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Found 7 results

  1. Complete Terrapin to Hull C CCU

    I am interested in buying in Terrapin to Hull C CCU. with reasonable Price. Got 1 already for $10, very Nice ! Thank you
  2. HULL C -- What temporary ship?

    Hello, maybe a dumb question, but I fetched an upgrade kit from reliant to Hull C. For some ships you get an (equivalent) temporary ship. I dont know if this is true for upgraded ships and for the Hull C. Has anyone information on this matter? Thanks
  3. Hello everyone, I want to sell my HULL-C with LTI for the price i bought it back in April 2015 so someone else can have fun with it! Price is 190€ (160€ ship+30€ VAT fees) or 215$ as well as buyer takes the paypal fees. Also taking fair offers! Payment method would be verified Paypal only. If anyone is interested send me a PM.
  4. I'm interested in making some room in my Hangar and sell some of my spare Buy Back Pledges. All ships have LTI unless indicated "Non-LTI". If you need more info about the ships PM me and I'll respond as soon as I can. I'm a long-time SCB Forum member and Imperium member, and have 100% positive rep for ship sales. Notes: Contact me via PM. Transactions through PayPal. (Verified PayPal only) All reasonable offers considered -- including trading LTI game packages. Buyer covers PayPal fees. Buyer sends payment first; I will in turn gift the ship to the buyer's RSI account. Remember to include your RSI handle and email address in PM. Hangar: Reliant Kore (mini-hauler) LTI ---- SOLD OUT Reliant Mini-Hauler to Reliant Skirmish Upgrade = $25 Drake Herald LTI = $115 USD F7C Hornet LTI = $125 USD F7A Military Hornet upgrade ---- SOLD OUT Esperia Glaive LTI = $550 USD ---- SOLD OUT Hangar Buy Back pledges: P-72 Archimedes LTI = $45 Reliant Mini-Hauler to Reliant Researcher Upgrade = $35 USD MPUV Cargo LTI = $40 MPUV Personnel LTI = $45 Dragonfly LTI - Black = $45 Dragonfly LTI - Yellowjacket = $55 Origin 85X LTI = $60 Avenger Titan LTI = $65 Avenger Titan Renegade LTI = $85 Mustang Alpha to Delta Upgrade = $45 USD Freelancer (standard) LTI ---- SOLD OUT Gladius LTI = $110 LTI Buccaneer LTI = $140 USD 350r LTI = $130 USD Gladius Valiant LTI = $125 USD MISC Razor LTI = $150 USD Prospector LTI = $165 USD Retaliator Base Anniversary (48 month Ins.) = $165 USD Retaliator Base LTI ---- SOLD OUT Gladiator LTI = $175 USD Super Hornet = $180 USD Hornet Wildfire LTI = $185 USD Anvil Hurricane LTI = $190 USD Sabre Comet LTI = $195 USD Super Hornet Game Package = $195 USD Constellation Andromeda to Constellation Phoenix Upgrade ---- SOLD OUT Terrapin LTI = $220 USD Hull C LTI = $230 USD Redeemer LTI standalone ship = $270 USD Redeemer LTI game package = $285 USD Vanguard Hoplite LTI = $245 USD Vanguard Warden LTI = $270 USD Starfarer Gemini LTI = $325 USD Retaliator Heavy Bomber LTI ---- SOLD OUT Caterpillar Anniversary (48 month Ins) = $325 USD Banu Merchantmant Anniversary (48 month Ins) = $325 USD Orion LTI = $370 USD Carrack LTI = $390 USD Reclaimer Anniversary (48 month Ins.) = $380 USD Hull D LTI = $425 USD 890 Jump LTI = $800 USD ---- SOLD OUT Polaris LTI = $850 USD
  5. Complete Hull C with LTI

    Sold on another site. Thanks for looking!
  6. CIG mentioned that both the Orion and Hull C were paralleling each other in terms of Concept Art. It looks like the Orion came first which means the Hull C will come soon. VOTE - in the POLL to give a price for the Hull C for its Concept Sale. We obviously don't know all the details of the Hull C (other than what is currently on the Spec page and that Ben mentioned the Hull C and 890 Jump are more automated than most ships = from a RTV). We do know that MISC uses some Xi'An tech with their manufacturing partnership. We can also use the Banu MM as a comparison ship priced at $250 with 6,000 FU of Cargo Capacity.... with the Hull C having a Cargo Capacity of 9,000 FU and about double the size of the Banu MM (which could mean that the Concept Sale may indicate that the Hull C will carry more than 9,000 FU). We do know that the 890 Jump is the most expensive Wave 3 Concept Ship at $600 (per Ben - RTV). ============================== Aside from the Hull C we do know that there will be the Hulls A, B and D ships as well. CIG has mentioned that the Hull D's are used by large corporations (NPC only) and are "really big." However the Hulls A and B should be available to the general civilian market (players). I am hoping we see the Hull A and Hull B concept sales at the same time as the Hull C concept sale. Since CIG is backlogged with the Wave 4 Concept Ships, the PU, S42, FPS and continued AC development I think it makes sense for them to Design all the HULL series of ships (A-D) as the same ship - just smaller versions or sections. Think of the ships as a Train with Train Cars (or different attachable ship sections). This is just a suggestion and speculation but also Vote on the Hull A and Hull B concept price with this design assumption (and compare them to the Taurus and Caterpillar in terms of price and Cargo Capacity). Hull A = One "HULL" Ship Section 75m in length with a Cargo Capacity of 3,000 FU (1/3 of a Hull C) Hull B = Two "HULL" Ship Sections 150m in length with a Cargo Capacity of 6,000 FU (2/3 of a Hull C) Hull C = Three "HULL" Ship Sections 225m in length with a Cargo Capacity of 9,000 FU Hull D = Four + "HULL" Ship Section 300m+ in length with a Cargo Capacity of 12,000 FU (Maybe more sections beyond this or Hull E+) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Add any thoughts / comments / ideas on this thread to help CIG (players are part of the development process) for the HULL series of ships - Thanks Also see Sister Thread on the RSI Forums and vote there as well for greater sampling - Thanks
  7. Looking to Purchase LTI - Hull C

    Looking to Purchase LTI - Hull C.................. Sorry guys, I couldn't resist! I'm just really impatient! Oh!..............And will there be Financing available, here at the Base?