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Found 2 results

  1. It's a slow news week without the 10ftC on Monday, and I would love having a chat with anyone interested. I read on the official forums that one guy plans (or was joking about) to salvage his own LTI ships for easy money and it made me wonder a lot of things about how RSI could possibly prevent this. I know insurance fraud prevention is probably a long way off, and RSI will have to adapt it over time like a anti-cheat engine, but there is a whole new list of "What if's" with the salvage mechanic. Obviously parking a ship and then salvaging it is fraud that would need detection but there are so many ways someone could cheat the system. You could crash into a rock of purpose and salvage your own wreck, you could find a very easy enemy and let them take out your ship then quickly return to easily take them and salvage them and your ship. I have a friend who wants to dogfight and would allow me to tag along and have salvage rights after he gets first pick. But what if he is having a bad night and looses a ship, would I get flagged if I salvage him more than a couple times? The whole insurance fraud thing is one of those things Roberts promised but seems so easy to defeat. My best possible solution to this is a Piracy Timer. After an insured piece of hardware becomes a wreck there is a timer where touching it before the timer is up would make it pirated goods. When the timer expires you can be free to salvage it without worry.
  2. SCB and Imperium members, Just like many Markets, SCB has had some issues related to scams, scammers, fencers, and all-around unseemly characters showing up on our forums and attempting to scam members or fence stolen products upon the entire Star Citizen Base (SCB) community. Because of SCB’s status as being both a Star Citizen-focused community AND the home of Imperium, we strive to make sure our community is as informed as possible when it comes to things related to the Grey Market. So, without further rambling, here is a quick and simple guide to the standard “dos” and “don’ts” and “understoods” of the Grey Market. (Spoilers show the "Why") 1. ALL TRANSACTIONS CONCERNING VIRTUAL GOODS ARE INHERENTLY HIGH RISK. 2. DON’T EVER PURCHASE FROM SOMEONE IF THE DEAL SEEMS “TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE”. (Unless it’s a “trusted” seller) 3. DON’T BUY FROM UNKNOWN SELLERS. 4. DO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE DELAYED PAYMENTS THROUGH PAYPAL. 5. DO MAKE SURE THAT THE BUYER IS VERIFIED AS A SELLER AND THROUGH PAYPAL. 6. IF YOU ARE SUSPICIOUS OF A TRANSACTION, CANCEL IT. 7. TAKE PRECAUTIONS THROUGH YOUR BANK. 8. USE COMMON SENSE. 9. THE SCB FORUM AND THE IMPERIUM FORUM ARE NOT THE SAME. 10. IF YOU SERIOUSLY DO NOT FEEL YOU SHOULD GET IT, DO NOT GET IT!!!! FINALLY, REMEMBER THAT ALL ONLINE MARKETPLACES-INCLUDING THIS ONE-ARE NOT LIABLE FOR YOUR PROBLEMS. That having been said, we are not there all the time, we are not able to police all the time. We are all volunteers. All people who are just trying to create a great community. SO IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SUSPICIOUS, CLICK THE “REPORT” BUTTON AND SAY WHY. WE WILL CHECK AND DETERMINE IF IT IS WORTHY OF NEEDING CHECKED. Thanks all, and happy sells/buys!
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