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  1. I'm would like to contact the guys over at Roberts Space Industries with a list of interview questions. Either Chris himself or some of the other game makers could provide answers that I will then publish as a story here. So far I have: 1) What are credits? (ingame only currency, or something you can buy for $ – for EVEers ISK/AUR, WOTers gold/silver, etc) 2) What is the value of 5000 credits or 10000? Is that enough for a fighter, heavy fighter, capital ship? 5000 credits = $50? 3) What is a citizens card? And what does it mean to have either bronze, gold, platinum citizens card? How does the green, silver, gold, bronze, titanium,etc citizens card differ from one another except in color and recognition? 4) Where can I see stats of the ingame ship I’m getting in my package? 5) What do titles mean? Is it a forum recognition or also ingame recognition? 6) What are blueprints and how are they useful? Is it an ingame item you can then craft if you have the resources and skill? 7) The “Go Boldly” package: is the half a day with CR one on one as well or spent with other people who pledge the same amount? 8) What is the 1 Million Mile High Club Ownership? Is it a digital estate, where you can hang with your friends, and throw “access denied” to all unwanteds? Will it be visible orbiting the Earth, Moon or Jupiter? Can you decide where you want to have it? Will you be able to customize it? 9) Is the “Hang with CR for a day..” offer one on one as well or spent with others the could chunk the same amount of cash? 10) Can packages ships be earned ingame by any gamer in released game? 11) How long would it take for an average player to earn the amount of say 5k credits? I would like to get a good list of ~20 questions so post what you would like to see answered and then I will choose the top 20 to send over to the team.
  2. Star Citizen | Chris Roberts Interview - Funding The Game Star Citizen interview — Why Chris Roberts raised another $46 million to finish sci-fi universe DEAN TAKAHASHI@DEANTAK DECEMBER 20, 2018 10:15 AM
  3. Someone over on Reddit found this awesome interview from 2015. I for one have never seen it so I figured I'd share it here as well.
  4. I was fortunate enough to get a couple of minutes to discuss Star Citizen's Combat AI and animations with @CIG_Tiki_Bartender on Spectrum. The content they are working on is currently planned for 3.2 but this was more about the issues surrounding the development, with no specific details. To clarify at Tiki's request the car analogy used was as a real world example that can be used as a concept and not directly transposed onto the Star Citizen verse!
  5. hi guys this is a 2 part Q&A session that was held at this weekends PCGW event. Enjoy!
  6. Interview with Chris Roberts, Creator of Star Citizen • Gear Patrol See link above or hidden below
  7. Hi Guys Check this out. I haven't seen this posted here: http://www.gamersnexus.net/gg/2613-chris-roberts-on-star-citizen-procedural-planets-alpha3-citizencon An interview with Chris about upcoming patches and Citizencon. Mostly stuff we already know. EDIT: Part 2 is out: http://www.gamersnexus.net/gg/2617-chris-roberts-on-character-technology-weather-system-engine-arch
  8. ...by german gaming magazine Gamestar (in english). Please don't make fun of our accent. http://www.gamestar.de/videos/chris-roberts-im-interview-wie-stehts-um-star-citizen-und-squadron-42,90207.html
  9. Hello Everyone , ... After hours spent observing the site we managed to infiltrate some operatives behind the security lines. The special team from Alleanza Astrale met there some operatives of the Black star initiative apparently envisioning the surroindings with similar intentions. Together thanks to the cooperation of the CIG staff we got access to the secured hidden Chairman base. There we managed to make a brief interview with the Chairman himself before Advocacy could break in. Forgive the audio but it was uploaded and immediately retransmitted through several hacked subspace channels from a nearby system to not be intercepted by the Advocacy communication department. We used a the Herald Hacking device and have tried our best to upload on a secure and public channel, making it available to all the Citizens of the Empire. Interference is unfortunately present due to the heavy security shielding systems present around the location as well as the many active counter espionage Ewar devices. But we managed to clean the audio, split the packets through different paths so to not be intercepted and entrusted a courier to deliver the decryption keys message asap.</i> AA Com. team The video has subtitles , hope to have got them right. We have enabled Italian subtitles for the ones of you that might need. https://youtu.be/xILkUz9QAJQ Topics covered: Org 2.0 Modding tools VR Implementation Single player / multiplayer gameplay Procedural planets tech Player built custom bases www.starcitizen.itItalian Community Website Or Directly on video. Like this Quote Go to top
  10. Quote from someone on Reddit
  11. Hi Guys I did not see this posted. Thought I'd share this.
  12. Disco Lando randomly called in for 15mins on Starcast! Only there for a short time but talks about a few things such as upcoming gamescom events and of course SC/SQ42. https://www.twitch.tv/geekdomo/v/72832006?t=31m30s Interesting Points - CIG will be at gamescom and do presentations over 5 days instead of a one off three hour show. They will also show off a build that is not public at the time. - Disco mentioned selling the Dragonfly w/ another larger Drake ship as a package in tomorrow's sale. (thanks Proxus-g)
  13. Published on Mar 24, 2016 This episode was wrought with technical difficulties. I had some issues with a USB hub with caused my video to fail and when setting up the call Ben and I were unable to get audio to work. In the end, I have Ben's video and Audio and my Audio. That is a win when you see what it took to get there Here are the questions. 00:32 Ben is working on weight 2:58 CitizenCon Ticket Sales 3:50 Blade Sales Success 4:09 How close to a glades will the Blade be? 4:42 Can you race a Blade? 5:01 Blade pricing 6:52 If I upgraded a previously owned ship will I get the poster and model in my hangar? 7:43 Starfarer Pricing 8:44 How do the ship prices change when purchasing in game is enabled in the near future? 10:56 Xi-An Scout design changes 13:17 Are the Xi=An our allies? 14:49 Will our hangars grow with our fleet? 15:26 Will the Polaris Corvette have heavy guns on it? 16:09 What is the corvette's main mission? 17:17 Can you give the Carrack to Foundry 42 so it can grow larger? 17:54 Does the Gemini have both the fuel scoop and weapons? 19:01 How the UEE gets Vandal ships 23:39 What is the estimated price of the Polaris? 24:01 Can you give the prices of concept ship sales one week before the sale like you did in the past? 24:31 What company makes the next concept ship?
  14. Mar 23 INNTERVIEW – SARAH MCCULLOCH Last week Shiver Bathory sat down and chatted with Sarah McCulloch, Junior Concept Artist with Foundry 42 Manchester! Shiver and Sarah talk about the Star Citizen project as a whole, what she’s been working on recently, including the Starfarer and the HOTAS, before moving on to a little update on the process of the HOTAS development, and what artists have influenced her.
  15. The forgotten interview with Chris Roberts <<--- See link or Hidden...
  16. Streamed live 5 hours ago Very special guest: Ben Lesnick joined us to discuss Wing Commander and Star Citizen! Ben Lesnick is the world’s biggest Wing Commander fan. He founded WCNews, which is the premiere Wing Commander news site. Currently he is Director of Community Engagement and Content Strategy at Cloud Imperium Games, whose current project is the much anticipated Star Citizen. WCNews: http://www.wcnews.com/ Star Citizen: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/ Video is mainly on Wing Commander but a little talk about Star Citizen at the end (no major news items)
  17. This is a weekly interview Batgirl does with Ben, this weeks was very good. Answered a lot of questions a lot of people are having here in and in the ship-yard. edit: timestamps:1:00 Summit1:38 Female models3:15 Ship pipeline4:49 More Vanduul Ships5:40 Xi-An Scout7:24 Consolidated Outland Freelancer Competitor8:37 Light vs Medium vs Heavy vs Long Range Fighter Definitions14:36 Manned Turrets. Are they working?18:23 Mustang Delta Camouflage21:03 Starter Pack ContestSynopsis: ( I aplogize Ben for picking your words apart. I hope we all take all of this with a grain of salt. He's discussing the game, but these are not planned questions and responses. he's being honest with us, we should allow him a wide birth and not criticize his every word and take it all as gospel:female models:coming with character customization which is coming soon. "maybe 2.3 or 2.4." Batgirl said, and Ben didn't directly deny it. ship pipeline:next ships coming, after the 3 we already know are on their way, are likely 1 or 2 seat ships. likely 1 or 2 seat ships for industrial usesmore vanduul ships:we'll likely get one more before Sq42, that is in addition to the upcoming vanduul interceptor, I think ben called it the bladeXian Scout:Wait and see, it's coming soon. Ben has yet to fly it. mustang competition:sureLight vs Medium vs Heavy vs Long Range Fighter Definitions:It's something that came from Wing-commander. Think of them more as something giving you progress in the game from the ship you might start with to the ship you earn as you get more money. YES, there are roles associated with ships, but they aren't guarantees. He says in Wing-commander it went: light,medium, heavy, space superiority.. but SC is more complicated than that. "a light fighter is something more like an inteceptor, think the gladius or the m50 (if it were militarized), or the mustang. Medium fighters would be the Saber/Hornet. The heavy fighter would be things like the vanguard. When discussing long-range fighter, he uses words like "long duration", "where the hornet can maybe get 2-3 jumps in, the vanguard can get 6-8" this is theory, he's not saying this as fact!One thing he does say is that in Wing Commander the space superiority ship is a step up above the heavy fighter, and after that he calls the Vanguad a heavy fighter. One might think that means the Super Hornet is supposed to be able to beat the Vanguard, in theory. Though the F8 lightning is a heavy fighter as well and it's supposed to be able to stomp the Super Hornet, correct? Point being, this isn't Wing Commander it's SC. We don't yet know, still, if the vanguard is supposed to be able to beat the SH, in theory. Ben goes to great lengths to explain the idea of the Vanguard. "It's our new baby"manned turrets:Not done yet. big overpass coming, "pilot needs to be able to see where the turret is pointed, turret can't tell where the ship is pointed" among other things "there's a disconnect between the pilot and the turret"ships, which one's are done:All of them are getting another pass for the component system, and that's the least amount of work each one will get. https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/316936/really-good-interview-with-ben
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