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Found 5 results

  1. Heads up, the boards will go down over the next few hours as I update the software. I'll post here once it's complete.
  2. THE SHIPYARD = RSI forums follows SCB Forums' Example ^^^ See link above - RSI Forums is now re-organized (into sub-forums) to discuss ships more efficiently (similar to SCB forums' example) Per Jared - below.... CIG Disco LandoDiscoLando-CIG Posted: December 10 Hello Owners Club! We've created new ship series subforums. Super mega-threads like this are too difficult for us to track feedback effectively, so we're closing them all down and inviting folks to use the new subforums, this way, we can actually get your feedback to the correct people! This is the end of this form message. CIG Disco LandoDiscoLando-CIG Posted: December 10Edited: December 10 by DiscoLando-CIG I was asked to add some DOs and DON'Ts for creating new ship threads, mostly in response to the loss of "Owner's Club" threads by folks afraid they can no longer "chat" about their ship. You can and SHOULD absolutely chat about your ship, we just need to do in in a manner that the moderators and staff can effectively navigate and manage. This is by no means a comprehensive list of DOs and DON'Ts, just a few to help illustrate the new subforums process. DO: Create individual threads about whatever aspect of your ship you'd like, as long as it's within existing forum guidelines and etiquette. DON'T: Create a massive superthread for any post under the sun regardless of topic with the word HORNET/GLADIATOR/HULL/ETC in it. DO: Create a thread like, "What do you want to do with your Caterpillar when you can fly it?" that can go on virtually forever so long as it stays on topic. If you stay on topic, the sky is the limit (probably). =oP DON'T: Create a thread like, "Here's a generic place to say whatever you want about the Caterpillar, regardless of topic." DO: Create a thread for feedback on a specific ship system like, "How much cargo space should the Freelancer have?" DON'T: Create a thread for generic, unfocused feedback designed to devolve into a hornet's nest preventing our team from finding relevant data like, "FREELANCER FEEDBACK PUT IT ALL HERE DOESN'T MATTER WHAT." DO: Welcome new ship owners with discussions like, "What made you purchase a Reclaimer?" DON'T: Create a thread designed to become an area solely to complain. Negative feedback is both encouraged and often necessary to game development, but it needs to be constructively presented, and not as a thread who's only affect is to incite others. CIG Disco LandoDiscoLando-CIG Posted: December 10Edited: December 10 by DiscoLando-CIG "It's time to raise the level of discourse on spaceships in these forums." It's time for some dedicated sub-forums. With the recent changes to our ship pipeline, we've begun to assign individual manufacturers to specific teams across the world. In an effort to make finding your feedback as easy as possible when development cycles back around to your ship, and replying in kind when info is ready to be shared, we are making this fundamental change to the way we collect your discussions. In addition to all the regular forum rules that apply, in THE SHIPYARD we're going to encourage and moderate threads designed towards concise topics. Individual threads about maneuvering, weapons loadouts, paint schemes, cargo capabilities, etc. Whatever you want to discuss, keeping it focused will ultimately benefit your chances at being heard. You want your feedback to be both easy to find and easy to route to the appropriate team members. Giant megathread conversations that exhaust their usefulness and ultimately begin to feed upon their participants will be closed. You can see them at https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/ under THE SHIPYARD. Also: we need to name these things. To that end, we'd like to see your suggestions on clever, in-fiction names for each dedicated subforum. After a few weeks, we'll poll the choices we like the most and rename the relevant subforums. We might even do a vote before we decide. We'll see when the time comes. If we see some we really like we may just go with em!
  3. hey guys, looking someone with talent to create me a SC sig for forums. I will gladly offer you a Star Citizen Starter Package worth 30 USD. These are limited time only and are sold out fast. PM me for details. I know nothing in this world is free so I am not going to charge any money for this package, I too want people to join the SC universe and experience this fantastic game but the only thing I charge is your time to create a nice sig! So essentially, I am offering this starter package for free in return for a signature. I prefer the package be given to someone who does not have a package or does not have the means to acquire one.
  4. Viking

    The HOT tag

    To admin: I suggest you increase the limit setting for the HOT tag in the forum lists. I don't know what they are now, but I saw one thread with 21 replies and less than 400 views which was marked HOT ... Threads shouldn't be regarded as HOT if they have less than 75 replies or less than 750 views, IMO. The purpose is of course to better see, with a glance, which topics are hottest. Now it goes inflation in the term and most threads get the HOT tag after a short while.
  5. Wanting to give a Special Thanks to @CC-Corp for getting me all set with my new signature. Thanks a Million!
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