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Found 18 results

  1. We are known as the Undead Soldiers were a PMC organization that takes missions from other guilds or people who request our services to help them with another group or a base they cant conquer we offer - training - Promotions - A discord for coms - Meme channel - NSFW channel - And fire teams you can be assigned to how you are trained is how your going into this world example spec ops usually carry a knife a suppressed auto rifle and laser pointer. Their work is to kill HVT[High value Targets] and military espionage. Another example is infantry. You will be assigned a fire team of 5 you being one of the 5 unless you have a set of friends than you guys can be your own fire team with your fire team name. If you don't have a fire team name you will be called fire team No and a number If your want to be apart of this apply here I check daily https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/UNDEADSOVI or DM on discord General D sykes#1774
  2. VTDG is actively recruiting players. New to the game and need to learn the ropes? We are happy to help you regardless of your affiliation! Drop by our discord and fight along side us. https://discord.gg/e2Ar6zh9
  3. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/CHEMDOGS Chem Dogs Gaming community has been around for a few years now, we started as a star citizen group and have expanded to a large gaming community. We are looking to expand our roster for our organization in star citizen. If you like having fun and joking around while flying around the verse come check us out. We have a boosted discord that is active every day. A history: We’re founded by US Army CBRN soldiers known as slang wise Chem Dogs hence where our name comes from. Our logo was made by a community member, and we take pride in who we are and where we come from. A core group of military veterans from various countries and friends made along the way, our community boasts many members but we stay a tight knit group focused on having fun and uplifting each other. We mostly do bounty hunting and mercenary work, however we have members that also enjoy transporting and mining. We're always in need of more ground soldiers, turret gunners and pilots! Our reddit post: If this interests you check out our discord: Chem Dogs Community discord
  4. Strength, Training, Courage: -These are all accolades of our Navy and Marine forces in the Shoresiders Guild. We actively participate in anti-terror activities, and do our best to ensure there is a little less smell of shit in staton. We operate on a large fleet, among many smaller fleets, we have the firepower to wipe out a small fleet on our own. We just need the manpower. Will you answer the call? The Shoresiders Guild looks for those seeking PMC work. Missions, Not just Contracts: -The Shoresiders Guild does more than "contracts". Sure, each of our Missions is based off a contract, but there is more to each contract in our missions. Your actions matter. When we do missions, if mission objectives are failed, then there is a different outcome than a success. Mind you the contract can still succeed, but our mission objective can still fail as well. Successful missions are met with smoother easier runs. Failed missions are met with a longer harder journey to go through, with more bumps than smooth road. A Guild, not an Org: -We are a guild because there is a closer connection inside of a guild. We don't identify as an organization, too corporate. The Shoresiders Guild is lead by two leaders who have the experience and the skills to ensure you learn more and feel successful This is not some member count kinda organization, this is a guild of closely nit units that stand together so we don't fall apart Strong Ranking Hierarchy The Shoresiders guild has a structure and a hierarchy to our ranks, but that doesn't make one person objectively better than the next We made this so each person can view their accomplishments grow over time! We use the ranks to ensure the smoothest gameplay during missions or when just having fun! #crashhurstondynamicseconomy A True Difference: -We want to crash the economy of Hurston Dynamics. Ourselves and a few other organizations are going to be working together over the course of the game's development to see how we can go about successfully crashing this economy. We will blockade trade ports, oversell useless cargo, strip mine Hurston and sell its valuables to Crusader, as Hurston Dynamics enslaves their employees, and we have to stop this life of monarchy from continuing! The UEE does nothing about it, so we will. We will have a fleet to blockade the ports large enough to scare off any bounty hunter, and leadership unmatched. By crashing the economy of Hurston, we can open up ways to evacuate civilians, or fuel the revolution to take Hurston away from the Corporate enslaver's hands and back into the people's. The Plan is simple: -Blockade all major Hurston trade ports until the economy of the planet is left to nothing, but also strip mine the planet down below to force its only valuable resources to be such a commodity that other planets would kill to get a shipment from our fleets. Our marines will control all major ground positions and continue to force Hurston security forces away at every interval, keeping the bunkers safe from hostile contact at all chances. The security station that is used to log criminals will be the control station of the operation on the ground, and the work to assault Lorville will be in action, however sending marines into a direct assault of the city would be absolute suicide. We will utilize Nova tanks from a long distance to send artillery to the city and force the security forces to react in force. The execution must be right: -Our soldiers must adhere to the motto of everyone out, no one in. If any slip through the blockade they will support the economy of hurston and contribute to the suffering of the workers. Join the fun! Website: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/SHORESIDER Discord: https://discord.gg/SeCyEKZJRk
  5. (FFK)Fleet of The Faithful Knights ⋯ LORE ⋯ The Holy Knight has long since been forgotten for 1,500 years, For centuries the Holy Order of Knights had dedicated themselves to the safe passage of pilgrims to the Holy Land. They protected the travelers from thieves, robbers, and entire enemy armies. They were elite holy warriors. They dedicated their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to this cause. Through force, they brought peace and security to the land. Now, in the year 2950, the Holy Order of Knights has once again risen to combat the ever-rising threat of the Vanduul, and of pirates, that plague this universe. The Fleet of the Faithful Knights is a beacon of light in a dark verse - and we are growing in numbers daily. FFK Divisions ⋯ RECRUITMENT ⋯ ❖ Gunners ❖ Pilots ❖ Explorers ❖ Traders ❖ Industrialists ❖ Scouts ❖ Logistics Personnel ⋯ OFFERS ⋯ ⨳ Comradery & Activity ⨳ Survey Contracts ⨳ Training & Resources ⋯ ENLIST ⋯ A Faithful Knight is truly a fearless warrior that will never shy away from battles. If you are honorable, you will welcome us. If you are also brave, then you will wish to join us and be a member of a truly powerful organization that has one mission: To be a beacon of light in a dark universe and crush the darkness wherever it hides. If you are an enemy of the pure, the righteous, and the kind, then YOU WILL FEAR US! Discord Website RSI Page
  6. Strength is life, for the strong have the right to rule. Honor is life, for with no honor one may as well be dead. Loyalty is life, for without one's clan one has no purpose. Death is life, one should die as they have lived. -Mandalorian Code of Honor -The Guild- We are a diverse group of committed fans looking to make an org of fun people to play alongside. We aim to take Star Citizen seriously enough to organize groups and get the most out of the game but without defaulting to rigid military hierarchy or taking anything too seriously. We actively participate in all aspects of the 'verse. There is no set policy for mandatory attendance. We thrive on a relaxed fitting of all members being able to play when they want to. Real life comes first. We plan on constantly evolving and keeping everything as fair and well maintained in the org as possible. We encourage member input and feedback. We have one Supreme Ruler. The org has 3 Leaders that vote on all aspects and consider the members' input. For the most part, we are a very laid back org (that is sober most of the time) that focuses on having fun. We have small training certifications to run to advance in rank as well as passive activity in daily gaming. We schedule weekly events such as training and attack/defend and dog fighting scenarios. We accept all members 18+. Our Discord has 18+ content and vulgarity. We wish to keep a mostly mature atmosphere. Any experience level welcome. We don't mind showing new players the ropes. We have Documents, Spreadsheets, and Slides to help teach our simple in-game training courses. ____________________________ Divisions: Beskar Company - [Commerce & Support] Personnel dedicated to trading routes, mining, operating large scale ships in battle, science & engineering departments, and towing. (Trading, Mining, Capital Crews, Science, Salvaging, Engineering, and Towing) Zerek Squadron - [Air Combat] Skilled] Combat Pilots, Troop Carries, and Escorts, also operating as reconnaissance for hunts, insertion of troops to battlefield, and escort fighters for missions. (Fighters, Bombers, Dropships, Medical ships) Vertigo Battalion- [Ground Combat] Assault Troopers and Assault Vehicles (Light and Armored), Often operating as reconnaissance and tactical operatives (Infantry, Ground Vehicles, Recon Vehicles) _____________________________ We hope to hear from you. Just come on and hop in the discord, kick your boots off and have a beer. Take care and safe flying out there in the 'verse RSI Link: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/THEBHGUILD Discord Link: https://discord.gg/JjjVF9E -"Family is more than bloodline."
  7. (FFK) Flotter der Treu Ritter Rekrutierung Der heilige Ritter ist längst 1500 Jahre in Vergessenheit geraten, jahrhundertelang hatte sich der Ritterorden dem sicheren Weg der Pilger ins Heilige Land verschrieben. Sie schützten die Reisenden vor Dieben, Räubern und ganzen feindlichen Armeen. Sie waren elitäre heilige Krieger. Sie widmeten ihr Leben, ihr Vermögen und ihre heilige Ehre dieser Sache. Mit Gewalt brachten sie Frieden und Sicherheit ins Land. Jetzt, im Jahr 2949, ist der Heilige Ritterorden erneut auferstanden, um die ständig wachsende Bedrohung durch die Vanduul und die Piraten, dieses Pestuniversum, zu bekämpfen. Die Flotte der treu Ritter ist ein Leuchtfeuer in einem dunklen Vers - und wir wachsen täglich an Zahl. Hast du die Kraft und tapfere Kraft, ein Treu Ritter zu sein? Ein treu Ritter ist wirklich ein furchtloser Krieger, der niemals vor dem Kampf zurückschreckt. Wenn Sie Ehrenwert sind, werden Sie uns willkommen heißen. Wenn du auch mutig bist, dann wirst du zu uns kommen wollen. Und wenn du ein Feind der Reinen, der Gerechten und der Art bist, dann WIRST DU UNS fürchten. Wir suchen Flotter Kanoniere, Jagdgeschwader Piloten, Bombenflugzeuge, Flottenführer, Händler/Kaufleute, die helfen, Kapital zu generieren, um unsere Flotte zu betreiben, Entdecker, militärische Späher, industrielle (Bergleute, Bergung, Wissenschaft, Landwirtschaft) und Unterstützen von Aufgaben, um bei der medizinischen, Betankung und Reparatur zu helfen. Was auch immer Ihr Spielen-Stil ist, wir haben es und brauchen Ihre Hilfe. Ihr werdet den Schutz der Flotte der treu Ritter haben und Mitglied einer wirklich mächtigen Organisation sein, die eine Mission hat: ein Leuchtfeuer in einem dunklen Vers zu sein und die Dunkelheit zu zermalmen, wo immer sie sich versteckt. Für alle neuen Mitglieder. Bitte schließen Sie sich uns in unserem Discord und einige Spiel spielen, wie wir Ihre Anwendung betrachten. Begleiten Sie uns JETZT in unseren Bemühungen, die UEE zu einem besseren Ort zu machen! Begleiten Sie unsere Discord hier:https://discord.gg/W9YFCN8 Unsere Website: Faithfulknights.com RSI Org. Seite:https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/FFK
  8. A bunch of good info in this video (many picked up on the F8 Lightning news - but much more is in it). A big thing that will define the game is Professions and Guilds + earning Badges. CR has talked about it before but has not elaborated to this degree on it.... which also highlights how important S42 will be towards your starting Rep in the PU. See about 16:20m into vid.
  9. Fleet Name: Team Legacy - [TL] Community Website: TeamLegacy.net Description: Private Contracting Facebook: Facebook.com/TeamLegacyNet Twitter: @TeamLegacyNet TL Youtube #1: Sound Strategy Network TL Youtube #2: TeamLegacyPvP Twitch Channel: Team Legacy's Twitch Pirates popped your transport? Want to “relocate” the squatter denizens of a juicey star system? Everything (and everyone) has a price. Team Legacy is coming to a sector near you! We are currently accepting contracts for the following services: Deep-space escort Private security Local system defense Eviction Remote fueling/supply Private investigation Conflict resolution What is the Team Legacy squadron? Team Legacy is an established and recognized name in the gaming community. Our focus is development of innovative strategies, paired with a competitive mindset to propel us to a top position amongst other corporations or organizations. We organize via spreadsheets, flowcharts, professionally written guides, and whatever tools we can get our hands on. New data is constantly processed, analyzed, and presented to our pilots to improve contract efficiency. Our unwavering attention to detail and devotion to metrics enables us to complete any contract at the absolute minimum cost to our clients! Want to join the most professional private army out there? Team Legacy is currently recruiting! Our goal is to become the best squadron out there, and to do that, we intend to continue recruiting the best pilots, manufacturers, and business minds to our organization. Personal initiative, ability to learn, and interactiveness are expected traits in our new recruits. If becoming a part of a large, efficiently organized and highly communal team is something you would be interested in, put in an application! Still need training and/or on-the-job experience? We have you covered. Our organization hosts some of the most renowned in the galaxy. Whether you need a partner for practicing in the simulator, or in depth guides and tips from a seasoned vet, our resources are at your disposal to help you grow and improve. Team Legacy is currently hiring both full-time and part-time contractors! Here at Team Legacy, we understand that your life planetside comes first, and we don’t expect you to be online 24 hours a day. Even if you only fly part-time, we expect our pilots to give every contract the utmost coordinated effort. From our weekend haulers to our full time mercenaries, we achieve more together than we could alone. Maintain professionalism, and leave the drama at the door. If you're looking for a place to discuss politics, religion, or the finer points of trolling, Team Legacy is not for you. Our enforced code of conduct is intended to keep needless drama from affecting our clients or overall operations, and you must read our "Common Sense Charter" before applying! When it comes time to perform during contracts, the ambience gets very serious, very quickly. Respect the challenge while in combat, relax outside. Committed to training up competent leaders and field commanders. Our paramilitaristic command structure is open for advancement. We look to develop leadership on all levels, from squad commanders, to economic analysts and marketing staff. With a preexisting crew of seasoned military, technology, and business professionals, we encourage you to join Team Legacy for the opportunity to advance your “out of combat” skills and leadership potential! Enlist today! Join us on Teamspeak! We welcome potential community members to come say hello, and hop into a game with us! Vin teamlegacy.net
  10. WEBSITE APPLY HISTORY ACCOLADES How We Operate Over the past decade of gaming XoO has learned what it takes to win, teamwork and communication. As such we've sought to facilitate these aspects in everything our members do. By putting each member of our organization into a squad, we ensure that everyone has someone to play with during their prime time and that each individuals efficiency is increased. MMO's are meant to be played together and our job is to make sure our members are doing just that. With that said, the flexibility we offer makes sure that each individual is specializing in what they want to focus on while having the freedom to do different jobs each time they log in so that nothing gets tedious or boring. Current Recruitment Needs Subject to change on a regular basis. XoO is currently seeking both EU and AUS individual(s) to lead during those timezones and to assist with recruitment. We also encourage smaller guilds in any time zone to join as a group. Positions for capable squad leaders are also open. Onslaught Navy Fighter Pilots [High] Anti-Capital Ship [High] Capital Ship [High] Crew Members - Marines [High] Engineering [High] XenTec Mining [High] Industry [High] Exploration [High] XenTec The goal of Xenonomics is to engage in trade and increase our reputation with the various alien races, in particular the Banu and any Vanduul faction that could be persuaded to trade with us, in order to give our organization an edge in terms of income, influence and access to rare, high quality alien ships that will not cost you an arm or a leg. We are not here to do pussy runs in High Security space. Our runs will take us into Low Security space, Unexplored space and Alien territory where the threat of an attack by pirates, an opposing Vanduul faction or a hostile organization is very real.
  11. Hey Imperium members! I am looking to start a small group of fighters for the release of the dogfighting module. I am looking for 4 - 5 serious players who plan on flying the 325A fighter from origin. I am also looking for 1 commander with a command style ship or a ship used for boarding. The team will be strictly focused around bounty hunting and military expeditions. Some type of Microphone would be very helpful but not 100% necessary. The times I'm available to be online are generally around 12AM-3AM EST or 9AM - 4PM EST depending on the day. If anyone is interested in being part of a small tight nit Strike Force please message me with questions! I can't wait to start the dogfighting! I can't wait to see you all in game! Good Hunting!
  12. The 1st Royal Aerospace Squadron is recruiting Website: http://1ras.enjin.com Timezone: USA mostly Commo: TS3 Focus: Casual Play, some RP, and Moderate Competitive play. Fun Description: The 1st Royal Aerospace Squadron is an Independant Squadron from the UEE Marines. In Which is Give the freedom to maneuver where ever is needed of them. We have Ships dedicated to exploration, and Patroling the boarders, as well as the lawless areas of Space. we accept request for assistance from Civilians who might need help or protection from Pirates or just any hostiles, We are not a unit that Engages in Smuggling nor Piracy, we are a Loyal Unit of the UEE. To apply: Visit your local UEE recruiter on planet or visit 1ras.enjin.com
  13. You can find virtually all of the information for our corporation in our charter: AS-FL Charter We are currently looking for anyone ready to commit and willing to fly mindlessly into a trap Brave the dangers of the universe! Subscribe to our subreddit and fill out the form if you'd like to join us!
  14. Recruitment: MOPP4 would like to build a strong core of players & carve out our niche in the galaxy upon launch. Though focused on Military members we more than welcome friends and military supporters. Jump on bored and join MOPP4! MOPP4 is an adult community most of our members range between 20-55, we ask that you be 18+ before applying. Thank you. What can MOPP4 do for me: 1.All of MOPP4's members play by a Code of Conduct while wearing the MOPP4 tags. This C.O.C. ensures mutual respect and as close to a drama free gaming environment as one can hope for. For more information on MOPP4's C.O.C please check it out HERE. 2.MOPP4 often conducts in game contests or giveaways which are available to all of our active members. Who doesn't want free ship! (see what i did there?) 3.MOPP4 offers top of the line Xenforo forums (Tapatalk and steam integrated) for your posting enjoyment 4.MOPP4 offers a private Teamspeak 3 server for VOIP communication. 5.MOPP4 is applicant approved by the Wounded Warrior Project to conduct fundraising on their behalf. 6.MOPP4 is a multi-game community so there is never a reason to be bored. Although we hope you will join us in Star Citizen we will never turn you away from any of our other supported games. 7. MOPP4's ranks are based upon participation, not time in "guild" willingness to lead and determination. Our Iniital Objective: MOPP4 will establish a foothold in *Deleted / Security Voilation* set up a Tactical Operations Center (TOC), eradicate hostile threat & establish space superiority in the immediate area using shock & awe tactics. Though MOPP4 is not currently allied with any of the other great units in the galaxy we are open to sit downs to discuss partnerships and or alliances with those who may be interested. Our Mission: MOPP4 will establish a military force who is second to none, what we choose to do with our strength and numbers is still classified and currently cannot be released to the general public. Our story will begin in Alpha. We hope that your story will begin with MOPP4. Check us out at MOPP4.net or just click on our banner!
  15. ~ ~ ~ Welcome to Valinor Aerospace Ltd. ~ ~ ~ Valinor Aerospace Corporate Advertisement Videos ~ ~ ~ Valinor Aerospace Employee Roster Exploration & Charting Division Elbereth E. Silmaril (elbereth): 300i, Role-Play (Heavy), USA PST Corwin Robeki: Aurora LX, Role-Play (Medium), USA EST Draco Argentum: Aurora, Role-Play (Medium), Australia Jeannie Catazonon (catazonon): Aurora LX, Role-Play (Heavy), USA EST Science & Research Division AgentSnow: Role-Play (Light), USA Central DrakeBloodwright: Freelancer, Role-Play (Medium), Australia Jud Wright (octacube): Freelancer & Aurora LX, Role-Play (Medium), USA EST Interstellar Commerce & Logistics Division Lorien E. Silmaril (bagheera): Freelancer & 300i, Role-Play (Heavy), USA PST Michael Garret (chayak): Constellation, Role-Play (Heavy), USA Central Fleet Security Division Gurislav Stone (arjentstone): Aurora LX, Role-Play (Heavy), USA PST James "SnakeEyes" Burton (snakeeyes): Hornet, Role-Play (Medium), Spain Josh "Jarfond" Kailias (jarfond123): Role-Play (Medium), USA EST Sol Verimun (aruvella): Hornet, Role-Play (Heavy), USA PST
  16. I wanted to invite you to check us out at Star Citizen Air Force. Star Citizen Air Force is welcoming new pilots, if you are interested in finding out more then please visit; Temp website: http://scairforce.corplaunch.com/ Website(under construction): www.scairforce.com Logo Creator software Logo Designer Pro software 50 Slot Ventrilo Game Play: PVE - PVP - small bit of RP is always welcome in the S.C.A.F Pilot Types: Fighter Pilot, Merchant Pilot, Exploration Pilot, Marine Corps, Web Ops, & Command SORRY WE DO NOT ACCEPT PIRATES, MERCENARIES, or SMUGLERS in S.C.A.F Cheers! Deadmanshotyou
  17. A project I have been working on is called The 1st FLEET, it's only been a few days so far but your welcome to stop by and check us out. http://1stfleet.corplaunch.com/index.php?gid=292171
  18. Allied Commanders Council (ACC) The Allied Commanders Council (ACC) is a Star Citizen Guild structured to provide a low-stress, friendly environment for citizens to enjoy their time in this amazing new game. Within the guild there are divisions to represent various types of activities. Each division will have a commander. It will the responsibility of the division commander to set up the division structure and the rules and guidelines for that division. Each division commander sits on the Commanders Council which is the leadership of the guild. Initially there are five divisions: A. Science & Technology - this division is for exploration, discovery, and documentation of the SC universe within the game. External to the game this is where those interested in maintaining the guild website, ship design, modifications, CryEngine stuff can work. This division is for explorers The leader will be the Science Commander. B. Combat Support - this is our para-military division to provide escort missions, guild defense, retaliation and retribution missions, provide combat support to our allied guilds, etc. This is our fighting division. The leader will be the Combat Commander. C. Trade and Business - our transport, mining, trading, etc division. The leader will be the Trade and Business Commander D. Back Ops - this is our pirate, smuggling division. Espionage, covert and illicit activities, etc. This leader will be the Black Ops Commander E. Roleplay - our roleplay division. Those that want to role play can set up their own back stories, general roleplaying activities. The leader will be the Roleplay Commander The guild will be run by a Command Council which will be the leaders of each division along with the ACC Commander and ACC Vice Commander. While each commander will structure how their division will operate and be organized, each division's plan will be approved by the Command Council so it fits into the overall guild guidelines. The overall guild guidelines will be established by the Command Council once all the positions are filled. Members of the guild can be part of more then one division. Within the guild, members are able to tag or untag themselves as part of say Science and Technology and Combat if they want. Or every division. This structure provides for a division of the labor in running the guild. From the regular member perspective the guild provides all the things you might want to do so you don't have go find another guild if you change your mind if your interests change. You can just work with another division within our guild. Anytime you want. We are currently recruiting members AND division commanders. Check us out at http://star-citizen-acc.enjin.com
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