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Found 11 results

  1. WarWulf

    Ongoing Discussion Force Feedback in a new generation

    Is immersion, and are haptics, still relevant? Sony has recently revealed their new controller... and it looks like they've replaced the usual rumble pad with actual haptics and force feedback. In their blog post, Sony detailed the "variety of powerful sensations" haptic feedback can bring to gameplay, like "the slow grittiness of driving a car through mud." Haptic feedback is the same technology behind the Nintendo Switch's HD rumble and we know the Xbox Series X controller will make use of it as well. Probably the most famous haptic controller in this community will be the Mi
  2. Hi Since this is my introductory post I'd like to put my best foot forward by getting all up on my high horse about 'old school' (1990's) gaming technique and its miss-application to Star Citizen. Now I see that C.I.G. is aware of this issue because in the latest Calling All Devs it is mentioned that a game mechanic is in the works to limit character stamina and I say, "Hallelujah!" Of course what will follow are the cries for in-game super-stamina or some esoteric version of energy drinks and these characters will once again be crashing into other players and doors and walls even w
  3. We need more gameplay that involves less combat, and more exploration. Granted that it is coming eventually, we need a lot more of it. With the death system the way they see it, combat should be only 1/50th of the game for example. What game mechanics do you guys feel we need in the game for a more atmospheric experience in the game?
  4. Might need this for SC for the super immersive feeling if you don't like VR
  5. Hello! I'm currently studying to become a pilot and that's where I kinda got the idea of making this for my Idris. The idea is to have the pilot in Star Citizen feel that he is actually landing an actual spaceship inside another spaceship, to get that feel of immersion is what I'm after. This might be overdoing it, but I thought it would be cool to have this as a procedure for at least my Idris and eventually any bigger ship I might get to command. Don't know how this will work in the game, but I will try none the less! So I thought It would be nice to get some feedback on w
  6. Greetings everyone. A game that I've been keeping an eye on for a while has just entered Kickstarter and I figured I'd share it with you all. Seeing how some of us here were quite excited to play Ark, etc. it isn't a too far stretch. Saurian is an Open-World Survival Game with a high focus on being scientifically accurate and up to date. They just started their Kickstarter today and if everything works out well, everyone should be able to play January 2017. The game is based around dinosaurs. Other than Ark and similar games however, it is set in a true location and recreates the Flo
  7. I'd like to inform all of you that HCS VoicePacks is officially licensed with CIG & therefore Star Citizen. We currently have 3 packs completely compatible with the game: 'Orion, Vega & Midnight' and working hard on making every pack compatible. The VoicePacks are made up with hundreds, if not thousands of audio files played by famous actors. We Create game-ready Voice Attack profiles for "Elite Dangerous" and "Star Citizen". The profiles will be updates as the game's development progresses in the future. If you decide to buy one of the voicepacks, keep in mind that Voice
  8. https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/288689/i-am-impressed-however-as-a-former-aviation-sailor-fix-these-major-issues I posted this on RSI. I want them to make the colors do as they are supposed to. If you argue that purple is just fine for a aircraft director, i suggest you see a picture of a flight deck from afar and see who sticks out first. White, then yellow, and white is supervisory and safety. Please get this thread on RSI exposure, I want to feel immersed. If they ignore Naval Heritage.......
  9. Beware the shadows is a short little video to show the shadows cast by object in AC with the lighting. As an architect / aerospace engineer in real life - I love this attention to detail / immersion / fidelity / realism
  10. So, I was just sitting on my computer, jammin' to my music, and I thought: Will Star Citizen have any life-simulation features? What I mean by that is; similar to EVE, will there be a little window where you can open up a real browser and browse the web, and things similar to that? I mean, if CIG wants to make this game as immersive as possible, it'd be nice to not have to tab out/go to another monitor in order to chat with friends or something. Rather, we'd have everything we want in-game! Picture this, right? You're in your ship, exploring the depths of the galaxy. You're in a
  11. http://player.vimeo.com/video/51125118
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