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Found 21 results

  1. All prices include "middle man" fees. I sell my ships through star-hangar.com. LTI C2 Hercules (original concept) LTI Carrack Base - SOLD LTI Reclaimer Base - SOLD LTI Retaliator Bomber - SOLD LTI Khartu-Al Base - (new flight model coming!! grab one quick! also, this was CCU'd from a P72) LTI Herald Base - SOLD (had 2, both gone) LTI Hull B Base - SOLD LTI P72 Archimedes - (only 1 left!) Freelancer Max Game Package w/ 6 months insurance - (This is the old school package with both games! Squadron 42 and the PU! There are rumors the Freelanc
  2. Black Wing Federation The Black Wing Federation recognizes the value in another’s honor. It is for this value that we provide proxy services to those that would wish to retain their honor from activities they may deem unsavory. Our Objective Our goal is to provide a contracting service to other organizations and groups. Providing total anonymity to all clients. Whether you need to fill personnel gaps for whatever you wish to accomplish, or you need a task completed, but do not want your name or org attached, we are here to fill that gap. Requirements
  3. Hi folks. My eBay store and trade history : https://www.ebay.com/usr/zorik79 ----------Original Concept STANDALONE SHIPS---------- Anvil Hurricane - LTI - 220 USD Anvil Arrow LTI - 85 USD Avenger Titan Renegade - LTI -95USD AEGIS Gladius Valiant - LTI - 140USD ORIGIN 85X - LTI - 68 USD ARGO COMBO PACK (MPUV CARGO and MPUV PERSONNEL)- LTI - 86USD MPUV Personnel - LTI - 55 USD ANVIL Terrapin - LTI - 230 USD ADD-ONS - URSA Rover- LTI - 60USD DRAKE Buccaneer - LTI - 135USD MISC Prospector - LTI - 170USD Aopoa San
  4. Selling the listed ships and modules below. Selling my additional ships and upgrades. All prices are RSI Store Price + 5.5% Paypal Fees. All items are from buybacks. I am not selling for profit. Just helping out those in need. As the purchase uses the Paypal credits received via the Paypal invoice, you can be sure there is no undesired grey market credits and all the trouble associated with them - not that I'm peddling in that anyway but it's a good assurance. LTI Concept Sales Ship Comes with related hangars, flairs and LTI. Dragonfly Ride Togeth
  5. ++++ See Sister Thread and Vote on the RSI Forums for greater sampling First Section Below describes first POLL Question.... We know that only Carrier ships like the Bengal, Pegasus, Javelin, Idris and Connies can launch and land ships in combat ...... but CR has mentioned we can haul ships within other ships cargo holds (if they fit). Now the question is will CIG allow us to attach other ships to the cargo spindles on the Hull Ships to haul them from system to system? ^^^^ This for Hull A-E + other Transports..... = only "Ferrying" other ships ...... and not....... ^^^^ Thi
  6. I have the following items for sale: - Mustang Gamma game package with Squadron 42 for $70 PayPal, fees included. https://imgur.com/sQU0zrz - 150 RSI credits in the form of a Xi'an Khartu-Al for $145 PayPal, fees included. - 350 RSI credits in the form of an Aegis Reclaimer, Anvil Carrack, MISC Hull D, MISC Endeavour (base model), or Anvil Crucible for $295 Paypal, fees included. Every ship is upgraded from a regular SHI Aurora ES standalone. After payment of invoice the virtual items will be gifted to your Paypal email. Buyer goes first and/or pays middleman
  7. I have 4 of each of the listed ships. PM me to buy. Buyer pays first. All ships include LTI and are upgraded from a P-72. Prices are as follows: Ship My Price Melt Value Discount Banu Merchantman $239.75 $250 $10.25 Hull-E $519.75 $550 $20.25 Vanguard Warden $239.75 $250 $10.25
  8. I am selling my account for $1000 USD, Not a gimic I need to liquidate my assets for personal reasons and I know I could never piece out these items for what they are worth so I am short cutting the price for a better sell. The value of the account is about $1,800 total so its a deal. I am PayPal certified and will only sell to others likewise. The original email is not included in the sale so I will need the buyer to send me their email and I will change it on the RSI website and send back the password. Included is the following: Starfarer Aurora MR game package Endevo
  9. Hi All, Selling all the below to fund for an Armada Package. Alternatively also accepting trades of the equivalent value. Prices in USD Esperia Glaive LTI: $440 (Imperium), $475 (Others)Retaliator Base LTI: $145Vanguard Harbinger LTI: $280Hull A: $90 [Sold]AMD Package w/Mustang Delta (Upgraded): $50Buyer covers paypal fees, accepting Middleman but buyer covers MM fees. Buyers from +8 GMT I have a trusted middleman in our timezone https://www.reddit.com/user/illumi_nation25/ https://www.reddit.com/user/kane_reddit I have a history of trades in this forums. Dealing with Paypal verified users onl
  10. Get any $325~$350 ship with LTI at cost (Paypal fees included): Orion, Reclaimer, Carrack, Hull D, Endeavour, Crucible. These are Archimedes upgraded ships, so there are no Phoenixes or Glaives available. (Sold) Also in stock: - AMD Never Settle package with SQ42 upgraded to Mustang Delta for $55 Paypal, fees inc. (Sold) After payment of invoice, the package will be gifted to your Paypal email. I have some experience as a trader here and eBay. My timezone is GMT+1, so delays are to be expected during the night time. Buyer goes first and/or pays middleman fees.
  11. All things MISC are to be loved. The sleek, elegant designs are incorporated in every model making them some of the most iconic ships in the 'verse! The Hull Series especially is a favourite of mine. Their design include both elegance and functionality, a rarity to come together with such flawlessness, but they are truly a remarkable feat. Hull E's will dwarf everything else in the 'verse with the exception of capital ships. Starfarers, even with Aegis intervention stand true to their reputation with undisputable value as fuel tankers as well their modularity proving essential to their ro
  12. Hi, I added more ships for sale. HULL B - LTI - 135$USDRELIANT MINI HAULER - LTI -85 $USDSTARFARER GEMINI - LTI - 275 $USDPlease: only Verified PayPal !!! You also my check feedback in my profile to see my previous deals here.
  13. Q2M

    Complete Hull A LTI AT COST!

    Selling my Hull A LTI! At cost + fees for Imperium members! I am a trusted trader/middleman and will guarantee a fast and smooth trade! LTI - Hull A 60$ (65$ non-Imperium) SOLD
  14. EDIT: Had a CakeDay at-cost sale on Reddit and sold everything. Closing thread. Hi everyone! It's that time of year again! Time to clear out my hangar so I can start spending it all on new shiny things to put back in my hangar x) There's various ships and upgrades on sale, PRICES INCLUDE FEES, sales will be made by PayPal invoices and only to those that are PayPal verified. And of course, all Imperium Members receive a discount! I've had many successful trades here and on Reddit, and am PayPal certified. So without further ado.. Immortal Ships: Item - Ins - Type
  15. N_Poseidon

    Want to Buy WTB 890 Jump& Hull D

    paypal payment, plz contact me on skype: Archie_Wei@yahoo.com
  16. Hi guys, selling some stuff! 1. F7C-R TRACKER TO F7C-M SUPER HORNET UPGRADE can be used for many ships via series of CCU available on the RSI.com now 41 Eur/45 USD _________________________________ 2. F7C-R TRACKER TO GLADIATOR UPGRADE can be used for many ships via series of CCU available on the RSI.com now 41 Eur/45 USD _________________________________________ 3. MISC Hull-A LTI 62.5 Eur/70 USD Verified Paypal only, please. Selling via invoice (price + pp fees) To speed up selling process, if you want item - send me a PM with item you want, and your paypal e-mail, I will send invoice h
  17. thebase.sc Listen to the StarCitizenBase Round Table - A talk show about discussing / theorycrafting Star Citizen subjects - to get the chance to win a Hull-A! We have lots of interesting topics lined up for you! Today at 2100 UTC - 1700 Eastern - 1400 Pacific See the schedule at thebase.sc/schedule
  18. Hiya folks! In the spirit of competition, I'm selling off a few preorders of Hulls; all of them, A through E. Offer is only available for the next few hours, after that the orders will timeout and then it's up to the market as to where prices go. If you don't have the funds right now, I recommend the A and then later on you can CCU to anything that's available pre-PU launch. RSI have confirmed that A and B will be available for PU launch, and likely C, but they're not sure about D and E - this means that CCUs/Upgrades may not be available to get to the D and E. I can also recom
  19. Disregard. Seems this is not allowed here. Apologies. *shuffles back to reddit with a shameful look*
  20. Hull-A Greetings Citizens, We thought we’d try something a little different with the Hull series: we’re focusing on a different model each day, collecting all the existing art and fiction and answering some of your questions wherever possible! Tomorrow, we’ll highlight the Hull B, Wednesday the Hull C, Thursday the Hull D and Friday the Hull E. Let us know in the comments below if this is helpful, and we’ll look at similar posts for future concept sales. About the MISC Hull A “I bought my first [Hull] A used, when I was first starting out… her previous owner had named her SNUGBU
  21. The point of this post it to theory craft the hull series in a combat role. The team at CIG says, basically the modularity of the Hull E far outshines any other craft being offered at this point in time. So I'm curious what you have to say in reference to the Hull series could be in a combat role, direct or otherwise. My example theory craft would be, if the Hull series can carry ship parts, why not full ships? And could those ships be magnetically clamped to an appropriate landing surface mod that attaches to those spindles? Therefore allowing a super cheap, yet super vulnerable craft tran
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