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Found 6 results

  1. Wouldn't it Be Amazing, if Star Citizen Was able to Bring Extremely Scary Creatures in the Star Citizen Universe? Something that gets you excited at the thought of Your Ship Telling you you have an Unknown Life Form In the Cargo Bay. Or Just Imagine Landing on a Planet, That Had a station on it. And that Station was Infested with a Hive Mind.. and you're locked into a Room Wielding Doors Shut, Moving Stuff to make Barricades. Sending Distress Signals. Looking for any way they can Get in until Help Arrives. Isolate specimens to Study Them. Hearing them Scream and Hiss. Wouldnt that be Exciting? Smart AI Creatures And Real Horror that isn't Scripted. Creatures From Iconic Movies LIke AVP. Or Off other Games Like Dead Space. and ect. Comment on the Topic What Creatures You'd Like in The Verse? My Obvious Pick Would Be the Aliens and Predators. I'm a Massive Fan of the Trilogies, and Excites me enough to get my Nerd Out The Thought of A Great AI and Horror In a Game as Gorgeous and Ground Breaking as Star Citizen Would Truly just Be Epic.
  2. Hello its Destra and i wanna bring up a Conversation everyone can be involved with i hope to see a lot of Fun talk in the Chat But i wanna talk about what Do you WANT in the Star citizen Universe. I wanna see Horror.. and dynamic Fights for survival against Deadly Alien Creatures like the alien Movies, But hey that's just meee. what would you guys like to see them implement into the game that would blow you away. something like Tank battles over a moon? or a Massacre over a station? Planetary sieges? No matter how old you are everyone has their niche what they Love. some people might wanna just lay back in there chair listen to the star citizen radio while trading, getting the latest news on the universe. you know this game is gonna be the best, better than anyone expected. it will be a long wait, but my optimism is high for this game, and i have faith in it. won't be just another Triple A game Riddled with DLC's.. pay 60$ for half a game then another 60$ In the DLc's to finish it for something they already made. but held back on so you have to pay for it. Cause to be honest i'm sick of that Bull****. But i wanted to make this thread to truly see everyone's wants and dreams into this game. Tell me, give Pictures, Be Detailed have fun and talk about your expectations. why did you pledge? are you sick of the gaming industry ripping you off? what you think this game can take off of other games or movies, what scenarios you wanna see happen? Just like me?, and want horror, let me know, tell me what ya wanna see when you're in a dark abandoned station that's hiding in the shadows. haha look forwards to reading them
  3. If anyone was a fan of the original amnesia series, which is exaustingly dreadful and horrifying, then you will be pleased to know that frictional games has been working on their next horror franchise set in a sci-fi underwater laboratory. The basic plot of this game is that there is some weird alien tech that goes awry and confuses people with who and what they are sub consciously. They have been working on this game for over 2 years and hit beta earlier this year. They have been quiet as of late and recently just put up a slew of new videos. Check them out below! So excited! Here is their original demo of the game for anyone who may have missed it.
  4. I think this was the only moster in a sci-fi film to scare the sh*t outta me. Just wanted to share! Feel free to post videos and pictures of your sci-fi nightmares as a kid. Trailer:
  5. Merry Christmas guys! Here's a little card I made. Figured I'd spread some christmas cheer here Next year I'll make one with some Vanduul and Chris Roberts as Santa! http://www.konraddobson.com/3d/santa-card
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