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Found 7 results

  1. WarWulf

    Ongoing Discussion Force Feedback in a new generation

    Is immersion, and are haptics, still relevant? Sony has recently revealed their new controller... and it looks like they've replaced the usual rumble pad with actual haptics and force feedback. In their blog post, Sony detailed the "variety of powerful sensations" haptic feedback can bring to gameplay, like "the slow grittiness of driving a car through mud." Haptic feedback is the same technology behind the Nintendo Switch's HD rumble and we know the Xbox Series X controller will make use of it as well. Probably the most famous haptic controller in this community will be the Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2, which hasn't been available commercially since 2003. This controller is now much sought after by a relatively small group of people, and although haptic feedback is not widely supported, it is still incorporated into some of the more detailed flight sims even after 20 years. So what were some of the features that this provided? It's been a long time since I let mine go, but I do remember the demos which were part of the joysticks toolkit. This allowed you to feel simulated experiences such as a something similar to dragging a pencil over corrugated cardboard (intermittent resistance), feeling a difficult spot within the joysticks range of motion, resistance in one direction, etc. It might be nostalgia, but I definitely recall being impressed by these demonstrations. I was even more impressed when I fired it up in my first flight simulation haptic experience. I had never had the experience of fighting the winds before and it was obviously something that Microsoft had spend time refining. So why, if this controller was as legendary as its fans would tell you, did it die off? Patents. The company Immersion Technology had developed the technology and owned the patents to it, and Microsoft and Sony were not paying to license the patents. It would be easy to see this is a patent troll manoeuvre, however the truth is that without these licenses, innovations would probably be fewer and far between. There were a number of court cases, Microsoft settled early paying a dividend and purchasing a portion of the company. Sony were more resistant. The court cases went on for a number of years, during which they were appealing a court decision that would have ceased production of the PlayStation line until the patented technology was removed. Eventually it all closed down and while it never really made any big headlines, even those outlets following the situation lost interest. No console had haptic feedback, favouring the rumble technology instead, and immersion continued to produce technology aimed towards industrial production and military products. Now we're caught up in the timeline, what is the latest development? The patents for a number of applications for haptic technology, including those used in the Sidewinder FF, have finally expired after being extended by the holding company. Those die hard fans have been theorising about a resurgence of this niche technology. However there has largely been radio silence on the subject. Theory-crafting was simply that. Until the consoles announced that they were going to be providing their own haptics. This changes the lay of the land. As any good PC gamer knows (even if they may not like it) a large portion of the industry is motivated by console technologies above those on PC. There are always areas which are PC-centric, and the PC is always at the forefront of the technology curve, but frankly consoles and mobiles are where the big money is these days. And you can't argue with profits. So with this possibly becoming something that will be developed for and supported again, the big question is; Is it still relevant? And how would we want it to be implemented? This isn't an attempt at an opinion piece, although my opinion will bleed into it. I'm genuinely interested in whether or not this has piqued enough curiosity for people to vote with their wallets. How will people want it to apply to Star Citizen, if it is implemented? Feeling the buffeting of atmosphere and the kiss of the tarmac when flying on atmosphere and landing? Simulating faults in the system making controls sluggish and less responsive? Or perhaps something more in-depth? Is this even relevant enough for people to notice? I look forward to your comments, if any.
  2. In this video series I look at recent feedback from the Ask The Devs forum on Spectum, choosing 5 answers to highlight.
  3. SCB Marketplace sellers and buyers, I must apologize for the delay in having put up this announcement, but we had hoped this issue would not last very long. As some of you have found out and reported, our feedback system has been a bit buggy recently, with most, if not all, of the attempts made to leave feedback failing. This is a result of a bug in the feedback plugin that our forums uses. We have been working with the plugin's author to help resolve the bug, but it is taking longer than anticipated. Once it is back up, myself or @Gallitin will make an announcement to that effect. In the meantime, please keep a record of your transactions so feedback can be given once the issue is resolved. If there is any other information we can give, we will put it in this post. Thanks again for your patience, and happy shopping!
  4. @StratoCrewzr and @Sir_Belial have put a considerable amount of time into preparing a comprehensive document with regards to the vetting system mentioned this past week on the forums and discussed at length in a handful of impromptu Teamspeak meetings. @VoA and I have been present for some of this and we like where it's going. Fleet Command has actually reviewed it and will be following up on this to see what they can do with it at the organization level, I believe. I've moved a copy of the document into the Official Documents folder (click here). This document is still a work in progress as there are a handful of small changes to be made after the admin review. If they make any changes I'll update the copy as well (the master file is hidden). Attached to this post will be a poll - do not answer it until you've read the entire document, please. That being said, if there is anything you don't like about the document, note the section with your poll answer and go into specifics in a comment on this thread. Ideally, I'd like to see comments being made regardless of whether they're positive or negative. We want to make sure we're balancing the hardcore aspect of the Unit and Organization with fun and reality so that it reflects the standards we want to hold ourselves to. Edit: If you have a problem with any given part of the document, please explain it in a comment. The poll alone is not enough information for us to make changes on.
  5. Switch

    Ongoing Discussion Gloveone - VR peripheral

    This subject is something I've been looking at for many years and a friend happened to talk about one she happened to test from RICE university, this is what it has turned into so far and I'm beyond ecstatic to see the final product. People have talked of feeling rain drops on their hands to a butterfly's wings flap. This can only further our VR immersion if not complete the bundle. Gloveone info
  6. The system has been updated and all of the feedback is still intact. You can visit by clicking the feedback system up in the navigation. I'm hoping that in the next release we will get the counts back under our profile and the deal link functionality when adding new feedback. Let me know if you notice anything else.
  7. This thread is about the probably most important thing regarding the hangar module - and it's not you watching your shiny ships - it's about giving the devs the feedback they need to make SC the game we all want it to be. Remember the hangar is part of the alpha testing - and that means it's about testing the whole thing, trying to break the code, running it on as many different machines as possible and giving feedback back to the Devs so they can improve the game. So first I want to encourage everyone to give as much feedback as possible to CIG - there will probably be some kind of ingame report function - use it! Official Feedback Forum: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/categories/hangar-bug-reports How do I give good feedback? Example: Your ship is shown as a black block when you look at it from the left corner of the hangar. Wrong: Post a thread in the RSI forum: My ship looks all shit, why can't the Devs build something easy as the hangar without such shit! Fix it or I want my money back! yada yada yada...you get what I mean. Right: Use the Feedback function the devs will probably provide. Tell them as many things as possible about your problem. What ship? What hangar? What did you do to get the bug? Can you reproduce the bug? What hardware do you have? (for this there will be probably some automatic report function in the launcer) Remember the more feedback the Devs get, the better the game will be at the end. You can also post your feedback here, if enought people participate we can make a list and send the most important points as group feedback via the concierge service or something like it. This will hopefully save the devs some time and show them that our community here at starcitizenbase.com wants to help them in making the game better. Note: This thread will be heavily moderated! How to post here: Use the list function. Feedback point 1 Feedback point 2 ect. What kind feedback can I post? Problems with the hangar module Feedback on what you think they should change to make the hangar better - your ideas You can quote a post with something like "+1" if you have the same problem or like a proposed idea. This will get noted and then the post will be deleted. I (or any other mod who wants to help) try to make a list of the most common problems/best ideas in the second post of the thread.
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