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Found 14 results

  1. Game Day June 24th

    Howdy ho @Imperium Member! As this will probably be the last Game Day we have before 3.0 comes out, we figured it would be good idea to get some flight preparations going! But we'll of course keep the usual Star Marine Banter we all enjoy oh so much. We're also green this month! Firstly, let’s congratulate last months gift card winners; @Federal, @moggimus and @Weehamster! three well deserving victors! Also, some applauds are in order for @Switch's amazing compilation of what transpired last Game Day. This is also a good reminder for everyone who has the capability, and interest to record to do so, the more footage the more amazing videos by people like Switch. If you have footage you wish to submit then go here: http://seafile.celeris.io:8000/u/d/66d5dde2f2/ As we quickly mentioned at the beginning this next Game Day we’re going to offer flight instructions for the willing. We’ve asked some of the best pilots in Imperium to come in and give some tips and tricks to anyone who wants to improve or learn, now these pilots are of course @Cincinnatus and @Space-Moose. For those of you who have missed it, these pilots are already offering something similar outside of Game Day as well, so if you can’t make it for the one on Game Day, or simply want to be at your peek come Game day, read more here! Raffles and Prizes As every other Game Day, we’ll be offering raffle prizes based on individual participation levels! Raffles will be based on individual activities during Game Day, so here is the list of raffles you can enter: Participation Raffle - by checking in with a host in the Landing Channel, you can be entered Arena Commander Raffle - by attempting any mode within Arena Commander, completing it, and providing a screenshot, you will be entered Host Created event Raffle - by taking part in a Host Created event, completing it, and providing a screenshot, you will be entered Custom Events Raffle - by taking part in an official Custom Event run, you will be entered into this final raffle All the raffle prizes will be $10 RSI gift cards (Additional prizes may be provided, and will be announced at the start of Game Day) Newbie Info If you’re brand new to Star Citizen, we recommend getting in touch with us on Teamspeak or, checking this link out: See you on the 24th!
  2. Thank you Noobifier for your vids and this giveaway. Good luck guys!
  3. Another giveaway, my apologizes if I missed a previous post listing. Good luck to any who enter! Directions in the very short 95 second video.
  4. LTI 890 Jump giveaway

    @TheNOOBIFIER1337 with another amazing giveaway, An LTI 890 Jump talk about rare
  5. @TheNOOBIFIER1337 Put out a new video announcing a giveaway for LTI Misc Prospector! So you T&I folks especial go to his video and follow his No BS instruction.
  6. So, in the spirit of the giveaway season, and to keep with the annual awesomeness of Imperium giveaways, I did a small giveaway for Imperium members and friends in the Gamescom Watch Channel today. Congrats to our very own @Wodney for winning an LTI P72 Merlin, and one of our good friends @Edenstar for winning the LTI Yellow-Jacket Dragonfly! Tomorrow's festivities have been stated that if we (the SC community) have more than 4000 people viewing the last day for each hour and giveaway, CIG will give away a TERRAPIN each hour! See you all tomorrow!
  7. Calling all creative types, CIG is giving away a Dragonfly to the creators of the best and worst representations of how backers envision the Drake Dragonfly. Let's see what SCB can do! Submit your most beautiful and or awful creations here: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/332357/contest-draw-the-dragonfly/p1 Mine:
  8. Welcome Back Citizenshere is your second challengeіt iѕ cold, but іt's drуіt iѕ dark, but i am Lightit Never rains, but there are rainbows in the skyGood luck on your hunt, i can not wait to see who comes out on top.-Rules&Conditions:1. You have 24 hours to finish the challenge, 4am Sun (UTC) to 4am Mon (UTC).2. The prize is a P-72 Archimedes.3. You may work with others, but there can only be one winner.4. This challenge can be done without 3rd party website or software (so please, use your head and think).5. If no one has won by 4pm Sun (UTC), I will start dropping hints. 6. Do NOT massage me in till you get the codeword from test 11 Past Giveaways:https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/319964/ship-giveaway-with-a-catch-closed/p1 Original post: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/320218/the-2nd-encrypted-ships-contest-giveaway Heads up, you will need to search the RSI forums for test 2
  9. Hey guys, just a quick note to let you all know that Clifford aka Miku has generously given us two Merlins to give away on the show tonight! And for the first time in months, Trendane will be joining the crew! Show starts in 45 minutes, at 2300 UTC! http://www.twitch.tv/thebaseradio
  10. Head on over and watch the video instructions are in the description, good luck!
  11. these are the games Killing Floor, Defence Alliance 2 first to drop his steam will get em
  12. thebase.sc Listen to the StarCitizenBase Round Table - A talk show about discussing / theorycrafting Star Citizen subjects - to get the chance to win a Hull-A! We have lots of interesting topics lined up for you! Today at 2100 UTC - 1700 Eastern - 1400 Pacific See the schedule at thebase.sc/schedule
  13. So, I've been thinking for the last 50 posts or so what I wanted to do to celebrate this milestone, so without further ado, here we go. And here is the reward. Over the next week, anyone that posts in this thread that they wish to enter, will be entered into a draw. You may only get 1 entry, and I am the ONLY person ineligible to enter. At the end of the week I will close this thread, and perform a draw. The winners will be announced in this thread, as well as sent a PM by me so we can sort out the arrangements for delivery. Now what is the prize you may be asking? Well here it is. Seeing as my favourite ship manufacturer in Star Citizen is Aegis Dynamics, the maker of my beloved Idris as well as my planned javelin (Another sale Plz!), it is only fitting that the prize for this is one Standalone Aegis Dynamics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AVENGER This prize includes 6 months Insurance, as well as the lovely Aeroview Hangar. All for the low low price of FREE. 2 other members will also win their choice of any one (1) subscriber flair or ship skin. This contest is open to anyone from the fleet or the general public, and requires no purchase to enter. This contest is my way of saying thanks to this fantastic community for the last 1 1/2 years and 1000 posts, and hopefully many more to come. Imperium fleet is in no way implicated in this giveaway, as it is solely my decision and contest. Entries so far: @ @ @Jeff Rubicon @MrFailaface @Major Dex @Chimaera @ERaZ0S @JamesFV @Micha @DASKOMMTDAWEG @ThunderSnake @Genesis @Nevermore @Jozi @entiRety @VoA @Ryofar @Morcar Tallhart @Sumeragi @Ywaik @Draegar @John Maynard @CyberianK @Furioso @WarWulf @LightMonk @rain2reign @Syrius @Isnoth @Tredegar @Marsten @zerkerz @L@neWolf @azza1991 @Red-Coal @Zhane @al-Khidr @theoldspice @Dr. Argon @0+0=0 @CC-Corp @Timziito @Lakota @Alfred Drake @Nord @Paskantras @Morkulth @GeraldEvans @Trophias @Bambaataa @fufubar @radoorid @pyro nl @Profess1onalN00b @JoonYoungK And now for some picture goodness Competition is now Closed and has been drawn. Winners can be found !
  14. Greetings Star Citizen Base! The end of this year is coming to an end rather quickly and so to celebrate this awesome year which brought us many awesome ships and changes the Blue Suns and the Horizon Alliance is hosting a giveaway. This giveaway can be found HERE. The rules are simple. I mean really simple. Just wish the community a merry christmas and a happy new year. Either as a text reply or as a (selfmade) pic. -Heart EDIT: I am not sure if this belongs here in GC or in the marketplace. If it belongs in the marketplace I beg your pardon and please move it there.