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Found 19 results

  1. Hello, I'm a relatively new player to Star Citizen as I finally bought a starter pledge (100i) during the Foundation Festival 2023. I decided to join Imperium after having Federal as my guide for a couple of hte weekends since he is quite knowledgeable and the groups we had were enjoyable. Given the somewhat off workhours I have due to working in the evenings the time that I can play games is kind of odd for someone in the Chicago metropolitan area so I had been looking for an organization whose goals aligned with my own, and that people would be on when I was able to typically log on. (I despise piracy, griefing, and those who exploit bugs and glitches for gain at the cost of others as such activities take away from the enjoyment others can have in the game.) I'm looking forward to the Engineering, Science, and Exploration game loops that haven't been added in yet. Not quite sure which ships I'm most looking forward to piloting or working on as part of a crew since so many game play elements haven't been added in yet.
  2. Hey all! I'm new to Imperium but not new to Star Citizen. I originally pledged back in 2014 but went way overboard and spent far too much money. To cut a long story short I ended up selling my account and stopped playing. My current account I pledged back in May 2018. I have spent some money in my new account but I'm keeping it limited. I currently have a Cutlass Red normal package and a Mercury Star Runner that was CCU'd from an LTI Cyclone. I played for a good while back in 2018 as a member of TEST. I actually did a lot of testing back then, so much so that I got an invite to join the Evocati. Shortly after that though I stopped playing. The state of the game back then just wasn't high enough to be able to play the game on a regular basis long-term. I was also pledged in Elite Dangerous from 2013 and that game was fully playable and released so I played that instead. I've been playing ED on and off ever since. Though I have kept up with SC progress and popped in to try it once in a while. During my time playing ED I ran my own player group. It wasn't massive but we had 50+ regular members and our Discord always had a dozen or so people in voice every day. I ran the group from 2017 until last year, when it broke apart due to members stopping playing the game. After the release of Elite Dangerous Odyssey I was also really discouraged with the state of ED, so I stopped playing and haven't been gaming at all for about a year. I recently came back to try again. Elite Dangerous Odyssey though is still having issues, a lot of players have recently stopped playing and it appears that Frontier have about given up on the game now. So I am now looking at playing Star Citizen again. From what I can see the game seems much more playable now and I'm hoping it can be my new game of choice. When I was with TEST they were nice enough but I didn't feel that I really gelled with the community overall, so I am looking for another large ORG that fits me better, hence my joining Imperium. I'm 53 years old and prefer PvE cooperative gameplay (though I have done my share of PvP). I am mostly looking for an active group that has people I can chat to on Discord, have a laugh with and cooperate with in game. When I am playing a game I play a LOT, so you'll see me around quite a lot, but it's mostly between the hours of 9am to 11pm UK time. I'm also looking at trying to become a content creator for the game, so watch out for that. My real life background is that I have worked in IT all my life, from IT support through Level 4 Engineer, Network Analyst, Systems Analyst and finally Service Management for Hewlett Packard. I now no longer work due to my wife being disabled and needing full-time care, which is where I come in. This means I am mostly at home 24/7, hence I have a lot of time to fill and why I play games like SC a LOT. I am also an avid photographer in real life. It's been a hobby since I was young, I even went semi-pro for a while back in the late 90's, early 2000's. I've also just built myself a new PC as my old one was lacking the oomph needed. This is my new build: ASUS Prime x570-P Motherboard AMD Ryzen 7 5800x CPU @ 4.2Ghz 32GB Corsair Vengeance 3600Mhz RAM 1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus M.2 NVME SSD EVGA GeForce RTX 3070 FTW3 ULTRA GAMING GPU Although I am waiting for the 3070 to arrive, hopefully tomorrow or the next day. After which I will be in game on a regular basis. I will also be in Discord so I can get to know you all. See you all around! o7
  3. Hello!, i am 22 from the UK and am currently looking to join an organisation, i have submitted my application and just notifying HR. Thanks!
  4. Hi! Unsure what to put here, sooo.... Have a freelancer pledge from a few years back. I also have a hornet somehow. Never purchased one, but i am certainly not complaining about a free ship. As far as what i'm looking forward to, there are a few things. Cargo storage for my freelancer. Salvaging. One day getting my hands on a Reclaimer. but yeah, thanks approving my app!
  5. My name is Justin, and I'm a cadet in police academy in the Midwest (US). I formerly attended university in Chicago where I studied English as an undergrad and Counseling as a graduate student. As I work on completing police academy, which occupies the majority of my time, I've been in search of a community to belong to in Star Citizen, and a community of whom enjoyment is to be had in a wide spectrum of various games. As I browsed through the speculative vastness of what Star Citizen is, while also exploring the potential roles and experience that such a game as this furnishes, I was thrilled to encounter Imperium; advantageously, the members of Imperium shared mutual aspirations and goals for Star Citizen and gaming at large. It's my hope, accordingly, that I may bring those strengths and passions I possess into the melting pot of a company whose assets, endeavors, interests, and clientele are in need of like-minded members. Don't be shy--shoot me a message or let's hop in a game and have some fun; for we live and interact on the frontier of the infinite imagination. P.S. Feel free to connect with me on Twitch or YouTube!
  6. Just wanted to take a quick second to say Hello. I jumped into star-citizen a bit late just after the kickstarter with www.sghq.com. However, I think I let my idea of the game over take what I can actually field in the game. I started out with the lti pirate package, then grabbed a gemini, a genesis, reliant and a merlin, all lti I am thinking of trying to sell my genesis and gemini as I honestly dont think I will be much more then a 10 hour a week player. It gets harder to game as the little ones grow up and they always want your attention. Now its to the phase " oh daddy is playing his stupid game" LOL So that's it in a nut shell, looked like a great community and I just wanted to find a safe place if I did decide to sell in the future.
  7. Hey all, I'm voidofvalhalla, or just void; I just built a gaming PC specifically for star citizen and recently joined Imperium! Honored to be on board! I fly a Superhornet and sabre currently but I am open to all roles and want to diversify and understand as much as I can, So i can pick my niches on the battle field. I'm thinking about getting in on some lifetime insurance now as well, while it's possible. I'm thinking sabre Let me know if anyone wants to meet up for squadron battles, battle royales, swarm, and general practice and shenanigans.. see you in the verse!
  8. Hey all. Ex Eve online player and veteran to too many mmo's i can honestly remember. I wish to be part of the military. Though wish to do all activities like exploration, trading, mining and eventually production on an endeavor or better. My biggest military ship is my Polaris with my sabre docked. though all my ships can fight to some degree. Hoping a cutless can fit inside the polaris later for possible bounty hunter pickup / search and rescue or just tractoring in loot. Heres hoping anyhow lol.
  9. Hi there lads and lasses, been a backer of SC since the kickstarter and have kept a closed eye on it, felt like I wanted to meet and greet some fellow citizens before it all kicks off this christmas and beyond, the only pledge i care about is the Freelancer for nostalgia reasons(but ive dumped alot of money on this hopeful glory baby child), im most excited for random terrifying alien encounters, been waiting on a game that has half of the gumption that star citizen has for well, longer then i can remember decades i guess so im PRETTY excited, gotta curve that. My names Paul, i am a 23 year old student in the UK studying media production and software engineering, I design websites and other bits and bobs that keep me fairly busy so i cant promise activity, that being said you can think of me like a loving mold growing on the forum, you know one that smells nice and your happy to see but cant remember the scientific name for (Ied go for Nerd Mutus myself) well only time will tell. Anywho, pleasure to meet you all!
  10. Just applied to join Imperium and hoping to be accepted. The organization spotlight on youtube and this websites structure and activity level really emphasizes this organizations commitment to star citizen superiority. Keep the PR going and this group is sure to grow! Good job on the organizers, I was majorly uncertain which org to join before looking at all this.
  11. Hey y'all! The name's BinarySpirit! Been a backer since April 2013. This is not the first major Star Citizen org I've joined, but I hope I'll settle in well. Dunno what else to really say, so if you want to know more about me, ask away.
  12. Sevicler


    Hi all. I've only just joined in because i heard its a nice place to trade Star Citizen ships. Would be very grateful if someone would give me instructions on how to make a "Want to Trade" post. I have a good deal in mind if I could get someone interested before the MISC hull series concept sale ends. And thanks for looking at my post
  13. Hello people I´m LadyZehan. I live in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador - Brazil. I´m an English teacher and I love books, cats, sci fi, culture, human relationship. I write short stories and poems. My group are knowing the SCZ and we want to understand the game to play and have fun. The base of MVM is RPG with some humor and blood. \o Kisses and let´s fly.
  14. Hi I'm new to SC and wanted to say hi i pledged a ship (Cutlass package) today and am real excited about this new game coming out. I plan to purchase a dedicated fighter in a week or 2 but the Cutlass was my first choice due to its versatility.
  15. Just joined the forces and thought it appropriate to say hello to everyone. I'm thrilled to be a part of a community the size of Imperium and I belive we will have a blast, not only in the verse but also here in our forums for a long time to come. I've got a Constellation for transport missions and a Cutlass for search & rescue. I'll be there when you need someone to cover your back. Over and out, Justin Case.
  16. Hardcore Strategy gamer here. Looking forward to play with you guys. What makes me dance is when I think about HUGE organized battles, working as crew on bigger ships *Drools* And just enjoy the game to its fullest!
  17. bonear


    Hello everyone the name is Bonear, I have play a lot of games, I just retired 22yrs as MP, ARMY. Iam working my way to the Contellation but I would rather have the badass Bengal? Iam currently messing with X3AP (no ideal what to do) but having fun til Alfa start rolling out. I tend to be a little shy/crancky because of pain/PTSD and meds but I will be try to make some friends and have some fun! ......and thank you Lightmonk.
  18. Just wanted to say hello. My real name is Adam. I live in Atlanta, Georgia USA. I am a college student. You can add me on Steam or Xbox Live, my name for both is Comrade135. Any questions for me? I can answer them here or elsewhere.
  19. Dear All, It's exciting to have this forum for discussion on Star Citizen. Would like to play the game ASAP...
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