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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Guys, I just got an email in which CIG told me my account was locked due to suspicious gifting behaviour. Then they send me an email with the following text and a Ticket hyperlink which of course I cannot follow because my account is locked 🙄 Has anyone experienced this before? Last trade I did was on June 11th when I got a Freelancer MIS from someone. I doubt CIG is cracking down on the grey market or more people would have come forward already.....
  2. A very nice piece on the aftermarket selling of ships for Star Citizen. I found the comment section entertaining as well. Seems relevant considering how many people are buying/selling right now as well as the November sale coming up. Inside Star Citizen's grey market Please delete if @VoA or somebody has already posted this, the search function did not bring anything up. I will definitely be visiting Eurogamer much more.
  3. After some discussion we now have a new rule for all the selling/gifting/buying packages stuff. It was decided that we won't allow it in the SCB forum. Any thread/post with such offers will be edited/removed. Exception: The Marketplace.
  4. Hello! I have just set up account here. I personally have no intention of playing Star Citizen in the foreseeable future - simulators aren't my thing - but my brother is, and in less than three weeks it's his birthday. So I planned on gifting a copy of Star Citizen (specifically, the US$40 MS Aurora+ package so he gets alpha and beta access). However, I cannot find for the life of me the option to gift a copy/pledge. TL:DR: want to gift, but I don't know how. Main questions: How do I gift someone a copy/pledge? Step-by-step-ish preferred. Can I gift someone a copy/pledge without having purchased my own? Thank you
  5. From the Friday Update: I'm pretty sure this means that I can grandfather my friend into unlimited insurance, and freeparking; as well as the original prices. Can anyone verify that I'm reading this right? Also, any idea if they get the other subscriber bonuses (things like the repair droid, free extra missions, and ability to not only upgrade, but buy more ships with insurance etc)? Basically, do they become 'pledgers'?
  6. Gifting The big news today is that a much-requested feature is now available, just in time for Christmas: you can now gift copies of Star Citizen to other people! You may gift existing tiers and add-ons to any e-mail address via Your Account page. A special gift e-mail will be sent to the person you select for the gift. Users do not need to have an RSI account: those that do not will be prompted to create one. If you purchased a multi-pack, it can now be split into individual copies of the game which can each be gifted in turn. If you’re searching for the perfect last minute gift, a copy of Star Citizen is the way to go! And remember that insurance belongs to the ship if thats what you are gifting, so those that registered before 11/26 can purchase packages with lifetime insurance for their friends! Friends will then be able to upgrade, add-on and purchase new ships to add to their collection with all the same benefits. There is currently a bug that is not conferring the original pricing status to new users that have received a gift from an original backer if they wish to purchase additional pledge tiers or add-ons. This will be fixed shortly after the holidays. Jump Point & Subscriptions We’re pleased to announce that the very first issue of the subscriber-only newsletter, Jump Point, is now available! We’ve decided to give everyone access to this first release, so everyone can see the kind of extra in-depth content that we can deliver thanks to the generous backing of our “Development Subscribers”. Future editions will be available only to those paying the subscription fee, but the content that was enabled by the subscription program will filter down to the rest of the community over time, so everyone should say a big thank you to our subscribers. There will be a pool of interesting people contributing to Jump Point with David Ladyman being Editor in Chief. Sandi Gardiner will be spearheading the video segments and as the subscriber number grows the more in-depth video we can have. One of our exciting ‘Tech Hotspot’ video segments for next month will be Chris demo-ing Oculus Rift. Interested in becoming an Imperator or Centurion subscriber? The recurring subscription fee system is available now. You’ll be able to subscribe using PayPal US or credit card but unfortunately PayPal Europe does not support subscriptions. Never fear, we are adding the ability to subscribe using Amazon soon! Current subscribers: since the original process was a one-time payment you’ll need to visit the link to start your recurring subscription. Wingman’s Hangar Also, we wanted to introduce everyone to our new weekly webcast show, where everyone will get a sneak peak into the development of the game, and get a chance to meet some of the folks that are working on making Star Citizen come to life. Starting in January, Wingman’s Hangar will be broadcast every Friday at 11am CST. Here is a small sample of what went on during today’s inaugural webcast. http://vimeo.com/56128152
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