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Found 9 results

  1. Title says it all. PM for details.
  2. Heya guys, Just want to ask all the other Hornet Ghost owners out there if they have noticed a change in colour with their ship. Mine has gone from an awesome almost invisible dark black/purple sheen to a darker grey version of the Super Hornet. I have tried searching these forums as well as RSi and cnat find any info on them. Cheers Brett
  3. zemaus

    Complete .

    Hi, On the account is 2xAPOCALYPSE ARMS MASS DRIVERS - STRIFE MASS DRIVER2xGIMBAL MOUNTS - FLASHFIRE VARIPUCK S2 GIMBAL MOUNT1xN-SERIES NEUTRON CANNON - NN-13 NEUTRON GUN1xN4 TURRET - N4-160F TURRET1xFLASHFIRE WEAPON MOUNTS - HORNET FLASHFIRE SPECIALTY MOUNT1xBEHRING BALLISTIC CANNONS - C-788 "COMBINE" BALLISTIC CANNON1xSPARK PROXIMITY DF MISSILE - SPARK I (X10)1xCHRISTMAS REWARD!1xBADGER AND BADGESAnd the pack which has...F7C-S Hornet GhostShipAnvil Aerospace (ANVL)Aeroview HangarHangar levelALSO CONTAINSStarting Money: 5,000 UEC6 Month InsuranceDigital Game SoundtrackDigital Star MapDigital Star Citizen ManualDigital Squadron 42 ManualSquadron 42 Digital DownloadStar Citizen Digital DownloadPack has a 140 USD melt and then there is $15 on the account so $155 Total value is over $200 with weapons and turrets but those cant be melted. I will take $120 for it. You must be verified on paypal and go first if you are low rep. If high rep i will go first. Remember you will get the whole account and be able to change the email. Also one more thing, There is a free name change on the account already. http://imgur.com/a/DyCiG Fees will be covered in the $120
  4. Hello all! I am a newly pledged member of Star Citizen, I just bought a Hornet Ghost and an Avenger. I plan on being primarily a scout/ infiltration fighter pilot. The Avenger is for general use, exploration, escorting, ect. I have been and will be training in Arena Commander here and there while waiting for releases. I am most interested in using the ghost for scouting, recon, infiltration, low-detection hit squads or other "uner the radar" roles with a larger group as that is how I see it being most useful. Also flying with a fleet, dogfighting, and being able to jump on larger ships when needed and man a turret or other controls. I got the Avenger to be used more generally for when I need a smaller ship for things my Ghost can't do. Currently part of a smaller Org. specializing in secured transportation. Seeing as IMP is not exclusive currently, I am interested in offering my services to assist the Imperium. At the very least it is nice to meet you all and say hello o7
  5. Would like to purchase a Specter LTI (F7C-S package) via verified PayPal. Please PM with offers (including package image) Thanks! - INER71A
  6. I have some Digital Colonel + Ghost packages (F7C-S) and Digital Colonel + Super packages (F7C-M) all with LTI for sale. I also have a Weekend Warrior LTI package for sale. I would prefer RSI credit (as this is to fund the purchase of my Wing Commander package - Don't wanna melt all my stuff), but I will accept Paypal if necessary. On to the prices: 3x Digital Colonel + Ghost LTI ($210 + PP fees or $210 RSI) 2x Digital Colonel + Superhornet LTI ($280 + PP fees or $280 RSI) 1x Weekend Warrior LTI ($280 + PP fees or $280 RSI) - On Hold SOLD This is the perfect opportunity to get some LTI hornets for your Idris if you were lucky enough to get one All packages have alpha and beta. Prices are negotiable (within reason) Do note that the PP fees will add about 4% to the total cost of the purchase (so RSI credits will be cheaper for you). Verified Paypal only, or RSI credit (Credit preferred). PM if interested.
  7. I'm Having a hard time picking between a single Connie or A Ghost (stealth fighter) and a DUR (exploration and commerce). I also have a M50 (scout and racing). I know that the Connie can fill any of those roles (minus racing I know but I intend to keep the M50), but I think it won't perform as well at specialized tasks. I would love to get some advice P.S: I already own the Ghost and DUR but consider melting them.
  8. So I finally released my first ever fan fiction...and it's for Star Citizen!!! It is called Siege Ghost. READ PART ONE ON THE RSI FORUMS Siege Ghost: Part I "Fog" Or at: http://281706.tumblr.com In short, the story is revolves around a pilot by the name of Segan "Bright Eyes" Shelton. Although you do not meet her in this first episode, she will be the main protagonist in future episodes. She's a bit of a loner, but only sometimes. More than that, Shelton is always being hunted by somebody...whether it's by UEE recruiters or the nastiest pirates you'll find anywhere. Why is she being hunted? You'll have to read the impending series to find out. All I can say is that, her story is set to grow to massive proportions. Even Imperium may be involved! Please read and give feedback on this first episode. OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS Segan "Bright Eyes" Shelton grew up the proud daughter of a single father who worked hard, spending much of his time on deep-space mining platforms to support her, yet was still always able to find quality time for her. To young Segan, it seemed like the man never slept. "Papa, you should rest for a while," Segan would always say. "If I rest, who's going to protect my little girl," he'd reply. Though her father never got rich from mining, Segan never went hungry. In fact, she was the happiest kid you ever saw. Segan, through all her years growing up, witnessed her father do nothing but good -- for her and for others. He earned everything they had and never took anything out from under anyone else. He taught her to do things the hard way so that she would never have to resort to hurting other innocent people. Segan’s father taught her a lot in just 17 years. He would have taught her more, but he just didn't get the chance. A kid's hero was gone forever due to a tragic mistake. Now a grown woman, Segan knows that many ill angels just like the kind that caused the death of her father, still exist. It is her mission to give them something to fear while still honoring the pride and teachings given to her by her father.
  9. The F7C-S Hornet Ghost – What can you do to enhance the Pew Pew? I am interested in your opinions on the topic stealth vs fire power for the Ghost. The F7C-S Hornet Ghost is great looking ship with a load out specific to stealth missions. RSI points out that; “The Ghost comes with low-emission drives, low draw weapons, and Void Armor technology capable of diffusing scans…” My concern is stealth vs firepower and what can be done to maximize both. I realize it will be a balancing act to stay within stealth parameters, managing power plant, drives and weapon systems to minimize your signature but there have to be a few upgrades that will give it more punch. The CF-0007 Bulldogs that reportedly come with the ship seem woefully under-powered. I hope my brothers and sisters here at the Imperium can help me address some of these concerns… 1) RSI identifies the stock weaponry for the Ghost stealth load out is “2x Klaus & Werner CF-007 Bulldogs (wings)”. But examination of the actual craft in the hanger reveals it has “2x Klaus & Werner CF-117 Badgers (wings). Do we get to keep the Badgers? 2) According to RSI, these are the hardpoints are available: Class-1 2 available (nose) Class-2 2x Klaus & Werner CF-007 Bulldogs (wings) Class-3 2 available (waist) Class-4 Ball/Canard turret optional Add Equip Velvet Glove Sheer Steel Armor Refit So what weapons do you throw into those spots to maximize your punch and your stealth capabilities? What weapons are considered “low-draw”? Ballistic cannons? Missles? Help a brother out… I would appreciate your opinions here…
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