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Found 23 results

  1. All prices include "middle man" fees. I sell my ships through star-hangar.com. LTI C2 Hercules (original concept) LTI Carrack Base - SOLD LTI Reclaimer Base - SOLD LTI Retaliator Bomber - SOLD LTI Khartu-Al Base - (new flight model coming!! grab one quick! also, this was CCU'd from a P72) LTI Herald Base - SOLD (had 2, both gone) LTI Hull B Base - SOLD LTI P72 Archimedes - (only 1 left!) Freelancer Max Game Package w/ 6 months insurance - (This is the old school package with both games! Squadron 42 and the PU! There are rumors the Freelanc
  2. I am glad to welcome you in my store upgrades. In it you can find a lot of upgrades that are not available at the moment for sale on the RSI. I have over 150 successful sales of ships Star Citizen on eBay (all with positive feedback from buyers). PM me message and I will provide a link to that sales thread. Also I have successful major sales on this site, you can see my feedback. Please read the Terms & Conditions of Service: Transactions through PayPal (Verified PayPal only). All prices are final (includes PayPal fees). If you are interested - l
  3. Monkeytime

    Complete WTB Herald CCU

    Hello, all. I'm looking to buy an inexpensive upgrade/CCU to the Drake Herald (missed out on it this last anniversary sale). A couple other places have them here (325a to Herald) for around $20, but I haven't been able to get a reply back to my inquiries (maybe out for the holidays?). Anyway, if anyone has a CCU for the Herald that they'd be willing to let go for around $20, I sure would appreciate it. Thanks.
  4. Im here to sell my account. I lost my interest in Star Citizen and put some money in it over the last few years. Im n ot asking much. I want 395usd for the whole account. This is my first time selling here, so tell me if you need some more info or anything. It includes a Carrack, an Avenger Titan and a Herald. Some other stuff too, but those ships are basically it. You can still change the account name etc.
  5. Selling the listed ships and modules below. Selling my additional ships and upgrades. All prices are RSI Store Price + 5.5% Paypal Fees. All items are from buybacks. I am not selling for profit. Just helping out those in need. As the purchase uses the Paypal credits received via the Paypal invoice, you can be sure there is no undesired grey market credits and all the trouble associated with them - not that I'm peddling in that anyway but it's a good assurance. LTI Concept Sales Ship Comes with related hangars, flairs and LTI. Dragonfly Ride Togeth
  6. Hi guys, First of all I am so glad that I found this place. I was heartbroken to see the official Star Citizen forums go because the new spectrum is such a mess, especially regarding ship discussions. So I am hoping you can help me with my problem. I am planning to get my hands on the Polaris (I already own the Cutlass Blue, Gladiator and CCU from Gladiator to Super Hornet, Reedemer, Reclaimer, Crucible and double Noxes). I am more or less done when it comes to buying new ships because I think I got everything I need except I got one problem.
  7. Well folks, I have a few spare buyback ships and packages that I thought I would list in case anybody wanted one. I will try to add information on all the packages soon. Standalone Ships Ship Manufacturer Insurance Type Price, USD Price, EUR Availablity P-72 Archimedes Kruger LTI Original $88 €83 x4 Aurora LX RSI LTI Origi
  8. My old thread got borked, so I made a new one and updated the stock. Game Packages*: M50 Interceptor > $120 - 2 years (Upgraded from an Aurora MR+ game package) Advanced Hunter (Avenger Stalker) > $120 - LTI Scout Package (Aurora MR) > $85 - LTI Mercenary Package (Aurora MR) > $90 - LTI Pathfinder Package (Origin 315P) > $120 - LTI (ON HOLD) Arbiter Package (Origin 325A) > $125 - LTI Digital Freelancer > $165 - LTI Digital Colonel (F7C Hornet) > $165 - LTI Digital Pirate (Cutlass Black) > SOLD - LTI (Tractor Beam
  9. Your assistance is necessary. Retweet this message to uncover our new incoming ship!!
  10. So we know now that we get 4 modules and the front hangar on the cat but how many df can it hold? What kind of hangar module can we get? Can other snubs also fit in the hangar on the front?? Whats the armor rating for cat in numbers? When will the info on robertsspaceindustries.com be updated?
  11. Greetings, I am selling 3 of my accounts. The account emails will be provided, transaction through Paypal, buyer covers all fees. PM if interested. The accounts are as follow: 1. Avenger LTI + Aurora LN Game Package + CCU's between Herald and Warlock for USD$165 1x Avenger LTI 1x Aurora LN Game Package 5x Herald to Avenger Warlock Upgrade 5x Warlock Module to Herald Upgrade 2. Avenger LTI + Aurora LN Game Package for USD$155 1x Avenger LTI 1x Aurora LN Game Package 5x Herald to Avenger Warlock Upgrade 5x Warlock Module to Herald Up
  12. I'm selling my Star Citizen account. The account has been created 15.9.2013 and it has 'Vice Admiral' status and a lot of backer rewards. The account is sold with it's own email address. The account has the following items:Ships and game packages- Standalone Ship - Aegis Retaliator Base LTI (not giftable)- Drake Herald LTI standalone ship (giftable)- Aurora MR Anniversary Starter (game package) (6 months insurance) (giftable)Hangar- VFG Industrial Hangar (Asteroid Hangar)Game Money- 27000 UEC + more from the two game packages Store Credits - 10 $ Hangar flare and backer reward i
  13. THIS SALE IS NOW CLOSED Thanks to everyone who's taken a look and purchased. Hello, Only 2 LTI Ships remain available. I would like to sell them before the end of this upcoming Monday, November 23rd, in order to pick up some ANNIVERSARY SALE ships. They are giftable. Additionally, there are some CCU/SHIP UPGRADES for sale. I prefer to sell only to IMPERIUM members with established trade history. I have several successful trades on Reddit. I'm fine with the use of a recognized middleman and will accept only payment through PAYPAL. Since I don't absolutely have
  14. I'm selling my Star Citizen account. The account has been created 15.9.2013 and it has 'Vice Admiral' status and a lot of backer rewards. The account is sold with it's own email address. The account has the following items: Ships and game packages - Digital Pirate LTI (game package) (Cutlass Black) (not giftable) - Cutlass Blue upgrade (not applied yet) (giftable) - Drake Herald LTI standalone ship (giftable) - Aurora MR Anniversary Starter (game package) (6 months insurance) (giftable) Hangar - VFG Industrial Hangar (Asteroid Hangar) Game Money - 17000 UEC + more
  15. As in the topic. I'd like to sell Drake Interplanetary Herald with LTI, the glorious info runner. I'm selling standalone ship package with all goodies that are included with it, I cover paypal fees, if you want pp invoice please add 3% to the price. I trade only with paypal verified users, if your RSI account address is different than Paypal, please add a notice in contact mail. Edit Also now selling 2 UEE enviroment coats 5$ each, and Aurora LX upgrade @edit Forgot to add that is tags LTI:)
  16. Check out the screen grabs and related media from VTKegger and ‌@‌Marsten below! Thanks for the assets 00:00 – Empire Report 01:05 – Intro The good news is that no one celebrates 51 of anything! (queue celebration!)Chris Roberts published a Letter From the Chairman on the FPS update.The Genesis Starliner is available. It's a ship that the universe needs but as an esoteric career not one that many will want.We expected to only sell 3-400 of them but are over 1,100. 05:00 – News from Around the Verse CIG - Santa Monica: Darian Vorlick The devs have been soliciting feedback in the chatroom
  17. Olrodkeir

    Want to Sell LTI Ships

    * All Sold I'd like to sell a few ships I won't be needing for the PU. All ships have LTI. Verified Paypal accounts only please. Buyers pay fees (if you use friends/family it should only be a few dollars; free if you use preloaded credit on your paypal account). I am willing to use a middleman, but buyers need to set it up (must be a credible middleman with previous trades). LTI Reclaimer - $400 - pending completion of payment LTI Herald - $110 - Sold LTI Carrack - $400
  18. Hi everyone I'm selling my 890 Jump and one of my Heralds to fund the Vanguard and the Upcoming Hull-C, whenever that arrives. Paypal only, and fees are included in the price 1 x Origin 890 Jump - LTI $675 SOLD 1 x Drake Herald - LTI $115 SOLD For reference to previous completed sales with feedback see here:
  19. 5 Dec 2014 Reclamation mission failed, no more restock 1 Dec 2014 Out of stock, away for reclamation mission Thank you.
  20. Edit:Updated with new ships, because I dont want two separate threads Edit 2: Added Aurora LN LTI Edit 3: re-added the Caterpillar LTI I'm going to be selling some of my ships due the fact I'm not going to have the time to use them all and lower my total amount of money spent on this game. Rear Admiral LTI: $400 SOLD Both Rear Admiral and upgrade: $525 Adromeda to Phoenix upgrade: $165 SOLD 350R LTI: $180 SOLD Aurora LN LTI : $130 SOLD Herald LTI: $100 SOLD Caterpillar LTI: $350 SOLD No trading Paypal with verified accounts only
  21. Hi guys, what do you think is the possibility for a cross chassis upgrade from the Drake Herald to a Hornet? I bought the Herald since it was quite cheap and that it was mentioned that it might come more cross chassis upgrades once they were hangar ready. I'm thinking of getting a Super Hornet on this anniversary sale since I really like flying the Hornet. But now I rather thinking of getting the Super Hornet Upgrade instead to be able to cross chassis my Herald into a Hornet and then upgrade the Hornet to the Super Hornet and thereby get a Super Hornet with LTI. Any thoughts on this?
  22. Around the Verse: Herald UI Contest
  23. Seems they have a fesh reveal planned for the herald link below finally CIG doing something really special :3 https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/14249-UEE-Intercepted-Signal-The-Drake-Herald-Threat i always wanted to be armed and dangerous Technical details Knowledge is power, and one of the most valuable commodities is pure information: the 1s and 0s behind everything from UEC ledgers to Citizenship ratings. Whether it’s colonists struggling to stay in contact with the UEE’s central worlds or criminals trading in illicit data, there will always be a ne
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