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Found 2 results

  1. I'm looking to offload some hardware! 1. XFX R9 290X Black OC Edition (4GB) - $100 -- The Black Edition comes overclocked and has none of the temperature issues associated with the reference 290X. I was never been able to get the card above 78 degrees C, and the card has only been lightly used. (Someone made me an offer on an R9 295x2 that I couldn't refuse. ) Performance is equivalent to that of a GTX 1060 / GTX 970. EDIT: This is a 4GB card. 2. Intel i5-6600k (Skylake) - $100 -- This was a part of the same build as the and was used very lightly. I was able to achieve a stable overclock of 4.7 GHz when paired with an ASUS Maximus VIII Hero motherboard. YMMV. I was actually able to push the chip all the way up to 4.9 GHz in testing, but it was 100% stable with a safer voltage at 4.7 GHz. Here is a link to my results using 3DMark's Fire Strike where you can see the chip pushing 4.888 GHz. http://www.3dmark.com/fs/5781870 (Not sure why my GPU is marked as generic on this one). -- And a link to 4.5 GHz: http://www.3dmark.com/fs/5777370 Both items come with original boxing. Shipping costs will be covered by the buyer and will ship UPS using whichever method you prefer. Verified PayPal only.
  2. At the end of Reverse the Verse, Sean Tracy talked about server and client performance based on how many cores are available: Timestamped Twitch link: http://www.twitch.tv/cigcommunity/v/30598087?t=91m37s Applicable reddit thread where I saw this linked: https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/3xe7a1/sean_tracy_on_i7_vs_i5_in_star_citizen I've speculated about how well threaded Star Citizen will be a number of times on these forums. It seems that an i7 (quad core with hyperthreading) will end up having a noticeable advantage over an i5 (quad core without hyperthreading). He mentioned "eight cores", so that leads me to believe that even octo-core extreme CPUs will see a benefit (whether it outweighs their inherent clock-speed disadvantage compared to quad and hexa cores, I dunno). This is also good news for people with the "eight core" AMD CPUs, like the FX-8350. I doubt they'll be better than a desktop i7 due to their significant IPC deficit, but they may well be better than an i5 or some of the laptop i7s that are clocked a lot slower. I still want a Star Citizen time demo feature! Anyways, this is a great sign that they are taking multi-threading very seriously. The future of CPUs clearly is not faster and faster cores, but more and more cores, so its very important that they make these considerations early, and they are!
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