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Found 20 results

  1. Looks like a Aegis Ship (probably a big one - though we need more "medium size ships")...... will be on concept sale at this upcoming Gamescom 2019 http://www.gamescom.global/ March 22, 2949 Esteemed Chairman's Club Allies, Throughout our storied history, Aegis Dynamics has crafted countless vessels that went on to be piloted or commanded by you, the venerable members of the Chairman's Club. In martial ventures, as well as industrial and commercial endeavors, we have enjoyed a long and prosperous relationship. We want to thank you for your unyielding bran
  2. Gamescom! what a time to drink! Any of these keywoards mentioned or things happen during the presentation, take a drink! Persistent Universe Soon Immersion / Immersive PTU Live Server Sale Idris Fidelity RED ONE JARED RED ONE Something Breaks Crash Star Marine Planetary Bengal Javelin THE JAW DROPPER - Take a shot Stream is delayed Seamless Flesh (as in flesh-out, you perverts) Saying that
  3. so i got a mail that i can send a question to tyler as im at gamescom. they wil randomly pick a question and ask a couple at the saturday event (from mail) "" Once the event is over, you will be able to submit a question to Tyler Witkin for Chris to answer during our event at the Hyatt Beer Garden the following Saturday afternoon. During the afternoon at the Hyatt, we will draw questions at random from those submitted and have them answered as best we can on the spott""
  4. Has anyone been able to get there hands on the Star Citizen trading card thats being given out at Gamescom. If so, I would like if you can take pictures of it. Just curious on how they look. They're giving out 2 trading cards a day. Each trading card is a different ship that has a code on it to be able to buy that ship at its original introduction price for a limited time until 3.0 comes out.
  5. So my coworker, an admitted PS4 gamer, saw some trailer for a PC game on one of his forums and was really moved by it. He came to me, the biggest nerd IT guy in the company, to chit chat about it and ask if I could help him build a PC he picked out. Well ho-de-ho, it was not a trailer, he watched the entire hour long GamesCom Star Citizen 3.0 demo. Muhaha, after breaking to him I know all about the game and pointed out that the photos on my office are concept ships. So he is likely going to sign up once he get a PC running. I jumped into his parts list. It was all crap, a
  6. For those who missed Gamescom here is the main event recorded
  7. CMDR_J_Shepherd commentates and points out some key info that was discussed with CR regarding 3.0 with BadNewsBaron and Captain Richard Here is the recorded stream and time stamps of important info: https://www.twitch.tv/cmdr_j_shepherd/v/84817214 13min: Crysis-style Planets 15min: Orbital Space Stations used as Quantum Jump Points to planets 18min 50s: Many stations will be small "family owned" operations within the verse 19min 20s: Chris Roberts Quotes: 20min 20s: CR confirms again Quantum Travel is .2 the speed of light 21min: Travelling from one s
  8. Heres a nice 5 minute highlight video of the 2016 Gamescom presentation, done up kind of like a movie trailer.
  9. GAMESCOM 2016 Congratulations, @Twerk17! Twerk17, who has been a member of IMPERIUM /Star Citizen Base for almost 3 YEARS , was selected by CIG to travel to GamesCom 2016 with them. He is going to be on the official stream of Star Citizen on Twitch and on his own channel. Good Luck Twerk and we'll be watching and supporting you throughout the GamesCom event! Don't know who Twerk is? Read some stuff below and be sure to check him out during the event! You can follow his Steam here: http://www.twitch.tv/Twerk17 The Main Star Citizen Stream is located here:
  10. So, in the spirit of the giveaway season, and to keep with the annual awesomeness of Imperium giveaways, I did a small giveaway for Imperium members and friends in the Gamescom Watch Channel today. Congrats to our very own @Wodney for winning an LTI P72 Merlin, and one of our good friends @Edenstar for winning the LTI Yellow-Jacket Dragonfly! Tomorrow's festivities have been stated that if we (the SC community) have more than 4000 people viewing the last day for each hour and giveaway, CIG will give away a TERRAPIN each hour! See you all tomorrow!
  11. GAMESCOM 2016 Cologne August 17 - 21, 2016 Watch at: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/gamescom or http://twitch.tv/starcitizen Twerk17: http://www.twitch.tv/Twerk17 Come join us watch it together on Teamspeak in the designated channel ts.starcitizenbase.com Below is the complete schedule from RSI, converted and reformatted in proper international ISO 8601 format, as Imperium should use. Click the Time.is links for countdown and time conversion GamesCom Schedule: Wednesday: Time.is 1200 - 1800 CET 0600 - 1200 ET 0300 - 0900
  12. As we all know, the event tomorrow starts at 12:45 EST. As it being noon by then for most of us, would be a good time to break out the alcohol and have some fun! Need suggestions for key words to use for the official Gamescom Drinking Game! A few already: Persistent Universe Soon Immersion You can find and add your key words in the official document HERE
  13. The 2015 GamesCom will live stream on 7 August at 1800 UTC. I will try to embed it here. That way SCB can discuss it while watching from 'home.' CIG is at Hall 10.1 A33 Good copy of the demo courtesy of RSI. Thanks ‌@AstroJak! The full presentation ~ Thanks @VoA Won't embed. In addition the following ships will be for sale there and on the RSI site during the convention and come with 2yi: And Notes!! 18:20 It's on! Colonial Movers and a few other orgs in character having a costume contest.I'm sorry but did they just give 890Js to people?18:26 Sandi is speaking German.She is l
  14. So, since I haven't seen a thread of this type pop up yet, I was wondering how many people NOT attending Gamescom would actually be online and in TS during the livestream? For me it's going to be a 2AM until morning ordeal, but I plan on being up, watching the stream, while chatting with folks and playing games on my TV. Unfortunately, due to the fact my other half will be sleeping in the next room, I won't be able to talk loudly, but if people are going to be in TS, I will definitely be there. Who else is gonna be online?
  15. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/14881-Gamescom-Flash-Sale
  16. Go vote here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/13843-Gamescom-Event-Poll
  17. HANGAR TYPES Does size matter? When it comes to Star Citizen’s upcoming hangar module it does! CIG recently added a hangar type to all ships in the store, so check your hangar on the CIG website to determine where your ships will be parked when the hangar module launches later this month. Here’s the rundown: Discount Hangar: Aurora Aurora LX 300i 315p 325a 350r Business Hangar: Freelancer Hornet Cutlass Deluxe Hangar: Constellation While there has been some negative sentiment on the forums over verbiage (luxury ships in a “discount” hangar?) now you know what to expect when the hanga
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