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Found 19 results

  1. MANIFESTO While the game is being developed we would like to build one of the most dedicated and organized groups in the Star Citizen Universe. We will be able to accomplish much in the initial stages of Star Citizen’s release and carve out our own piece of the ‘Verse just for Imperium. Imperium Mission Imperium’s overall goal is to have fun in Star Citizen. However, this does not mean that we will not strive to be one of the best. At launch, Imperium plans acquire an area in fringe(null-sec) space to establish our operations and expand. We will find a beneficial location that will allow us to have a prosperous economy in the game, enabling us access to a variety of materials. This will allow our explorers to find the minerals, miners to extract, transports to move, and military to protect. We will create a military force that strives to be second to none. While we may command large numbers, we won’t be superior for that fact alone. A training program is in the works for specific ships, scenarios, and professions in Star Citizen that will adapt to changes in the ‘verse. Our fleet will be a home for any and all pilots that are like minded and willing to contribute to the organization. An additional aspect we have to offer is our Unit System. Units are not mandatory, but encouraged for groups of friends who share similar interests and the same play time. Units will eventually be able to take on missions as a group, putting their training as a unit against any threats that attempt to rise up against Imperium. We have already established a solid foundation from which to stand, now we need only you to continue building! Why join Imperium? While the game is being developed we would like to build one of the most dedicated and organized groups in the Star Citizen Universe. We will be able to accomplish much in the initial stages of Star Citizen’s release and carve out our own piece of the Verse’ just for Imperium. We are looking for responsible players to contribute to all the professions that Star Citizen will offer. As the game draws closer, we will fill our leadership positions with members who demonstrate motivation, knowledge and sensibility. What We Offer: 1. Mutual respect to everyone, member or ally. We will work together with our friends and allies to create an enjoyable experience in the Star Citizen Universe. 2. We are one of the largest structured international organizations, with active members from all around the globe. 3. The option to join or create an Imperium unit for you and your friends that have shared interests in various game mechanics. 4. A unique mission system and LFG tool that will be hosted on SCB for any star citizen and Imperium member to use. How to Join: 1. Join our Discord and follow the instructions in the "How to join Imperium" channel.
  2. Join the Gallowglass Scourge 13th Reconnaissance Squadron Today!! We are a Mercenary organization looking for members of all specialties, officer and enlisted positions available with room for advancement. We have a formidable fleet prepared to do long range escort and reconnaissance whether you’re moving cargo or a fleet we can handle it. Pilots, Infantry, crewmen, engineers, medics, and gunners urgently needed. A Polaris and Liberator have been ordered to bring our fighter squadron and ground strike teams into any system. If you’re interested in joining or have an organization in need of our services please check out our website and/or discord with the links below. Weekly Org Events and special events will be posted in Discord. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/13TGS https://discord.gg/Ys9UrMdWBH
  3. As of Sunday June 30th, former fleet member Cruxvader has passed away. Family discovered him unconscious during that day and attempted to revive him to no avail. Cause of death is currently believed to be due to a combination of cardiac arrest and a bad reaction to his medication. There will be an online wake held in his name in the coming future on tinychat. Details on date and time of this event are not yet confirmed. Please DM me or @SkyLordOwnen for these details and we'll share them with you as soon as we find out.
  4. THE UNISS NEEDS YOU! the UNISS is currently recruiting to expand its fleet, as a member of the UNISS, it is your goal to protect and preserver humanity as we bring law and order to the ever expanding space frontier. we are a serious RP group that wants everyone to have fun in star citizen, we are based of most western navel and marine forces in todays conflicts, with similar tactics on the ground and also in ship to ship combat. UNISS Divisions: the UNISS has 3 divisions within its fleet, these consist of the NAVY, MARINES and SUPPORT & LOGISTICS: NAVY: the NAVY is a major part in the UNISS as they will be flying the UNISS fighters in dogfights in both space and planet atmospheres, they will also be piloting marine dropships to different combat zones in major conflicts, they will also be in charge or flying UNISS cruisers and capital ships that will house personnel and ships on board. the NAVY will also experience a lot of combat and security out of ships, as they may need to secure or wipe out hostiles in space stations or pirate cruisers. MARINES: the MARINES are the back bone of the UNISS its there jobs to secure zones on planet surfaces from pirates, terrorists and corrupted military forces. the MARINES will have many vehicle assets such as recon rovers to troop carriers {APC} to main battle tanks, the will also be equipped with the latest MARINE battle armour and weapon loadouts. the Marines will work very closely with the NAVY as they are needed for troop transport, and evac runs, where at the same time the MARINES will hold great defence for the NAVY when needed. SUPPORT & LOGISTICS: SUPPORT ROLES: MEDIC: as a medic on the UNISS it is your job to look after all personnel in the UNISS fleet, this could be when you are on board a UNISS cruiser, dropship or even during a combat situation alongside the NAVY or MARINES, as a medic you will be given a combat and non combat medical uniform, aswell as a weapon loadout, as a medic you must always carry a large amount of medi-pens and Oxi-pens, as these are used to heal or give life support to people, {features yet to come } soon added features will be added to the medical system, including the ability to heal downed and injured people, aswell as carry them away from combat and treat them on medical ships. ENGINEER: as a engineer in the UNISS it is your role to repair and keep all ships and land vehicles up to date and fully repaired and fuelled, engineers will also be required to fight on the field again for vehicle repairs but also for hacking systems at rebel bases or corrupted military control points. as a engineer you will be given both a combat and non combat uniform aswell as a weapon loadout. LOGISTICS: as a UNISS logistics member it is your job to run cargo for the UNISS this can consist of carrying ships, land vehicles, and many different cargos such as ammo, medical supplies, rations. or it could be your job to carry evidence back such as data files, drugs, spices , or any other illegal items back to your Commanding Officer for them to dispose of. all logistical members are non combatants, meaning you are not there to fight , you are there to hull cargo for the UNISS, protection for all logistical members will be held by either the NAVY or MARINES. if you have any further questions related about the roles or anything about the UNISS join the discord and contact a commanding officer, discord link below: https://discord.gg/zksnp5T
  5. Black Star Legion Realism Organization [ Black Star Legion's Mobiglass Portal ] [ Talk to a Recruiter on Discord] [ The Black Star Legion RSI Organization Page ] [ Seeking Early Volunteer Staff Applicants for Member Services ] ======================================================================= <You see a brief message appear on your mobiglass ....> Sector 26-D | Grid Coordinates: 1309N 2633E Desert Region | Elysium Present Day It didn’t take long for them to get famous after Operation Unilateral Force (OUF) hit the wires. Earth needed a major public relations success given the rise in Vanduul attacks against the frontier systems. The 78th Squadron for example became heroes for their strikes against Vanduul targets and the public consumed it, they said enlistments in the UEE Navy and Marines rose for months after the operations went public. What UEE Public Affairs didn’t report however was the loss of an entire task force in another sector. Our mission, blockade the Centauri Sector and deploy offensively out of the Elysium System - land Marines from 3rd MEU in a Direct Action mission against several confirmed Vanduul military logistical centers across the frontier's border, conduct an HTV recovery at a known interrogation facility, hit comm-nodes and logistical nodes to divert Vanduul assets away from the main UEE engagement zones. CTF70's bulk force mission, utilize the capital ships and Marine strike assets from Combined Task Force 70 to hold the jump point, act as a blocking element of the main UEE force that deployed from Ceran during the operations main assault. Lead by the UEES Imperia Tiberius, her escorts, fighters and strategic strike platforms the CTF was fully engaged with a light reserve element holding the Elysium System. High Command; snug and warm deep in the Idris and Centauri Systems said we could expect "light contact" due to the main UEE advance ... ... It was a damn nightmare. Sector High-Command and intel got it wrong, big time. After six days, and the remainder of CTF70 flooding back into Elysium hoping for cover and protection - well UEE High Command didn't even try to mount a rescue … How did they put it? “The sector was overrun with Vanduul and congested with civilian refugee’s, Sol considered the risk unacceptable to mount a rescue. Combined Task Force 70, nicknamed Black Star Legion is an acceptable loss.” … but some of us survived. The UEE betrayed us … they left us with no cover … they abandon us. My name is 1st Lieutenant Vall Ridder. Platoon Commander, 1st Platoon, Alpha Company 1/1, 3rd Marine Expeditionary Unit - Black Star Legion. Myself, along with Lieutenant Cowski, Sgt Redfern, SirPotato, Alli, Nicoma and a few of our surviving capital ship crew, fighter pilots, supply and logistics crews and fellow Marines are looking for those wanting to break from the UEE. Be it casual civilians seeking businesses, or military survivors and veterans wanting to honor those we volunteer to serve and protect here. We ask you to join the independent city-state of Imperia Tiberius; and become citizens of Black Star Legion. ======================================================================= 2018 RECRUITING FOCUS Hello, and on behalf of our small but growing membership, we want to thank you for checking out our thread and hopefully being interested in us. This month with the FPS most likely on the horizon. We are looking for Marines! Our organization is spending the 3.0 series of launches in 2018 centering around a Constellation and her crew, a few Navy fighters and some Marines to solidify a core group of members that will launch us into 2019. We are focusing on the following key activities in 2018: SOP and TTP development to be used by both military and civilian members in coordinated and combined operations Setting up civilian city services and backend systems that will grow in 2019 with expanded membership Building a small support staff and set of staff teams that will help us in some areas we've historically be weak in to improve our performance in building a solid and long lasting organization. Taking the traditions of over 15 years as a RP, PVP, PVE, Raid, Logistics, Crafting, and City oriented guild - molding them to write our permanent future in Star Citizen. While we will accept members, our main focus is bringing in those who enjoy being apart of support staff roles typically found in most MMORPG guilds. (Recruiting, Event Staff, Art & Propaganda, Logistics, Supply, Combat and other specialists.) Steps to Success: 1. Go to our General Recruiting Information and find out more details about us and our goals. 2. Get into Discord or TeamSpeak to talk to a Recruiter and we'll help you apply 3. Submit a Membership Application 4. Attend and complete our brief New Member Indoctrination course 5. Start joining regularly scheduled activities beginning in July 2018 ======================================================================= Hello, thank you for checking us out. We are a realism organization that offers a wide range of unique experiences to both casual seeking civilian members who want to grow businesses, or those who enjoy something more structured in our milsim realism task force. We are driven by a fair and unbiased system outlined in our Master Directives Document giving every member fair and unbiased opportunity. We center ourselves around a 24 sq km group of land plots where we will build a city. Imperia Tiberius is the independant city-state that offers every member a home, anchor and port of safety as they travel the stars. We offer you a story different then most, and an experience that is unique and unparalleled in this game. We are a Star Citizen experience where everything you gain is earned by your output and your membership in a Team. A home where you look to the Aviators, Capital Ship Crews, Marines and Crewmen to your left and right every day. A home where when you log in and go to the Rum Runner Cantina in our city, you meet your friends who are farmers, business owners, outpost directors, elected senators, bounty hunters, traders, haulers, explorers, scientist, Marine Aviators, Naval Aviators - and everywhere in between to figure out the events for the day over drinks and good food. We offer a long term home, where your character can be immersed in functional systems, not contrived RP and your 'next of kin' are welcomed as descendants of your original character. When we say a unique experience, it is because we truly are. We are not doing what 95% of the rest out there do. We're not some sci-fi channel knock off of Battlestar Blackwater. We are built around tried and true methods, a policy driven chain of command, we derive how we do business from SOP's and train like we fight. This experiences comes from years of MMORPG gameplay, experiences ranging from SWG and WOW to EVE and Dayz; some of us even have time in the famed 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (15th MEU) for ARMA III where "realism milsim" is at its absolute finest. We are lead by real life military veterans both active duty and DD-214 holders, as well as civlians who understand gaming and gamers. We are designed from the ground up to provide you one of the most fulfilling simulation experiences in the community - while not sacrificing fun, authenticity, attention to detail, team work, and good solid community gaming. Organization Design: The org is designed to support two basic types of game play. First being our Civilian members. The second being our realism Military component. Civilians: Low time requirements, Low overall structure, Self and group built and managed "businesses". Freedom to pursue wide activities supporting the organization, your goals, and friends with professional military protection. Combined Task Force 70 (CTF 70): Realism Milsim, slightly more time requirements, unit slotting based on the MOS you choose, professional level training. Structured Billeting (similar to raid slotting on roles), , "on-duty" / "off-duty" game time supporting the organization, your goals, and friends. Why do we do this? Why do we put in so much work and time in this organization? We wanted a very solid and scale-able infrastructure in place prior to recruiting to support growth at any level. Star Citizen is (going to be) a very complex game, each of us invests time, emotion, effort - hopes and dreams into our characters and each other. We want to give you, and this org the best we can and that each of us deserves from a game organization. You and the Team around you will enjoy being gamers, while having immersion opportunities rarely found elsewhere in the 'verse. You, and the Team around you will learn to be dependable, respectful, and respectable. You can do the same old same old with everyone else. Or you can achieve a higher level of professionalism, fun, and excellence as a civilian, military member, or periodically transfer freely between the two within Black Star Legion. We offer YOU the challenge of Black Star Legion
  6. So I posted an idea for a new defense corvette class on starcitizen forum as I would love to see a more dedicated support ship military style, in the size of a polaris or carrack. Polaris = Offensive military corvette Carrack = Exploration capital ship Guardian = Defensive/Support military corvette (new idea) please give feedback, here is the link my fellow imps https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/61894/thread/guardian-class-new-ship-idea
  7. Hello: new to SC and everything in it. I have a Constellation Aquila. I might be looking into the Endeavor in Nov or Christmas. I am basing this on finding a good crew that wishes to become a part of the best support/multi-role ship in the fleet. I am thinking modules like the hanger, medical and ID beacon at this time. I am sure the Constellation Aquila will be a great stepping stone to learn systems and positions best suited for each crew member. Going forward I am sure to make friends and a strong crew to augment the strength of the fleet.
  8. Refer to title. Some corps show how many Idris and other ships they have on the RSI website, and I wondered how many we had.
  9. I am looking to join the Imperium because I like the way you are organizing and such with the Portal and other aspects. One thing that i am curious about is the current fleet size and makeup. Is that posted somewhere for viewing? Have you done any org funding of larger ships and how do you think that will be managed in the verse. Thanks for your replies.
  10. Sorry in advance for the text wall, I just like to give detail to spare simple questions. So I've narrowed down my personal fleet to 8 possibilities. I'm looking for feedback, constructive criticism, a good smack in the head, reality check, etc. First of all, this wasn't easy since there's so many awesome choices where I just want to say "I'll take one of everything!" but I can't afford that or fly that many ships. That's a lot of the reason why the Battle Pack I picked up just isn't working....wtf am I going to do with 13 ships? I also don't have the funds to CCU up to the 13 ships I had picked out, even though half were already in the package. Turned out I'd be $775 short, which is way out of my budget since I went overboard with what I've spent already. I want to be a jack-of-most trades in the PU with a strong focus on working the market and finding new ways to do so. Anyway, this is my list with my planned purpose. Reliant: Small hauler able to fit in most jump points Merchantman: Large hauler with the trading post aspect. I would like a smaller hauler as well but this can carry almost anything. Gladiator: Small single pilot fighter with second crew option. For use on solo flights or when Imperium needs some extra capital takedown with those torps. Phoenix: Larger multi-crew fighter. I really went back and forth with this and the Andromeda but in the end this wins out imo based on current stats. The luxury options are a bonus I guess but for what I read they're planning on giving the option of removing that crap for extra room for more build specific customization, which I'm 100% hoping for. 315p: Small solo explorer. Just for those times when I want to chart new areas alone and bring back some small items I find across the verse. It seems to have a lot of decent options for getting some good bang for your buck. Aquila: Multi-crew larger explorer for planetary expeditions. I want to use this to really check the types of areas that most people just overlook. The commercial for it really sold me on a strong desire to pick this up. It's currently my most valued ship to what I want to do. Cutlass Blue: Straight up for what it's made for. If I feel the need to take some time hunting down asshats and bringing them to justice, so be it. The thought of a multi-crew task-force of bounty hunters really intrigues me more than I thought it would. I'm really looking forward to bringing trolls in for their due. Hornet Ghost: Recon with some basic fighting capabilities. Sometimes I just feel like simply walking into Mordor. If this ship delivers on the promise of being undetected by the masses I find it as a great challenge to attempt these missions. So there are my 8. I'll have some funds left over and am thinking about picking up Freelancer Max, which was my first ship originally, to have a mid-sized hauler or maybe a Taurus to fill that role. So here's where I need the most help from this post. I'm strongly torn between the Gladiator, the Super Hornet, and The Vanguard. All 3 have strong pros and few cons. All see suited to do their job well. I'm just not sure which fits me best and really this ship choice is one that I would mostly use to serve Imperium. An open discussion on this for the thread would help me out as long as it's not just opinion based but built on truly informed reasoning. Also, and this is one I'm not sure anyone can answer. Will the Merchantman and Phoenix even be available for purchase later since I guess they were limited edition sales? I wasn't aware of the game at the time of their sales so I'm looking forward to the anniversary sale and hoping to see all of the ships I'm lacking showing up in there but I'm getting mixed messages on what will and won't show up. Anyone with a solid answer on this could put my worries to rest or at least let me make adjustments if they won't be in there. Anyway, that's it for now. First of all, thanks for reading (if you managed to get through all of that), and second, thanks in advance for any information you're willing to give to help me sort out my list.
  11. Fleet Name: Team Legacy - [TL] Community Website: TeamLegacy.net Description: Private Contracting Facebook: Facebook.com/TeamLegacyNet Twitter: @TeamLegacyNet TL Youtube #1: Sound Strategy Network TL Youtube #2: TeamLegacyPvP Twitch Channel: Team Legacy's Twitch Pirates popped your transport? Want to “relocate” the squatter denizens of a juicey star system? Everything (and everyone) has a price. Team Legacy is coming to a sector near you! We are currently accepting contracts for the following services: Deep-space escort Private security Local system defense Eviction Remote fueling/supply Private investigation Conflict resolution What is the Team Legacy squadron? Team Legacy is an established and recognized name in the gaming community. Our focus is development of innovative strategies, paired with a competitive mindset to propel us to a top position amongst other corporations or organizations. We organize via spreadsheets, flowcharts, professionally written guides, and whatever tools we can get our hands on. New data is constantly processed, analyzed, and presented to our pilots to improve contract efficiency. Our unwavering attention to detail and devotion to metrics enables us to complete any contract at the absolute minimum cost to our clients! Want to join the most professional private army out there? Team Legacy is currently recruiting! Our goal is to become the best squadron out there, and to do that, we intend to continue recruiting the best pilots, manufacturers, and business minds to our organization. Personal initiative, ability to learn, and interactiveness are expected traits in our new recruits. If becoming a part of a large, efficiently organized and highly communal team is something you would be interested in, put in an application! Still need training and/or on-the-job experience? We have you covered. Our organization hosts some of the most renowned in the galaxy. Whether you need a partner for practicing in the simulator, or in depth guides and tips from a seasoned vet, our resources are at your disposal to help you grow and improve. Team Legacy is currently hiring both full-time and part-time contractors! Here at Team Legacy, we understand that your life planetside comes first, and we don’t expect you to be online 24 hours a day. Even if you only fly part-time, we expect our pilots to give every contract the utmost coordinated effort. From our weekend haulers to our full time mercenaries, we achieve more together than we could alone. Maintain professionalism, and leave the drama at the door. If you're looking for a place to discuss politics, religion, or the finer points of trolling, Team Legacy is not for you. Our enforced code of conduct is intended to keep needless drama from affecting our clients or overall operations, and you must read our "Common Sense Charter" before applying! When it comes time to perform during contracts, the ambience gets very serious, very quickly. Respect the challenge while in combat, relax outside. Committed to training up competent leaders and field commanders. Our paramilitaristic command structure is open for advancement. We look to develop leadership on all levels, from squad commanders, to economic analysts and marketing staff. With a preexisting crew of seasoned military, technology, and business professionals, we encourage you to join Team Legacy for the opportunity to advance your “out of combat” skills and leadership potential! Enlist today! Join us on Teamspeak! We welcome potential community members to come say hello, and hop into a game with us! Vin teamlegacy.net
  12. EDIT: price adjustment Greetings, I need money for real life needs, so I'll try to sell even my beloved account. It comes with a small but selfsufficient battle fleet. As you can see there are more than 10 packages, each of one will grant you an NPC on PU all ships and packages comes with LTI but 1 Freelancer MIS. Special Infos: accout have Concierge direct access and GOLDEN TICKET I'll provide all the evidence needed, but request veriefied PPAL or bank transfer and a direct connection (like skype) to make the deal I'm a EU citizen, that means we can have a legal transaction Price: 1) ~ 4000$ with original email or 2) ~ store price +50$ for every ship/package with no original email (you and CIG will still receive an email stating the owner change, with my driver license attached) Ships/packages - Redeemer pkg LTI X2 - Redeemer pkg LTI Giftable - Weekend Warrior LTI - Arbiter LTI - Pathfinder LTI - Speedlight LTI - Rear Admiral LTI upg Phoenix - Next Generation Aurora LTI - Advance starter package LTI upg Aurora LN - Herald LTI Giftable - Gladius LTI - Xi'An Scout LTI - Freelancer MIS non-LTI - Retaliator LTI - Gladiator LTI - Aurora LX LTI -CCU- to M50 LTI Upgrades - Cutlass Blue - Freelancer MIS Weapons - Tractor Beam Decoration - M50 - Graycat X2 - fishtank mk1 - locker - calendar - phoenix - murray cup poster - jukebox - gamescon 2944 - freelancer MIS - Zeus Model - Thorshu Grey - Vindel X2 - Oshi - Ribbon Fish - Pax Australia Trophy Hangars - VGF Industrial - Revel & york - Aeroview - Selfland MISC - Reward since 15Million - 15$ store credit - 12.000 UEC - Golden Ticket - Concierge Access - Citizen Number under 30k - 1 forum message - Original email possible but not preferred because is principal Unmeltable - Xi'an Scout LTI - Reclaimer LTI - herald X5 LTI - Redeemer X6 package LTI - Phoenix upg X2 - Blue Cutlass upg - UEE Coat DISCLAIMER: (1) Account sales are in clear violation of RSI's terms of service, and are at high risk of being terminated at any time (2) The original owner will remain the legal owner of the account except in specific jurisdiction where local laws that supercede RSI's EULA allows for account transfers. (EU region)
  13. I heard that navigation will be similar to Freelancer. Pick a Celestial Object/Nebula/Asteroid Field/Nav Point and your ship will be warped to it. I never played Freelancer, so here is my question: What time did one need to travel through one system? How long does one need to travel from one end of the Universemap to the other end?
  14. Well we ended up with the name for the Fleet and it will be "Imperium". Latin for Empire. We now need a logo, not sure where to use it yet except for possibly in game and marketing purposes. Post up you images for it here. After we receive all the entries we will then hold a vote and the winner will receive at game launch these two prizes at game launch. 1. 1,000 In Game Credits from me personally. 2. The first Jump Gate we discover will be named after you or a name of your choosing. You can post up .jpg/.png ect.. formats, but will need the .psd when we choose the winner. Go go go! Start designing.
  15. You can find virtually all of the information for our corporation in our charter: AS-FL Charter We are currently looking for anyone ready to commit and willing to fly mindlessly into a trap Brave the dangers of the universe! Subscribe to our subreddit and fill out the form if you'd like to join us!
  16. Nautilus Imperial Fleet Advertisement Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eho4c49ll1Q Want to join us? Visit our website! Also check out our RSI recruitment thread! Contact Information: Steam Profile
  17. Plain and simple. Perhaps if an official clan exceeds 75 members they will get a special, player designed tag that they can put on their ship.
  18. I wanted to invite you to check us out at Star Citizen Air Force. Star Citizen Air Force is welcoming new pilots, if you are interested in finding out more then please visit; Temp website: http://scairforce.corplaunch.com/ Website(under construction): www.scairforce.com Logo Creator software Logo Designer Pro software 50 Slot Ventrilo Game Play: PVE - PVP - small bit of RP is always welcome in the S.C.A.F Pilot Types: Fighter Pilot, Merchant Pilot, Exploration Pilot, Marine Corps, Web Ops, & Command SORRY WE DO NOT ACCEPT PIRATES, MERCENARIES, or SMUGLERS in S.C.A.F Cheers! Deadmanshotyou
  19. A project I have been working on is called The 1st FLEET, it's only been a few days so far but your welcome to stop by and check us out. http://1stfleet.corplaunch.com/index.php?gid=292171
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