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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, when i am ingame the FPS on a good server is around 60 Fps, but when i moving the mouse, the fps drops down about 50% or more. This issue is in the menus too, simply moving the cursor and the fps pulled down. Never had this before, reinstalled but no luck.
  2. i am new so sorry in advance. so i brought the Mustang Alpha Pack last night downloaded the game and for some reason i can only access the hangar and have no Mustang? can someone please help?
  3. So ive decided to fire up ArmA III up again today and for some reason after the update it did... its unplayable laggy (5-7fps) Before this the game ran fine on ultra at 60-80 fps no problems, the only real changes since i last played are the Win10 creators update and ArmA III update (the last version i remember playing was just as Apex went live and before Jets DLC came to be/was even talked about) Has anyone else experienced this? Know a fix? Everything is up to date and all other games run just fine Really dont know whats up
  4. If you are having the issue that I just experienced where during the loading screen for AC and you get a Connection Error, I may have a fix for you. There was a post in Reddit that lead me to believe that it was a password hash issue (HERE), I tended not to believe it because this is the first time, after many successful logins, that I got this error. Alas, it seemed to be a password hash issue. Now I don't know if it was because of the complexity of my password (it looked something like this ¡¾Åù%Ѹ×Äó×ZÐúàfà ) so I went to the RSI Website and tried changing it to something simple with just normal characters, numbers, and symbols like (Abc#123). Now maybe the complexity wasn't the issue and just changing it was the trick, but there is no way to tell. This worked immediately!! Best of luck to ya, post here if it worked for you, didn't work, or you have a similar issue -- Thanks! EDIT: This fix only works once, the Reddit fix below (which is different than mine) also allegedly works only once (but I have not actually tried their method). You will have to repeat my fix every time you close the launcher/game and try to relaunch it (I will run out of passwords at this rate, perhaps I will try the Reddit fix next). Although it seems that the password hashes are not syncing with the server, so the one hash is only good for that session and when your PC generates a new hash -- the server on CIG's end doesn't clear out and update... or something like that. From what I know about hashes and checksums, I think that hypothesis is probably wrong, but whatever, it's broked! Also, it may have started happened when I tried adding the "pp_rebindkeys layout_joystick_spacesim" command in my system.cfg file. I haven't gotten the error now since I have removed it.
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