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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, Citizens! And welcome to 🐬 D0lph1N's Mini Mart 🐬 ! Terms & Conditions Buyer must be PayPal verified. Please leave a comment before PMing! Then send me PM containing ship name, your PayPal email and currency of invoice (USD or EUR). Ship will be sent as a gift to the payer's PayPal email. If you're buying it to gift someone else, simply forward the letter to his email. Claimed gift (after purchase) will be bounded to your account. Due to CIG gifting limitations I do not issue refunds once delivery has been successfully completed. All
  2. I only accept verified PayPal. All are Standalone Ships (ccu'd from P-72) CCU'D Ships: P-72 Archimedes - 45$ Reliant LTI - 60$ Hull A LTI - 70$ Mustang Delta LTI - 75$ Hull B LTI - 100$ Freelancer Base LTI - 110$ 350R LTI - 125$ Cutlass Blue LTI - 150$ Retaliator Base LTI - 150$ Super Hornet LTI - 155$ Sabre LTI - 160$ Caterpillar LTI - 230$ Redeemer LTI - 235$ Price inkl Paypal-Fee Invoice via Paypal - Email
  3. I have 10 5 of these little buggers I can unmelt. $50 / unit. Beginner trader so can't boast with 100 previous trades. I have sold two ships on reddit.
  4. Hello! Looking to buy 1 of each of the following ships. MISC Endeavor Master Set Genesis Starliner Hull A PM if your looking to get rid of one of these ships. Thank you!
  5. Don't settle for 3 Year Insurance this Anniversary Sale. Trust in Lifetime Insurance with the Hull A LTI! With the Anniversary Sale approaching, now is the perfect time to insure your dream ship(s) for life. The Hull A can be transformed into any ship over $60, including the new Avenger Variants and old favorites like the Hornet. Perfect for combat pilots and captains who have large fleets, fly forever knowing your ships are safe from destruction! Hull A LTI - $79 SOLD Hull A LTI - $79 SOLD Hull A LTI - $79 SOLD Hull A LTI - $79 SOLD H
  6. This is an RSI credit trade, so no PP fees and lower risk to both seller and buyer. Herald $125 in RSI Credits (2) Reliant $90 in RSI Credits (5) (3) Hull A $100 in RSI Credits (4)
  7. Priced to sell fast, need cash for other stuff: AEGIS HARBINGER LTI - $290 SENTINEL BUK - $30 HULL-A LTI $65 Paypal verified myself, and looking for paypal verified users for transaction only. I don't entertain business accounts nor trades on other medium except on this site or maybe on Imperium TS. Did a couple of trades on SCB, look up my trade rep here. Interested buyers PM me and we'll arrange a good time to perform the deal (I'm from Singapore, so it's UTC +8). First come first served. Thanks for your interest.
  8. Back with a great selection of LTI ships! I am a trusted middleman/trader so I can guarantee a fast and smooth trade! LTI - Starfarer Gemini 279$ SOLD LTI - Starfarer Gemini 279$ SOLD LTI - Hull B 109$ LTI - Hull A 69$ LTI - Hull A 69$ Verified Paypal only and FEES INCLUDED. Cheers!
  9. Hi everyone, Well the Hull sale is over at the RSI website but I still have a limited number of Hull ships available just below the original concept price. These ships will be available for approximately 40hrs ONLY and then they will be gone. From there... I'm guessing the prices will only go up! Prices include PayPal fees and buyers need to be PayPal verified. I have a lot of trade history on Reddit and some here so please check those out and send me a PM if you have any questions. Thanks. HULL A - $59 HULL B - $89 HULL C - $198 HULL D - $345 HULL E - $540
  10. Focus:Cargo Length:22 meters Mass:14,303 Kg Max Crew:1 person Cargo Capacity:75 (300 in the old system) Primary Engines Max size TR5 Gimbal mount 2xS1 Shield TBD Power Plant TBD who esle finds the Hull A a bit of a Freelancer killer? it will be able to fit through small jumps by beeing 10 meters less in size as the Freelancer Its mass is a bit less then half of that of a freelancer and it will be able to mount a TR5 engine giving it probably the speed of a FL maxx Cargo wise the Hull a has a tad more then the maxx it is massivley cheaper 60 USD then a freelancer with just the drawbac
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