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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, I was just trying to spur some discussion on the news that came out of the recent interview with Erin Roberts by BoredGamer. Here it is below: Some things I found most interesting were: Ground Battles: Ground & Space Battles both can be of epic scale & in a lot of situations will bleed over to combat over ground, air & space. The System allows for an Idris to go close to a planet and unload it’s weaponry. They are adding Tracked Vehicles, Static Defenses, Tanks, Missile Systems & more. And a lot more of this is planning on coming with 3.1 as well, they want locations where you cannot take ships because there are anti-air or ship defenses that would need to be disabled first, so you would have to go in on the ground with a group OR stealth in. Base Building: They have plans for Base Building mechanics later down the road too, you’ll be able to spawn there, defend it, use it to store goods & ships. But they will be attack-able too & ground vehicles & installations will be a big part of the combat there. Players will be able to build functional bases, walls, habitation modules & lots more. Thinking about the recent sale with the Nox, it seems CIG has the capability to branch out by selling more ground vehicles. I think right now we have the Greycat, Dragonfly, Nox, and Ursa Rover in terms of ground vehicles. Do you think people would be interested in buying a tracked vehicle or tank? I can only imagine it might be some time in 2018 where we start seeing these kinds of vehicles on concept sale.
  2. What do you guys have planned, or theorycraft for Ground team Exploration? Here are some ideas to go off of, but are not limited too.... 1. Aquilia: having a Ground buggie for Long drives in new territory. 2. Security: When in new areas, what will be some protocol to keep us protected in the event we meet a hostile entity? 3. What to do in Emergency? [Please state emergency, and following actions] If you wish for me to take this article down, to post it at a later time when more is released, let me know, and/or if this article/thread has already been submitted by someone else, please send link to that thread.
  3. I just had a thought, I was wondering what sort of scale you guys are thinking would be optimal for planet-side battles. I was thinking huge, open worlds, or ArmA size maps would be awesome planet-side environments, allowing players to fight over individual areas on a planet. Or do you guys think smaller sized maps would be better? Hell, while we're talking about groundpounders, what about marine boarding actions on the larger ships like the Idris or Carriers or even the connie. I'd be interested to know how CIG will manage authentic zero g combat in CryEngine. Like proper zero g where you can roll and everything rather than just bumping your head on the roof all the time. I'll certainly be interested to find out, and to hear your thoughts
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