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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! Got an account with a ship Idris-P. Account will be given fully to the new owner, including the original e-mail box, which is tied to registration. Ship have a "gift' button. And if buyer wants it and support allows, ship may be transfered to buyers account (but support is very reluctantly to transfer goods value more than a 1000$), so because of it, i offer account at full, so you will not waste your time on correspondence with CIG support. Price: $1500 USD - final price. I have over 150 successful sales of ships Star Citizen on eBay (all with positive feedback from buyers).
  2. Im liquefying. 2x Javelins, 2x idris-p and $1500+ worth of credit. DISCLAIMER: The hammer head, the p72's, and the m50 ARE NOT ON THE ACCOUNT. I sold them and am to lazy to retake the screenshots. https://imgur.com/a/p8Lolmw#CIu7SbU I've posted this to all the high rollers. First come first serve, I want fucking out.
  3. Executive Order ship sales! LTI 890 Jumps and LTI Constellation Phoenix! Are you a former President, CEO, Kingpin, or maybe just a collector of fine things? Well you've stopped at the right place cause fine things are what we sell here. Welcome to Executive Order ship sales. We offer the finest in truly limited LTI and Non-LTI ships both with package options if you need. We also offer worthy trades for those with fine things to offer. As always all prices include fees, and I cannot accept RSI as payment due to recent scams involving RSI credit sales. _ Truly Limited
  4. MELT VALUE: Imperator Prime Plan: $240 USD War Pack: $5,000.00 USD Constellation: $275.00 USD Hornet F7C-S Ghost: $140 USD Item Price Qty. Discount Total Cot ¤2,000 UEC 1 ¤0 UEC ¤2,000 UEC Workbench ¤10,000 UEC 1 ¤0 U
  5. Idris(M) 6 x Class 5: Behring M3C ASA Turrets 1 x Class 6: Behring M5C STS Turret 1 x Class 6: A&R Plowshare Anti-Ship Missile Launcher (ASML) 1 x Class 8: Klaus & Werner Zestroyer Spinal Mount Rail Gun Idris(P) 7 x Class 5: Behring M3C ASA Turrets 1 x Class 6: Behring M5C STS Turret ----------------------------------- What roles do you guys see the two ships? How much of impact will the railgun have over not having? How many people you think will upgrade to the (M) when they sell the kits for the (P)?
  6. I went ahead and bit the bullet, it was a very bitter pill. I melted 11 LTI ships, some I will not get back (except in game) including the Reclaimer, Hull C, Banu Merchantman, and Endeavor. I'm mostly upset about the Reclaimer. I also wound up being stuck with an extra Sabre (could not melt it as I bought it yesterday) - I will be offering this one up for purchase once you can no longer buy it off of RSI to recoup my losses on it. I did keep the Orion, Carrack, Redeemer, M-50, 350R, Avenger, and Harold. Sum total: I have an Idris-P. I think I may call her The Banshee. I really hope I can
  7. As stated, For sale: 1x LTI Idris-P Ship + all associated RSI and Email Accounts (All in good standing). **Payment options accepted:** Verified Paypal, Check, Money Orders, Bank Wire Transfer, and possibly BitCoin if necessary. Price adjustments may be incorporated to cover fees, alternative payment options eliminate fees. Financing is available at least 3 ways: 1) Paypal Bill me Later, 2) Ebay 6month installment purchasing, 3) Paypal preset monthly payments. (Edits may follow as necessary) Note: Any deals made via SCB may yield a donation to the site.
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