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Found 8 results

  1. Org Name: The Galactic Order [RP][Exploration] Org Vision/Mission: The Galactic Order seeks to expand throughout the known universe, ensuring peace and prosperity for all humanity by defending against the growing threat of the Vanduul and forming a unified Empire. Who is the Org intended for: The Galactic Order is a role playing Org, intended for all individuals (regardless of experience) interested in roleplaying in an organization with a warm and welcoming community of players from all backgrounds. We are highly dedicated, well organized and strongly motivated, having spent countless hours developing lore, ranks, roles, policies, events, gameplay and content for our organization and overall vision. This also incorporates an extensive, but simple, hierarchy through which members may further venture into and grow. We base our roles & ranks closely on various sci-fi inspirations such as The Empire from Star Wars, Starfleet from Star Trek and Warhammer 40k, among many others. We are still growing and constantly developing ourselves further so we welcome all interested Star Citizen players to come join us and be part of The Galactic Order as we step further toward our goals of the future! How to get involved: 1. https://www.thegalacticorder.info/ 2. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/0RDER 3. https://www.instagram.com/cig_galactic_order/?utm_medium=copy_link 4. https://discord.gg/8s37YmN99G Add Finli as a referral on you application
  2. THE UNISS NEEDS YOU! the UNISS is currently recruiting to expand its fleet, as a member of the UNISS, it is your goal to protect and preserver humanity as we bring law and order to the ever expanding space frontier. we are a serious RP group that wants everyone to have fun in star citizen, we are based of most western navel and marine forces in todays conflicts, with similar tactics on the ground and also in ship to ship combat. UNISS Divisions: the UNISS has 3 divisions within its fleet, these consist of the NAVY, MARINES and SUPPORT & LOGISTICS: NAVY: the NAVY is a major part in the UNISS as they will be flying the UNISS fighters in dogfights in both space and planet atmospheres, they will also be piloting marine dropships to different combat zones in major conflicts, they will also be in charge or flying UNISS cruisers and capital ships that will house personnel and ships on board. the NAVY will also experience a lot of combat and security out of ships, as they may need to secure or wipe out hostiles in space stations or pirate cruisers. MARINES: the MARINES are the back bone of the UNISS its there jobs to secure zones on planet surfaces from pirates, terrorists and corrupted military forces. the MARINES will have many vehicle assets such as recon rovers to troop carriers {APC} to main battle tanks, the will also be equipped with the latest MARINE battle armour and weapon loadouts. the Marines will work very closely with the NAVY as they are needed for troop transport, and evac runs, where at the same time the MARINES will hold great defence for the NAVY when needed. SUPPORT & LOGISTICS: SUPPORT ROLES: MEDIC: as a medic on the UNISS it is your job to look after all personnel in the UNISS fleet, this could be when you are on board a UNISS cruiser, dropship or even during a combat situation alongside the NAVY or MARINES, as a medic you will be given a combat and non combat medical uniform, aswell as a weapon loadout, as a medic you must always carry a large amount of medi-pens and Oxi-pens, as these are used to heal or give life support to people, {features yet to come } soon added features will be added to the medical system, including the ability to heal downed and injured people, aswell as carry them away from combat and treat them on medical ships. ENGINEER: as a engineer in the UNISS it is your role to repair and keep all ships and land vehicles up to date and fully repaired and fuelled, engineers will also be required to fight on the field again for vehicle repairs but also for hacking systems at rebel bases or corrupted military control points. as a engineer you will be given both a combat and non combat uniform aswell as a weapon loadout. LOGISTICS: as a UNISS logistics member it is your job to run cargo for the UNISS this can consist of carrying ships, land vehicles, and many different cargos such as ammo, medical supplies, rations. or it could be your job to carry evidence back such as data files, drugs, spices , or any other illegal items back to your Commanding Officer for them to dispose of. all logistical members are non combatants, meaning you are not there to fight , you are there to hull cargo for the UNISS, protection for all logistical members will be held by either the NAVY or MARINES. if you have any further questions related about the roles or anything about the UNISS join the discord and contact a commanding officer, discord link below: https://discord.gg/zksnp5T
  3. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Manifesto ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Links [[Discord]] [[RSI Org Page]] ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Introduction Welcome to Death Watch we strive to be the best of the best in Star Citizen! We will be taking part in every aspect of the game (E.g Bountyhunting, Security, Trading, etc.) whatever we can do to make some money, but the main focus will be building up the fleet then establishing Multiple bases of command in the outer rim of the galaxy. Then we will start to get into Piracy and PVP! ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— How we operate We strive to be very well organized. We will defeat those who stand in our way. We plan to used our military very organised. We will have a multiple attack groups being lead by certain individuals that will be voted in by the people. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Intentions To be a feared pirate organisation. To gain a capital ship. To build a fleet so that our members can be outfitted with the ships they need to fulfill their roles. To have an extensive black market trade. To make a wealthy organisation fund. To gain a foothold and establish a base in Multiple systems. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Motives To be the most infamous group in the universe. To make vast fortunes. To gain power enough to sway the universe. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— We are in great need of Citizens, and we want YOU! What we are looking for mainly is Miners Escorts Data Running crew Research crews Engineers Exploration crews Fighter Pilots Farmers (For late game when base building is added and foods will be needed) Crewmen Merchants ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Ranking System WIP ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Fleet WIP ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Charter ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Pirate Code ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Membership Guidelines Aid your fellow community member, if they need help with something try to help! Don’t expect people to be able to help you every second of every day, help will come in the end, keep calm. Make sure you report anything to do with the community to the Boss. The group comes before personal gain (E.G We are just after taking down a convoy carrying valuable cargo, if you find something that is very expensive and could benfit the guild [E.g Upgrading guild mining station, Upgrading flag ship, etc.] don’t just pocket it right away, turn it in. Everyone will get their cut! Listen to comm orders (E.g “Battle comms!!!”, “Everyone listen up”) You monitor our comms! You monitor our rules! You treat all members as equals, any drama, bullying & etc you will be removed! ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Removal Rules Failure to follow the Organization guidelines & rules, will result in removal! Extras Are: Abusive! Caught using cheats! Non respectful! We don’t like these methods, but you leave the Boss no choice, follow the rules or get out! ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Recruitment Once you have read over the rules you can decide weather or not you would like to join! Just head to the recruitment channel and fill in the following.(edited) Age: How long have you played?: When will you be able to play?: Will you risk your live for your team?: What skills do you have?: What do you want to be Trader/Pilot/Miner/Explorer/Crewmen?: Why do you want to join?: ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
  4. __**Takao Incorporated**__ Hello! We are a Private Military Corp (PMC] with Industrial Aspects to the PMC. We are Primarily a Military Security Force, where we specialize in helping those Citizens of the Verse who are in need of protection. We also Have a medic Fleet dedicated to helping those who are in need of medical assistance. All of our info is on our discord; https://discord.gg/9WVcmmC (Please @officer to talk to someone qualified to answer your questions). Our Industrial part of the org consists of Transporting, Mining, Trading, Exploration and many other roles. https://robertsspaceindustries/orgs/TAKAOINC If you are interested, message me or join the discord! We have a huge fleet that needs its seats filled, from 2 Javs(with more coming) to 3 hammerheads, 3 frigates and more and more to come as we expand! We are also looking for other orgs with our same intentions who be interested in joining us!! and merging with us(can deal with details if interested)
  5. Some of might know me from lurking around the forums. However, I have finally gotten around to thinking about an organization. Imperium sounds great, however I find some caveats that I would like to clear up. 1. You have your label as Hardcore. However, my playing time is limited to only some weekends and I do not necessarily have a fixed schedule (However, when I say I will be there, I will be there. I just don't make promises like that very often). 2. Is imperium in any way, shape, or form, related to the Imperium from eve. (not a deciding factor, I would just like to know) 3. I think I know what I want to be in the verse (a miner) but I do not necessarily know whether this will actually be for me ( and perhaps will not know until the game releases. Can I fit into imperium? This community has impressed me many time with their helpful nature to all visitors to the forum and their always useful insight. All the best, Faquarl
  6. The story of the 254th Overlanders came from the mind of one of our very own as a book in the making, of which a short description of the 254th can be found below. We are hoping to bring the story of the book to life as a full fledged Star Citizen Realism Unit in the ‘verse of Star Citizen. The 25th Overlanders is a Military organization, capable of both tactical, and strategic operations across a wide range of military contexts. We are fully capable of combat support, logistical support, and are even fully self sustainable in combat. Established in the year 2915, the 254th Overlanders were created to fight for true moral value and standards instead of having that be decided for them by a group of politicians. Additionally, they where created to serve and protect those that agree with their idea of justice and to protect their own assets. The 254th stood on a firm foundation of their beliefs until a power struggle started between brothers which ended up costing more than just the reputation on the 254th but also many men’s lives. This effectively destroyed the, once well thought of image, of the 254th until the son of one brothers and an group of his closest comrades over threw the feud and re-instituted the original base vowing to bring the good name of the 254th back from the ashes. Hello, Your experience here in the 254th Overlanders Welcome to the 254th Overlanders Main Forum! We are excited that you have found us and have clicked here to learn more about who we are and how we operate. We are a Modern Mil-sim Realism Unit with a kick 29th Century Star Citizen sci-fi. We strive to achieve a fair and unbiased system that promotes team work; A system the keeps track of the time and effort you put in, and rewards you accordingly. Achieve epic goals while working with others that will undoubtedly become close friends in an organization that you can build a reputation in, build an immersive experience in, and ultimately feel like you are actually learning real life skills from. It is our hope that by being a part of the 254th Overlanders, you will not only walk away with an awesome experience, but you will also walk away feeling like you've become a better person in, character and in your leadership abilities and skills. We are a community of close knit gamers built with an infrastructure to withstand substantial growth and provide tons of experiences in star citizen that you would otherwise miss out on in most other organizations. We will explain why we claim this and how we plan to achieve this claim below, as we go. We hope to achieve a growth in our unit that will provide you with the ability to work alongside Pilots, Marines, Corpsman, Crewman, Engineers and many other roles every day you step aboard an Overlander spacecraft or establishment. We plan to achieve a structure where you feel like you are a part of a force to be reckoned with. A place where you are proud to be called, an Overlander. How our policy is structured We have structured our unit through countless hours of voting and thinking, kicking around ideas and voting again. We have come up with, what we feel is the best way to run this unit through tried and true methods, and a policy driven chain of command. A policy is a way that we would typically handle a particular aspect of the unit and its functions. Policies are decided by The Commanding Officers of the FCE, GCE, and CSE as well as the members of FCU HQ. That's a total of 9 members of "Command Staff". With this, we understand that our "Command Staff" ideas on how to handle a multitude of different situations, will never result in us achieving a perfect system. We also understand that others from different areas of the unit, Pvt and up, may have input that could help us over all. With this in mind, we have set aside a place within our forums for ANY member of the unit, to submit an idea for review to change these policies for the better. In this form, we may always have the best system that we can achieve to accommodate our members. CO Leadership Experience The experience and skills that we have within the unit, as it stands, comes from years of leadership experiences obtained in our time in the famed 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (15th MEU) for ARMA III. We also have real life military veterans within our ranks helping us achieve a level of attention to detail that we could not have achieved otherwise. While we are a realism unit, under no circumstance will we ever sacrifice fun, team work, and good solid community gaming. Our commanding officers are not here to be power mongers or scream at you like what would be done in the real military, to that extent we understand that this is only a game. However, with that said we do not expect any of our members to disrespect or disobey an instruction from their respective CO's. If this is done, in order to maintain our unit's integrity, there are policies in place to mitigate non-cooperation. Member Activity Aside from that, once you have completed the required training for whatever billet you have chosen to uphold with the unit, you will most likely find that being a member is rather more relaxed then you might have thought. Although you will have training's that you are expected to attend, they are in no means mandatory for you to maintain your position within the unit. It simply means that an excessive amount of inactivity with our ranks may merit you a move to our reserve platoon until such a time as you are available enough to uphold your roles again within the unit. This means that if at any point you are burnt out or too busy with life obligations you can opt to move to reserves where you can maintain your status within our ranks and regain your active status without losing any progress you had made before you went to reserves. Actually, while in reserves you STILL gain percentage toward your next rank but at 1/3 the regular pace. In short, you won't lose progress for having real life issues to attend to or wanting to take a break for our community for a while. Additionally, we reward those who are active, but also do not entirely penalize those who are in reserves. It doesn't have to always be about the Star Citizen! Don't wanna play Star Citizen all the time? That's completely fine! Play any game you want with your new friends, use our Teamspeak to hang out in and mess around in different games. We only need you to be active when you can be. To clarify, if we have an operation to complete, a contract to fill, an engagement to contest or if you have a training to do and you are available, we do expect you to attend. However, if you are on and there is nothing spectacular currently going on, feel free to do as you please! How to get started Steps to Success: 1. Find a billet that suits you. 2. Submit an application. (You may talk to a Recruiter on Teamspeak or a member on this forum and we'll help you apply) 3. Enroll in Recruit Training. 4. Enter our Infantry Academy. 5. Be assigned a billet. (To Be Continued) If you are looking to join use, please head over to http://254th.site.nfoservers.com/forums/ and fill out an application! If you are interested in our History, Manifesto, or Charter you can find it here https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/254TH See you in the 'Verse!
  7. Hello everyone, I'm Wagon, and it's a pleasure be here First of all, you guys need to know that english is not my first language and it sux a bit, i learned it myself and still doing it, so please be nice with me I come from Italy, 28 yo, i like almost every kind of game, actully my main game is Heroes of the Storm, and I play Minecraft on my own server with a friend of mine when we need to chill out. I have also played lot of MMO but now, what i want is only Star Citizen :3. Also i never been in such a big organization like that one, honestly i have always played in smaller group. I have joined the RSI wesite in March 2014, cause i own an Oculus Rift ( dev kit 1 ) that how i went into RSI website, and got my Aegis Avenger there, then i bough the Squadron 42 pre-order a few days ago and got an Aurora MR. Im not going to buy any ship now, i will do it once the game will start. I'm one of those person who like to enjoy every part of the game, so i will start slowly and do everything about profession and stuff. I havent following the game for a while now, but just after read Alpha 2.0 i noticed the hype in the air and finally decided to look for a good group of hardocre gamer to spend my time with into the game. Now, before complete all the tasks and do test to become and effective member i want to spend some more time here on the forum, and keep meet all the organization and read more about that, i have found SCB a few days ago, so i will keep look around and see if we can get along. But i have to say that you guys made an awesome job with the website and the organization, and i really hope to have lot of fun with all of you. Actually i dont play the game cause i need to upgrade my old graphic card but a nice Nvidia GTX 960 4GB is coming, so i will start play more often in the next days, and hope to get some in game friends with some of you. The last thing i need to say is that, i will join the Teamspeak channel, i had a fast look yesterday night, but my spoken english really sux, so all off you are warned if i dont understeand something or you hear some weird words Thanks for everything and see you around the forum or the verse
  8. Hello Fellow Imperium Members! First off, I have NO IDEA how I only found out about this game until now! I've backed Kickstarter games Wasteland 2, CLANG, Torment: Tides of Numenera, HEX MMO, Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians, Koe, and others, but never so much heard of Star Citizen until I saw a video posted at E3. Internet, you are a strange and mysterious place! As I watched the SC E3 video, I was instantly blown away and started a mad dash opening new tabs on my browser to learn as much about this new space sim as I could. Ultimately, what I found out was: Star Citizen IS AWESOME! So, after pledging as Rear Admiral and reserving my Constellation, I knew it was time to find the very best org to join. I plan on investing a LOT of time into this game, running security, trading, missions, exploration, SpecOps, etc, but really want to solid group to do it with. My search brought me to many different group, however, it seems to me that IMPERIUM is the best of the best! So here I am, boy and girls, lets make space history! I've read the Code of Conduct, and all other suggested/required material, followed the directions on "101 Recruits" and taken the test (I understand I need to wait to hear back) and done all else that has been asked of me. I'm not in a huge rush or anything, but what are the next steps? Most importantly, fill me in on SC news/info/meta-strategy, what have I been missing? Really, I'm just feeling like a a noob for coming late to the game, but I'm down to party in this 'verse and claim Imperium's stake of Org superiority and Purveyor of Intergalactic Righteousness! I'm all signed up and ready rock, roll, and do whatever it is we are doing as we wait for the Persistent Universe to be released! So yeah... What are we doing as we wait for the PE? I've been blowing the shit out of Vanduul, and loving it, but I want MORE! So, fill me in on the meta and lets get started! -StoneJamison About me: While not obsessing over video games and writing fantasy novels, I am the Director and Lead Writer of Apotheosis Studios, a small creative studio which provides writing and editorial work. Here is my Website with a full bio: http://www.apotheosisstudios.com You can find me Twitching here: http://www.twitch.tv/stonejamison
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