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Found 14 results

  1. Kyla

    Want to Buy Starfarer Gemini Lti

    Hello all, I WTB a starfarer Gemini. Please Pm'd me your offer. Thanks.
  2. Hi folks. My eBay store and trade history : https://www.ebay.com/usr/zorik79 ----------Original Concept STANDALONE SHIPS---------- Anvil Hurricane - LTI - 220 USD Anvil Arrow LTI - 85 USD Avenger Titan Renegade - LTI -95USD AEGIS Gladius Valiant - LTI - 140USD ORIGIN 85X - LTI - 68 USD ARGO COMBO PACK (MPUV CARGO and MPUV PERSONNEL)- LTI - 86USD MPUV Personnel - LTI - 55 USD ANVIL Terrapin - LTI - 230 USD ADD-ONS - URSA Rover- LTI - 60USD DRAKE Buccaneer - LTI - 135USD MISC Prospector - LTI - 170USD Aopoa San
  3. VoA

    MISC Starfarer Gemini

    The Starfarer Gemini STARFARER Q&A - PART 1 STARFARER Q&A - PART 2 STARFARER Q&A - PART 3 MISC STARFARER VARIANTS The United Empire of Earth military uses an adapted ‘rough and tumble’ variant of the Starfarer for their front line operations. The G2M Gemini, more commonly the Starfarer Gemini or ‘Star G,’ trades some cargo capacity and maneuverability in exchange for reinforced armor, increased shielding, more powerful engines and stronger versions of the three manned turrets. The Gemini also includes an optional missile pod, which can be swapped for the fuel intake u
  4. I'm interested in making some room in my Hangar and sell some of my spare Buy Back Pledges. All ships have LTI unless indicated "Non-LTI". If you need more info about the ships PM me and I'll respond as soon as I can. I'm a long-time SCB Forum member and Imperium member, and have 100% positive rep for ship sales. Notes: Contact me via PM. Transactions through PayPal. (Verified PayPal only) All reasonable offers considered -- including trading LTI game packages. Buyer covers PayPal fees. Buyer sends payment first; I will in turn gift the ship to the buyer's RS
  5. Hi all, Looking to sell my account and ARMADA package with LTI. Will be via paypal of course and will use escrow.com if you are concerned if you cover costs. Also includes a token for a buyback of a JUMP 890 with LTI. Looking to move this along. Thanks, T.
  6. Ship Prices are increasing as CIG warned a long time ago. The Starfarer went from $175 to $195 and now will be $300. Clearly other ships will follow and it is best to buy in the here and now and not wait till later. Race against tomorrow and buy your ships at the cheapest price possible today. *Standalone LTI ships * 5x LTI 890 Jump on sale at $940 a piece total. **This ship comes with a free Model II Arclight Sidearm and a free Star Citizen Starter Package!** 3x LTI Phoenix Constellations at $675 a piece total. **This ship comes with a free Star
  7. I am looking to sell an LTI Gemini for $285. The ship has a melt value of $240, as the original upgrade was purchased before the latest price increase. This is still a discount on the current sale price of the Gemini and it does come with LTI. I am verified on Paypal and am looking for verified Paypal buyers only.
  8. Greetings, I'm offering the following list of ships and upgrades: dollars are accepted at current exchange rate - Carrack - LTI CCU'd_______________________________300€ - Endeavor - LTI CCU'd______________________________300€ - Reclaimer - LTI CCU'd_____________________________300€ - Crucible - LTI CCU'd______________________________300€ - Hull-D - LTI CCU'd________________________________300€ - StarFarer Gemini - LTI CCU'd______________________285€ - F7A upgrade________________________________________60€ Sold - TAURUS TO SABRE UPGRADE_________
  9. Official news from Lando: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/326607/spaceship-prices
  10. 1 LTI Starfarer Gemini - $220 USD (or $320 AUD) 1 LTI Vanguard Harbinger - $250 USD (or $365 AUD) Both ships are CCU from LTI P-72 Archimedes. Payment can be made via Paypal using F&F or add 3.5% for Paypal fees (no fees in Australia). Paypal verified and RSI Confirmed with a good trading record on Starcitizen_trades reddit.
  11. ItemLinkPrice($)Price (RSI credits) STANDALONE SHIP - VANDUUL GLAIVE (LTI)http://i.imgur.com/0n0Xo9W.png450600 I prefer RSI credits payment, but paypal is also fine @(•_•)@ Terms: I am Paypal verified, so must be you. Thanks for understanding.For money deals: add pp fees. To speed up selling process, if you want item - send me a PM with item you want, and your paypal e-mail, I will send invoice here, and RSI link with item to your email after payment. Had many successful trades here. STANDALONE SHIP - HULL A - LTIhttp://i.imgur.com/VbDByFQ.png90120Freelancer MIS LTIccu from hull2
  12. Hi, I added more ships for sale. HULL B - LTI - 135$USDRELIANT MINI HAULER - LTI -85 $USDSTARFARER GEMINI - LTI - 275 $USDPlease: only Verified PayPal !!! You also my check feedback in my profile to see my previous deals here.
  13. I am Paypal Verified and two years ago when helping people get LTI on their ships was possible I helped a lot of members get LTI on their ships. Thank you. : )
  14. Back with a great selection of LTI ships! I am a trusted middleman/trader so I can guarantee a fast and smooth trade! LTI - Starfarer Gemini 279$ SOLD LTI - Starfarer Gemini 279$ SOLD LTI - Hull B 109$ LTI - Hull A 69$ LTI - Hull A 69$ Verified Paypal only and FEES INCLUDED. Cheers!
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