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Found 7 results

  1. Voice attack can run WITHOUT HCS voice packs. there's a video below that shows how. This is a restart of potential tools for Star Citizen considering CIG is likely finally and fairly close to having a standard and stable list of commands with 3.0. In this case, Voice Attack and HCS voice packs. Currently, Voice Attack and HCS voice packs are optimized for Elite for obvious reasons. (pssst, it's a Game) I am not a shill. I do, however, use both Voice Attack with an HCS voice pack or two. They are very useful if you want to put in the time, which, considering that we're still in Alpha, we've got plenty of time. Current, Voice attack can be had for Free and for $10 for the full-featured version. Buy it. regardless if you think, right now, that you'll never use it. You needn't purchase a voice pack from HCS if you don't want to, the standard voices for windows 10 work just fine. You'll have to play with it more if you don't get a pre-made voice pack. Several well knowns have provided voice talent to HCS: John DeLancie, Bill Shatner, Bret Spiner, Kate Russell, Brian Blessed, Tom Baker (yes, THAT Tom Baker) Voice attack - https://voiceattack.com/ VA videos from TheNOOOBIFIER1337: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=voice+attack+thenoobifier1337 HCS Voice packs: https://www.hcsvoicepacks.com/ HCS forums post with SC profiles to use: http://forum.hcsvoicepacks.com/forum/star-citizen-support/20438-keeping-up-with-star-citizen HCS videos which also have VA videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoLyWh8gXnO9BO35sB48eOg first tutorial to watch: There are some threads in Spectrum you can check out, some backers can provide you with a profile in case you aren't comfortable making one yourself. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/50172/thread/voice-attack-tutorials ASTRA'S MANUAL STAR CITIZEN - START HERE.pdf an example of an Elite Dangerous profile with dual joysticks: coming soon - "Singularity" a profile that will allow you to assign different voices to different crew roles.
  2. "Hello Citizens, My gamer handle has been TheNOOBIFIER1337 since 2004. My name best describes my approach to gaming. I try to understand all aspects of the game and then exploit that knowledge. I practice to get my skills up and I research to complement my skill to PWN. I read every comment and take my subscribers seriously. " Hello Base Members, I am happy to join the forum at the request of Juntau. I am a Star Citizen Content Creator with the REDACTED team. I pride myself on not letting that interfere with my ability to project to all corners of the community. The Mission statement that I adopted with my content is #nobullshit. To me that means tidy videos that completely explain a subject. It also means that if a creator is already covering a series, I will not waste your time unless I would like to expand a different angle. I will be on The Base this Saturday the 25th so please be sure to tune in of you want to hang out, if you have questions you would like to ask about Star Citizen or even me specifically. Projects I have been working on for the community. Collaborating with Voice attack and HCS Voice Packs. Assisting with the release of left handed warthogs controllers Assisting with Monstertech controller mounts becoming part of this community. Deadly Loadout Series of Videos, Weapons of Star Citizen Series of Videos. I will discuss a ship compared to another or why it might be interesting, what it offers to the pilot. I will take a milestone in game development and expand on why it is important to us. I try to keep thing easy to understand and interesting. I will not normally do a Ship Tour because TAC and STL do a great job of that already I winn not normally report on the news in general because BG and SmB do a great job of that already Here are links to my content. TheNOOBIFIER1337 https://www.youtube.com/user/BrianMP5T I operate a second channel for things not relating to Star Citizen or Off topic casual Star Citizen Content. Noobifier Gaming https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCClBFU0zAVW_Xu1nZd2lxaA https://www.facebook.com/thenoobifier1337/ https://twitter.com/NOOBIFIER1337 @NOOBIFER1337 Discord TheNOOBIFIER1337 https://robertsspaceindustries.com/citizens/TheNOOBIFIER and Finally Enemy Contact https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/00000000 As i say at the end of all of my videos, "My Goal is to grow my channel and I cant do that without the help of Citizens like you"
  3. Hello guys, As you guys know, I develop voice attack profiles for HCS-VoicePacks. For "reasons" I need your feedback on the current control scheme of the default keybinds currently available in-game. As more features of the game are becoming available and development is going quicker by the month we can expect more changes and additions. e.g. as CIG continue to improve their servers and bring more and more people onto one servers, they might change the QT(B) key to be more reachable to the ship control keys. Personally I'd love to see seperate keys for deploying 'flares & chaffs', 'g-safe & Comstab toggles' and a better way of using the flight modes (pre, scm, cruise) What would you think the optimal keybinds are for flying the ship? Keep in mind, think logical :). In the following spoiler you can find all the 2.4 keybinds. In the following spoiler you'll find an empty keyboard map Feel free to edit the empty one and re-upload it as a comment, simple paint stuff can do the job Thanks in advance !
  4. Hello fellah's We've updated the profiles for voice attack, you can find a changelog and updates here. https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/332472/hcs-2-4-profiles-update-status-changelog/p1
  5. I'd like to inform all of you that HCS VoicePacks is officially licensed with CIG & therefore Star Citizen. We currently have 3 packs completely compatible with the game: 'Orion, Vega & Midnight' and working hard on making every pack compatible. The VoicePacks are made up with hundreds, if not thousands of audio files played by famous actors. We Create game-ready Voice Attack profiles for "Elite Dangerous" and "Star Citizen". The profiles will be updates as the game's development progresses in the future. If you decide to buy one of the voicepacks, keep in mind that Voice Attack is required to use it. Also, if you buy a pack for ED or SC you'll get both profiles, if you buy it specifically for SC, go to the correct store page on our website to be sure which pack is compatible with the game yet You can find Voice Attack & HCS Voice Packs at the following websites. https://www.voiceattack.com/ http://hcsvoicepacks.com/ ATV Interview with CIG, Voice Attack Creator & HCS Voice Packs Creator We asked [REDACTED] Member "TheNOOBIFIER1337" to make some demo video's, testing & giving his honest opinion of our packs vids are in the spoilers -Review on Orion (Played by William Shatner AKA Cpt. Kirk - Star Trek) -Demo of VEGA (played by Bent Spiner AKA MR. Data - Star Trek) -Demo of Midnight (Player by Tom Baker AKA "The Doctor" - 4th Incarnation of Doctor Who)
  6. Hey there fella's... Tonight at 20:00 GMT is a livestream of paul from HCS voicepacks with kate russel and the developer of voice attack on http://www.twitch.tv/kateclick/ Communties from E: D and SC are joining in tonight to answer all your questions regarding voice attack, games, voice packs and more.
  7. Available at: http://www.hcsvoicepacks.com/ At the early months of this year, I first tried out voice attack for SC.Around that time, ANNA was released and other voice attack profiles were featured on the SC board.I was astonished by it's capabilities, they way you could program it to work and the way you can program it to respond.But as it is me, I hated to talk to a google translator (just my opinion on it) and I figured that it could work with audio files.So I went on the famous World Wide Web and the Google network and searched.I ended up at HCS around the time of May 2015 and noticed directly that it said it was compatible with SC.Unfortunately, like some of you, I was disappointed after buying my sound pack, that it didn't have a profile compatible with SC in it.I contacted "Paul" via Facebook and told me that there are no current plans of creating such a profile, as reason SC's current state and changing the keybindings.It would've been a pain that it would change about every week and as did I, I guess everyone would understand their reasons.Months had passed until mid-august, as I've been playing more & more SC and noticed that the default keybindings were pretty much set.I've contacted "Paul" again about how the progress & plans are with HCS related to SC.Unfortunately still nothing.That's where I took things in my own hand, without any knowledge of programming with VA, understanding how things work.I started bit by bit learning from other peoples work and tried to make a profile that works universally and where you don't need to constantly swap "Ship profiles".We first decided to go with ASTRA as the voice, but felt like JAZZ was more suited to do the job as JAZZ has that kind of dark humor most people enjoy.After a week or so, this is what I have and it is working & ready to go for everyone to enjoy.The profile for Star Citizen is set up to work with the default keybindings.Once you are in your ship and are ready to start flying, say: "Initialize" the same rules apply for respawning (or just say "respawn" whenever you require it)This is so that the profile loads up the condition states for the ship status, e.g. If coupling is already on or off, Voice Attack will need to be told this by using the "Initialize" command.The profile works universally on all the current ships available.It will be updated dependent very much on the support from the community, you folks Judge for yourself & enjoy the demo.
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