and my VRM temps are all below 70 degree celsius while in the module as well. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking of rolling back to 13.12 drivers to see if that would help but I am not sure. Thanks, Hardware-Fiend
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